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Beer & Pretzels / Re: Weekend Eats
« Last post by Hofstadter on Today at 12:28:24 AM »
Onion Bhajis (red onion coated in gram flour batter, spiced with cumin seeds, cilantro, chilli powder and fennel) with kadhi (gram flour and yogurt flavored with turmeric, garlic, ginger and cloves)

Eggplant pickle

Music, TV, Movies / Getcha some Galactica
« Last post by GDS_Starfury on Today at 12:19:12 AM »
seems the whole series is on demand right now.   ^-^
Computer Wargaming / Re: DCS Discussion
« Last post by JudgeDredd on Yesterday at 11:58:49 PM »
That is a sweeeeeet video.

My trouble with this series - and it is my problem - is buying all the modules. I mean - wth am I doing? <- that's rhetorical

These models take a fair amount of dedicated time to learn and an even longer time to learn well. I am never going to have enough time or attention span or even the memory capacity to learn all the aircraft I have currently.

I'm basically burning money and I can't stop because these models are like crack to me.
Music, TV, Movies / Re: The Orville
« Last post by Michael Dorosh on Yesterday at 11:04:53 PM »
Given a choice between a hyper-diverse and politically correct Star Trek with overblown effects and production values, and a competent homage to TOS with likeable characters and realistic dialogue (all that 'toilet humor' is how people actually talk) I'll take the Orville all day long.

I think MacFarlane is relishing the ability to put words into the mouths of characters in situations that the more stiff and formal ST series never could. Asking the guy on the viewscreen to move two feet over to get centred in the frame, or the helmsman and navigator discussing how a dog in the background of the viewscreen spent the entire time "licking his balls." I'm not generally one for this kind of humour, but I think it is much less jarring in this series than some critics and commentators are suggesting. You always kind of wondered what Kirk or Picard et al would do/say in undignified circumstances and here you get to see the characters realistically doing it. It might get a little more jarring if this level of candor remains throughout the season, but they've already established some strong characters and hopefully we'll see some interesting arcs.
Beer & Pretzels / Re: Maltese cuisine
« Last post by GDS_Starfury on Yesterday at 10:53:20 PM »

Computer Wargaming / Re: Divinity Original Sin II early impressions
« Last post by ghostryder on Yesterday at 10:02:08 PM »
It's been so long I too am not quite posative why i dropped the first...I guess it auto updated to the enhanced. Acording to steam i played 2 hrs. not very long to give the title a chance.

But DOSII really grabbed me immediately.
Current Events / Re: Kalashnikov gets a monument
« Last post by Staggerwing on Yesterday at 09:47:41 PM »
Tech Talk / Re: The $1000 iPhone
« Last post by GDS_Starfury on Yesterday at 09:42:53 PM »
and I will laugh at them when its gets dropped on the tile floor of happy hour.
Tech Talk / Re: Alienware vs Selfbuild
« Last post by GDS_Starfury on Yesterday at 09:42:02 PM »
that really depends on the games you play.
Music, TV, Movies / Re: The Orville
« Last post by GDS_Starfury on Yesterday at 09:35:21 PM »
Jason Ive come to the conclusion that you could analyze a blow job into half star yelp review.

"a bit of teeth and not enough throat, kind of dry and no ball fondling.  .5 star and not worth the $20."
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