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Southern Fried Game Expo has expanded their board game area.  In addition to a host of free games you can check out, play to win, etc.... they are having a qualifying tourney of Settlers of Cataan for the championship tourney at Origins.

I'm going.  This is mainly focused on pinball and arcade games, but they had a very good board game area and demos last year.
Wargaming / Re: Spring Cleaning the Collection
« Last post by Nefaro on Today at 09:56:39 AM »
I'm also trying to decide what to do with my expansion boxes.  I hate to throw them out, because I know that people are actually looking for the boxes or inserts.  But they are just space taker uppers for me at the moment.

I kept a handful of my larger expansion boxes since I often use them to store extra components from other games that came with shitty or no boxes.

The small ones I often toss.  Along with box inserts on the larger games when I use the small plastic containers or tackle boxes for the pieces, and need to fit them all inside the game box.

My reasoning is that if I plan to ever sell these games, I'm not going to just piece them out, bit by bit.  Otherwise I'd be left with some little expansion(s), which didn't sell, to a game I wanted to completely get rid of.  For used stuff, better to just put it up as a collection/lot IMO.  Even if I don't make much more off it over the base game.  For me, part of the reason for getting rid of them is to free up the space.
Thanks.  It's a very fun game.  I much prefer it to X-Wing.  Sadly that's definitely a minority opinion as it's hard to line up a game of Armada whereas you usually end up fighting with all the X-Wing players just to get table space at any of the FLGS's here.
Wargaming / Re: Star Wars: Armada campaign 6-player final battle.
« Last post by Martok on Today at 06:38:00 AM »
Very cool, SDR
Wargaming / Re: What's on your table right now?
« Last post by Bison on Yesterday at 08:51:11 PM »
Cool.  I've heard really good things about it.
Wargaming / Re: What's on your table right now?
« Last post by Silent Disapproval Robot on Yesterday at 08:25:08 PM »
I've already played the store's demo copy about 7-8 times.  Great game!
Wargaming / Re: What's on your table right now?
« Last post by Bison on Yesterday at 06:47:46 PM »
Nice.  I'll be waiting for your impressions.
Wargaming / Re: What's on your table right now?
« Last post by Silent Disapproval Robot on Yesterday at 06:39:27 PM »
My copy of Terraforming Mars finally arrived today.  Just in time for me to start 3 nights of shift work....Bugger.
Forum-Based Games / Re: 1830 via Rails
« Last post by l'amour on Yesterday at 04:23:45 PM »
Wargaming / Re: A great project: Medioevo Universalis!!
« Last post by bayonetbrant on Yesterday at 02:15:31 PM »
I know a lot of people got burned by them, but I've done generally OK with them.

I've backed 9 projects since 2012, plus one other with a friend on his account (you got a discount for buying 2 copies of a game, so I gave him the $14 for my copy on his account).

2 were non-game projects.

1 was 2 months late, with limited communication from the creator, and a little frustrating.

1 was about 4 months late, but with an over-abundance of communication from the creators that detailed virtually every step of the process so you knew what was late (hardware mfg in China) and what they were doing in the meantime (continuing to improve software).

Of the 7 game projects:

- Race to Adventure: The Spirit of the Century Exploration Game was promised 12/12 and arrived 5/13
- Tiny Epic Kingdoms was promised 9/14 and arrived 10/14
- Historia was promised 11/14 and arrived 12/14
- Mare Nostrum: Empires was promised 11/15 and I picked it up from them at Origins 6/16. I suspect if I'd had them mail it, I would've gotten it 5/16, but I was going to be at Origins anyway, so I just brought it home as though it was part of my overall convention loot
- My Bullseye d6 Damage Dice were promised 1/16 and arrived 2/16
- Explorers of the North Sea was promised 11/16 and arrived 8/16 (yes, that far ahead of schedule)
- Villages of Valeria was promised 9/16 and arrived 12/16

So 3 of 7 over 3 months late
3 of 7 delivered within a month of when they were promised
1 of 7 was months (yes, plural) early

All of them were delivered, and all of them were delivered as advertised except for one set of counters that came late for Mare Nostrum Empires.

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