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if there's any justice here, Space Lord will win just because it has the most awesome video
the really sad thing in this is that the Satellites have about 20 songs better than that one, but it's the 'gimmick' song that became their big hit

When Dan Baird came thru town promoting his solo album, I got him to autograph my copy of the Satellites' greatest hits.
General Discussion / Re: Pictures of Greatness!
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Computer Wargaming / Re: A Whale of a Strategy Game...
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"Aye, Moby Dick, broach your last to the sun.  Thy hour and thy harpoon are at hand."


Ahab has some truly amazing speeches in Moby Dick. One line that always sticks in my head is, Ahab rebuking Starbuck: "Talk not of blasphemy to me, man. I'd strike the sun if it insulted me."

This does look like an intriguing game.
Crazy little thing, then?
Organizations and Equipment / Re: Begun, The Drone Wars Have
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Those Afghani stingers are ancient by now. I've heard that they most likely have not aged well.
Will get.

I think this game is a true gem. If it just had a dynamic campaign... I might never play anything else.
'Twas neither of them.
Gods, let it not be Journey...
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