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Title: Cry of Justice pdf -- pay what you want at Amazon
Post by: JasonPratt on June 30, 2015, 11:06:20 AM
It occurred to me a few minutes ago while answering someone else's comment (about Kindle editions, which are not forthcoming anytime very soon but maybe later), that I might as well post a pdf of Cry of Justice here on the forum for free. I'll end up giving away the hardcopies for promotional purposes later anyway.

If you like it, you can go to its Amazon page here ( and pay me directly (on the indie list) through Amazon: they get half. I have two entries set up there for different 'unit' amounts; you can just 'buy' 'units' according to what you feel like paying. No hardcopy will ship, though of course you can also buy a hardcopy from someone there if you want. Most of those I won't get paid a dime for.

___I posted the first half of the book in chapter/thread batches a year or two ago, here in the books category; you can search down the topic list if you want, but the formatting is highly restricted due to how the forum engine works, so for example paragraphs will have underscores starting them like with this paragraph. On the other hand I included some author notes along the way. But the pdf (from which the hardcovers were printed) is certainly the better way to read it.

From the dust jacket promotional blather: ;)


Monsters wander the world of Mikon.

Caught in the aftermath of a vicious international war, thousands of refugees have fled the Coastal States, bringing their dangers with them into the wilderness near the untamed Middlelands. Castaways from an imploding civilization -- fighting to find and to understand the most dangerous of treasures ...

Portunista: innovative, ambitious, intemperate; a maga seeking her path to Imperial glory ...

Seifas: dark and lethal, alienating, poetic; a hunter whose words are his tears ...

Gaekwar: lanky, laconic, sardonic; 'only a cowherd', yet wielding exotic weaponry ...

Othon: the Implacable One; a quiet, quick-thinking giant of a man ...

Dagon: arrogant, insecure, buffoonish; a miserable commander with a knack for solving puzzles ...

Pooralay: ruthless and compassionate, loud and brusque -- when he wants to be; a thug on a mystical quest ...

Bomas: renegade killer planning a subtle genocide; Artabanus: self-proclaimed Arbiter, drawing every power to himself; Praxiteles: incompetent madman, possessing and possessed by the Roguent Gamin ...

In their increasingly desperate struggles -- for food, for knowledge, for life itself -- what will make the difference between brigades and bands of brigands?
Title: Re: Cry of Justice pdf -- pay what you want at Amazon
Post by: Mr. Bigglesworth on June 30, 2015, 07:47:08 PM
Thanks Jason.
Title: Re: Cry of Justice pdf -- pay what you want at Amazon
Post by: mirth on July 01, 2015, 11:56:04 AM
Thanks Jason.