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Computer Wargaming / Re: Battlefleet Gothic Armada II
« Last post by Destraex on Today at 04:37:24 PM »
Can you control what forces land on planets and take them this time?
One thing I thought felt empty and useless in the original was that in the campaign you would usually fight a "decisive" engagement to clear a planet or area and then it was just assumed you had the combat power to take the planet or system associated. The space marines especially would have been good at this.

This brings me to the point that you could not have a space marine element with an imperial element like you would in the lore for space battles.

No. There is no landing on planets. You move forces into a sector. If there is an enemy fleet you fight it in a tactical battle. If you win, or if the sector is unoccupied, you simply press a button to take control of the sector.

Thanks. Just wondering also whether I should finish the old campaign before getting the new game at some point? It seems the old characters re-appear.

Also. Is multiplayer any good? I found the multiplayer in the original fairly bland. Fun for a couple of goes until you got used to it. Then there it kind of lost our interest. Don't know why. But I suspect that it was just too messy and too much like lining up and letting the ships fight. Rather than being invested. I know of the new capture points which definitely make the game less like blobs in space.

Oh and I cannot remember. Do all 4 sides have armour values? Or just one hull points bar?
Music, TV, Movies / Re: R. Lee Ermey Has Died
« Last post by Gusington on Today at 03:01:18 PM »
Computer Wargaming / Re: Share your Screenshots!
« Last post by MOS:96B2P on Today at 11:51:46 AM »
What's Officer Danny sporting for shooting iron there?

Just his standard issue LSPD pump shotgun.  The vertical part of the bumper guard on the car behind him may make it look like something else.  There is a wide variety of weapons they can use.  So far I'm sticking to the basic issued weapons.  I was surprised to find, what I think was, an M249 SAW in his inventory one time.  He must have acquired it at a crime scene since I know he didn't have it at the start of the shift.  The SAW looked cool but also slowed him down in foot pursuits.   ;D     

"Oh I wow'd harder than what was appropriate."
Forum-Based Games / Re: Early Provincial Era GROGPUBLIC game thread
« Last post by JasonPratt on Today at 11:33:51 AM »
Tripoli's Militarists, and then I.I.'s Aristocrats, vote for I.I.'s Proposal. Let me tally things carefully here.

-70 votes going into the final two Factions. A neutral 0 vote won't win -- it does for Acquitting Accused senators, but not for passing Proposals. I.I. needs a net vote of at least +1.

Julius votes Ora +3 and knights +5. Net -62.

Manlius and his knights are out of Rome and cannot vote.

Aelius votes Ora +4 and bribes +7 (3 Talents remaining). Net -51.

I.I., by the way, remembered that bribes were used to buy votes in an earlier surprise outcome, and checked with me to make sure this was legal in the current situation, which it is. This is why he was careful to put himself and Tripoli last in the voting order, so that when they started bribing votes it wouldn't remind the other Players that this was a thing that can be done (using personal cash, not Faction cash.)

The Aristocrats knights trigger their activist x2 voting, due to the Aristocrats being currently the total Influence leader. (Tripoli doesn't get activist knights; his knights buff headquarter capabilities instead.)

Faction Leader Quinctius votes +2 Ora +3 knights +3 activist and +5 bribes. Net -38 votes. (No personal cash remaining.)

Valerius votes +2 Ora +3 knights +3 activist and +5 bribes. Net -25 votes. (No personal cash remaining.)

Last, Field Consul Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus votes +5 Ora +3 knights +3 activists and +15 bribes. (No personal cash remaining.)

Final net vote tally: +1 vote for I.I.'s Proposal.

I of course encourage everyone to double-check my math, which is not my strong suit.  L:-)

Flaminius of the Progressives and Quinctius of the Aristocrats will be the new Consuls, if my math is correct.

Next up (1st-and-a-half Mandatory Business, so to speak), they will need to work out among themselves who will be Roman and Field Consuls.

Second Mandatory Business will be voting for the new Pontifex Maximus. Acilius can be nominated for the Proposal. Either of the Consuls also can be nominated. The only invalid senators are Sulpy (because he isn't assigned to a Faction yet) and Manlius (because he isn't in Rome).
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