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Really kind of needs to be a bunch of SM scouts.

Or the Eldar.  >:D

(Or maybe best of all, the Tau.)
Even the Dreadnought is way too fast. They need to slow down those animations a little bit.

Space Marines sprinting to cover just doesn't seem right.  Space Marines don't cower behind cover, rather, cover cowers behind Space Marines!  :crazy2:
Someone in the comments said a Devastator hauling that much ass would terrify Chaos.  :smitten:
Baby girl, a bummer that they are so far away, Will miss out on a lot of playing time :-(
Congrats on the Grandkid Tuna! Boy or girl? Better get those custom made Grandpa moves ready, funny voices, funny faces, and expensive toys that YOU play with first-- to make sure they're safe-- before you let the kid have it.  O0  Also, you need to soon take a course on current cartoon shows and all their catch phrases. Right now mine are into PJ Mask so it's, "Super Cat-Speed"!
Man...that Terminator hauls ass!

Not as developed yet as the various SW mods.
Congrats Tuna👍
I started on the other night, as Augustus, but now I'm thinking, should be done Macedonia "play with pikes" 

Right now in NYC, became Grandpa last night. So will have to wait for the weekend.
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