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Title: Vietnam Movie mig17 vs sabres and thunderchief -
Post by: Destraex on January 04, 2019, 06:55:17 PM
Looks like their is a movie being made where the mig17 is the hero of North Vietnam. I'd watch it. Looks pretty cool. However I did watch the Bruce Willis (Air Strike I think it was called) film about the Japanese bombing of the chinese in ww2 and it was very poly wally. I imagine this would be similar. Less of a film about air combat and the tactics used etc and more with the aircraft being a tool for story telling. Let's face it. We ALL know the basic storylines of every movie around so that is not so much of interest. What is of interest is what is possible with these aircraft and how they were used. The people that used them and their stories.

I am actually very curious about where exactly Vietnam sits politically these days. Their economy seems to be thriving. I guess like China's is? Off the back of western technology and cheap local labour??
"The official trailer of short film "The first swallow" in series "The Vietnam air war"
Finally, after all difficulties and challenges, we have had plan for our first short movie
We would like to give you more details as follows ‎
- This is a non-profit project in order to recreate historic battles of Vietnam People's Air Force from a cinema perspective. ‎
- This project doesn't have any political purposes, but give young people the history stories about soldier's spirit and determination as well as their sacrifices for the peaceful fatherland. ‎
- For the first project from a young studio, and also in Central Vietnam, we will try our best
We really hope that you can share this video and wait for our better ‎products in the future."

A video telling us about the studio and it's staff.
Title: Re: Vietnam Movie mig17 vs sabres and thunderchief -
Post by: JasonPratt on January 04, 2019, 07:45:27 PM
My new Rocky work boots were made in Vietnam, I noticed. Good quality (so far, only a month)!

On the other hand, church mission teams deploying to Vietnam need tight operational security, to avoid being discovered and getting in big trouble for being Christian missionary teams. So, y'know. Plusses and minuses.  ::)

Dad never wanted anything more than for the people in Vietnam to be taken care of and not exploited, but that was going to happen regardless, the only question being how exploited and to what degree Vietnam's international partners -- whoever they were -- could reduce the exploitation. Vietnam is doing better now, but it isn't South Korea. Practically no one in Southeast Asia is South Korea, except for Japan obviously, and maybe Hong Kong -- for equally obvious reasons.

I'm glad the Vietnamese are doing better, but they could have been doing a lot better. Probably.

(Incidentally, South Korea also happens to be the world's top exporter of Christian missionaries to the United States!  :D )

I'd be interested in watching the film, but it is obviously political despite what they said. They're talking about making the movie to salute the soldiers who fought for peace in their fatherland; and they're necessarily making it under the Vietnamese governmental oversight. It's not that I even care that it's political so much -- the topic couldn't not be political -- but the loopy disingenuousness is so...  :-\ sigh. I guess it's what they have to do, under the circumstances.
Title: Re: Vietnam Movie mig17 vs sabres and thunderchief -
Post by: Destraex on January 04, 2019, 08:06:50 PM
Yes, I thought it was pretty obviously political. But after seeing so many of our own propaganda films come out of hollywood I don't think it's really unfair to let them have a go at the same tugging of heart strings while politicising or at least telling a one sided story from one perspective.
Title: Re: Vietnam Movie mig17 vs sabres and thunderchief -
Post by: Destraex on October 18, 2019, 04:11:35 AM
I need to check on this one as well.
Title: Re: Vietnam Movie mig17 vs sabres and thunderchief -
Post by: W8taminute on October 18, 2019, 06:44:07 AM
This looks like a good movie.  Need to find out where or how to see this.