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Computer Wargaming / Re: A Total War Saga: TROY officially revealed
« Last post by Speedy on Today at 06:58:44 PM »
Such a fascinating time period and they focus on the boring old barbarian Greeks a minor sideshow of the time- big fail total war.
Wargaming / Re: Fire In the Lake
« Last post by JasonPratt on Today at 05:29:07 PM »
Moreb and W8 did very well again two weekends ago. (This past weekend W8 and I played Scythe with Tuna and his son Eric.)

Thursday night tonight, with the weekend coming up, so I thought I'd check if SDR and/or Nef want to take shots this weekend.
Computer Wargaming / Re: I preordered an HTC Vive Cosmos!!!
« Last post by Skoop on Today at 05:22:00 PM »
I love the Idea of VR in flight sims, but in a dogfight I'll takedown someone in a vr headset any day of the week with my 4K monitor simply cause I'll spot em quicker.  I'm waiting for more tactile glove support to pair with the headset, to me that'll be the game changer.  You could justify the expense because you won't be constructing a physical cockpit.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Fog:Emp multiplayer 2 -- BARBARIANS ARISE
« Last post by JasonPratt on Today at 05:19:12 PM »

Spain was more problematic than I was expecting, too, but Emporia and the Aquitani might be able to reach across the mountains to grasp hands, and do some expanding before being totally surrounded by enemies on all sides!
Unity of Command features a nice PGish simulation of the Eastern Front (the whole thing if Black Turn and Red Turn are included for campaigns), based on simple logistic control features. Simpler than Panzer General and its successors (including Panzer Corps from Matrixlitherine), it does take the puzzle elements to a somewhat extreme degree: you have six turns to take all these areas in the enemy backfield, have fun!  ::) (Relatedly, you should play with random weather off, because it can completely hose all chances of picking up any victory, much like real life. ;) ) However, it portrays the Big Front situation in the Great Patriotic War much better than any other PG-ish game.

I'm blanking on other relatively easy hex-games from MatSlith. Um....... Warhammer40K Armageddon (very much a Panzer-Generalish game)? Warhammer40K Gladius (more of a Civ-ish game)?
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