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Tabletop AARs / Re: 1985 - Checkpoint Charlie AAR/Rules Check
« Last post by UBoater on Today at 06:39:10 PM »
Identical follow-on attack from the 25th TD w/Artillery support for another 6MP - 12MP expended of 20 MP total.

The Soviets bring in the remaining Hind sqd using same path and NOE over the target hex.
This time the US Flak roll is a 20 - miss - and the Hind remains at full strength.
The odds are 17 + 5 + 9 = 31 compared to 3 defense gives a 10:1 again.
The combat modifier calculations are almost the same - both Cadre values are 5 so they still cancel out again giving a 3 Modifier.
But this time the 2 casualties inflicted on the US Bde are a modifier against the defender so the final combat modifier is 1.

Another difference this time is the WP rolls a 18 - A1.
This means the Soviets lose 1 step - but since attacking a defender in a city hex this is increased to 2 steps.
Since the supporting Artillery unit is stacked with and supporting the 25th TD and it has taken losses - the Artillery unit must take 1 step loss.
And finally even though the 25th TD has 8MP remaining - the A1 result ends its movement for the phase.
Looks like the US gave some back - and overall both sides have taken heavy losses.

So the US Bde is 1 step away from destruction, but the same is true for the 25th TD in its attack into West Berlin.
Not to mention a number of burning T-72s and Hind helos strewn across the city streets.

Next we'll see if the 32nd Guards Tk Div can take advantage of the losses inflicted on the US Bde…
Tabletop AARs / Re: 1985 - Checkpoint Charlie AAR/Rules Check
« Last post by UBoater on Today at 04:46:15 PM »
OK I got feedback.

First the US Flak Fire - Flak does not attack Helo's as a group but instead each Helo sqd individually as it moves into range. All Flak units have a 1 hex range firing at Helo's at normal flight altitude while a Helo at Nape of Earth (NOE) has to be in the same hex as the Flak unit/0 hex range. So the Mi-24's come in from the south and drop to NOE right before entering the US Bde hex so that the Brit Bde cannot fire at them. Then 2 separate Flak attacks/rolls are done.

I will leave the first roll from aboveof 7 + 3 for evasion = 10 giving a 0 - 1 result causes the first Helo squadron to take a loss. The 2nd Helo sqd Flak attack rolls a 5 + 3 for evasion = 8 giving the same 0 - 1 result so the second Hind sqd takes a step loss also.

Now my biggest mistake. First, the values on the Helo counter are Range - Evasion - Strike Value. For Ground Support the Helo (and Air) units add their strike value to the combat odds calculation NOT the combat modifier.

So calculating the combat again - the odds are 17 25th TD + 5 Artillery + 10 (total) from the now reduced Hind sqds giving a total of 32 compared to 3 Defense odds are 10:1. Then the combat modifiers are

City Terrain +3
Cadre Rating +4 (US before tested)
Hedgehog +2
Festung Berlin Rule +1
Total 10 for the Defender

Cadre Rating +4 (Soviet CAT I Div untested)
Combat Ratio greater than 7:1 - each one greater adds 1 - +3 for 10:1
Total 7 for the Attacker

No Concentric (multi hex attackers) allowed when defender in City hex so no ZOC.

So final combat modifier value is Def 10 - Att 7 = 3
A bit different and not a sure thing anymore - 7:1 3 Combat modifier on 1d20:
1-9 D - Defender retreat or Lose 1 step
10-14 C - Contact - no losses and attacker STOPS for phase
15-20 A1 - Attacker loses 1 step

Combat Modifiers are a major consideration/component of an attack.
And the Helos are not as 'awesome' anymore.
So a little less than 50/50 that the Soviet's attack is successful.

And the roll… 6.

As before Hedgehog, No Retreat so 1 step loss + 1 more for full Div attack versus single Bde.

And both units are now 'tried', Cadre value 5.
The reduced Mi-24 sqds retrace their steps and return to their base until the next phase.
There is still 1 Hind sqd available for this phase.

Not good for the US…

FYI I am attempting to cover the game mechanics in detail at this point to:
   1. Give a good demo of the game mechanics
   2. Force me to learn the game correctly

As the AAR moves forward the redundant rules detail will go away.

Thanks for your patience and more to come as we watch the fate of West Berlin in 1985… Under an Iron Sky.
Tabletop AARs / 1985 - Checkpoint Charlie AAR/Rules Check
« Last post by UBoater on Today at 11:53:22 AM »
This is an AAR of the intro scenario Checkpoint Charlie from 1985: Under an Iron Sky - the hypothetical Next Next War occurring in the mid-80's.
I am doing this AAR to illustrate the basic movement/combat systems - but also to check that I am doing it correctly.

The scenario itself is straightforward - the WP Player has to use the forces surrounding Berlin to remove the NATO presence from West Berlin - and do it in 1.5 turns. It is ground combat w/air support only - no reinforcements, replacements, WMD, Air Superiority. It does use the special scenario rules for pre-war tension and turn 0 movement.

Setup - I put the Air/Helo units on the board instead of the Airfield Chart for demo purpose

T0/Tension means no ZoCs/Attacks and units can move 10MPs and Helo units can Ferry/Transport. The WP maneuvers to surround West Berlin and to setup for Turn 1 attacks. The NATO units change mode to Hedgehog in preparation for the coming assault. Maybe not the best way to defend…

Turn 1 and the war begins. Looking at the turn sequence the following phases are skipped for this scenario - Mobilization/Revolt/Weather/External Events/WMD/SSM/Air Superiority/Nuclear Strike. Then the WP Action Phase the following are skipped - Reinforcement/Replacement/Special Forces. It starts with WP Land Movement.

The Soviets start in the south with the US Brigade. First the 25th Tank Div with the 286G Artillery in support attack.
The Soviet Division chooses a Standard Assault costing 6 MPs. Both sides are in General Supply (not using Opt Embedded Supply Rules) so no changes.  No EW units are committed to this attack so no change. The US Brigade is in Hedgehog Mode so cannot choose Active Defense. No Airmobile Battalions are involved. Now it is time for Air and Artillery Support.

The 286Gd Artillery adds it's offensive barrage strength to the attack at the cost of 1 Ammo Point. The combat odds are now 17 + 5 = 22 to US Bde 3 defense - 7:1. The Soviets also decide to commit x2 MI24 Hind Squadrons to the attack.  They come in the last hexes at NOE for 3 MP per hex and must undergo the Flak fire of the US Bde first. The average evasion of the Mi24 group is 6 which causes a +3 DRM to the US Flak roll - incorrect see next post. The US rolls a 7 which is adjusted to a 10 which gives a 0-1 result (step loss - damage). Helo's aren't damaged so the result is converted to a step loss for one of the Mi24 Squadrons. The US has no Artillery/Air/Helo support so final odds and modifier are calculated.

Terrain City so +3 for the Defender
Cadre Ratings - untried and 4 for both sides so cancel out
Defender Hedgehog Mode so +2 for the Defender
Berlin Garrison/Festung Berlin so +1 for Defender
Mi-24's support 9 + 5 (reduced sqd) = +14 for the attacker. These Mi24 Hinds appear to be awesome - if I am doing it right - incorrect see next post.

So the end result is +6 for the Defender and +14 for the attacker giving a +8 advantage to the Attacker on the 7-1 column. Looking at the chart that gives an automatic D result - defender retreats and/or losses a step. The US unit is in Hedgehog mode so it cannot retreat and must take the step loss. In addition the Soviet is attacking with a full Division versus a brigade so that adds an additional step loss for a total of 2 step losses - 1 away from destruction for the US Bde. Since I rolled between 6 - 14 both sides units are now 'tested' with a Cadre rating of 5 signified by flipping the counters to their tested side.

So first - did I do the combat correctly? Like I said the Mi24's are awesome - luckily they can only be used once per action phase. Of course in a more dangerous AA environment and/or a location w/o Air Superiority this can be mitigated. Second, Hedgehog mode appears to be a mistake - the +2 modifier is not worth losing the ability to retreat and the losses incurred in this situation.

More to come…

Any feedback or corrections from those who have the game?
Tabletop AARs / Re: Star Wars Armada tournament
« Last post by OJsDad on June 10, 2018, 09:04:48 PM »
Excellent. Thanks for sharing.
Tabletop AARs / Re: Star Wars Armada tournament
« Last post by bayonetbrant on June 10, 2018, 08:33:20 PM »
cool! O0
Tabletop AARs / Star Wars Armada tournament
« Last post by Silent Disapproval Robot on June 10, 2018, 07:50:52 PM »
The stars aligned and I was able to participate in my first Armada tournament in almost 3 years today.  It was a lot of fun and I managed to take first place (much to the surprise of everyone, especially me.)

I designed a pretty high risk fleet and it worked out a lot better than I imagined it would.  I was able to use just three bomber squadrons to take down my opponent's flagship in one round of combat in each of the matches I played.  I was able to run the board in each game and wipe out all of the capital ships in my opponent's fleets.  Lost a few of my own in each match but the points disparity gave me enough to take the trophy.

The fleet was a lot of fun to fly but I can't imagine it'll ever see success again with this group now that everyone knows how it works.

First game was Rebels vs. Rebels.  My ships are towards the bottom of the pic with their noses pointing to the top of the screen.  My fighter/bomber squadrons are the painted ones.  I was able to use my X-Wings and the Millennium Falcon to tie up my opponent's fighters and Y-Wings and then my B-Wings and Nym ripped the enemy flagship to pieces.  I lost my capital ship to a ramming attack from his Correllian Corvette but the B-Wings blew it up shortly afterwards and my Neb-B frigate destroyed his Assault Frigate for the sweep.

Second game was Rebels vs. Empire.  It played out very similarly to my first match.  My X-Wings tied up their TIE fighters and Decimators (and got destroyed in the process) and my 2 B-Wings and Nym took down the ISD commanded by Thrawn.  This one was very close and tense.  I hot him down to 3 hull points left and had only one volley left from my final B-Wing squadron.  I needed to roll perfect and get three hits or he'd be able to activate and blast my flagship with a full volley of concentrated fire from close range (nothing survives a volley from the front of an ISD at close range).  I rolled 2 hits but had the ability to re-roll one die.  One-in-eight change of rolled 2 hits on that die and I made the roll.  His fighters managed to tear mine up pretty badly (Lost all my X-Wing squadrons, Han Solo, and Jan Ors) but he lost all his capital ships to bomber attacks and broadsides from my Mon Cal cruiser.

There was no need to play the final match as I'd already won on points so we called it a day.  Good times!

Here's the build if anyone would like to give it a whirl.


MC80 Command Cruiser
 - Admiral: Garm Bel Iblis
 - Adar Tallon
 - Boosted Comms
 - Electronic Countermeasures

 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate - Yavaris
 - Flight Commander
 - Fighter Coordination Team
 - Turbolaser Reroute Circuits

GR-75 Medium Transports
 - Toryn Farr
 - Bomber Command Center
 - Bright Hope

Fighter/Bomber squadrons:
 - Havoc (pilot: Nym)
 - Millennium Falcon (Han Solo)
 - Moldy Crow (Jan Ors)
 - B-wing Squadron x 2
 - X-wing Squadron x 3

TIPS: Use Han's ability to activate before anyone else and get him to engage and tie up enemy fighters each round.  Alternately, if no fighters are threatening, he can position himself to take a shot at a capital ship and hope to lower their shields by a point or two.

Use Adm Bel Iblis's ability to load each ship up with command tokens on turns one and five.  Make sure you give the Yavaris a squadron command token.

Use the combo of abilities on the Yavaris to position Nym and two B-Wing squadrons so that they'll be in position to take shots at the enemy's largest ship without moving.  Once they're in position, use the squadron command token in conjunction with a squadron command dial action.  This will let you activate Nym and the B-wings all at once.  If you can get the GR-75s in position as well, this is perfect.  Using Yavaris's special ability, each squadron will be able to fire two volleys against the enemy's ship.  Toryn Farr and Bomber Command Centre on the GR-75s means that you can re-roll dice with each volley.  Ideally, you want to get blue crits with Nym which will allow you to strip defence tokens off the enemy even if they haven't been used yet so fire Nym first.  Then the B-Wings.  This basically lets you throw 12 attack dice at the enemy with a re-roll each time and they can't effectively defend against it.  Then if they're still up, hit them with fire from the Yavaris using turbolaser reroute circuits.  This should be enough to cripple, if not kill them.  Activate the Yavaris first on the next round and finish them off using the same tactics if they're still up.  You will only be able to activate 2 fighter squadrons on the this activation as you no longer have a command dial, but 22 dice with re-rolls should be able to kill any ship in the game.  You'll likely lose the Yavaris soon afterwards but it's worth it.

If you want to make doubly sure, you can also have squadron activation dials assigned to the flagship.  This will allow you to use Adar Talon's ability to re-activate a squadron each turn so you can tap Nym or one of the B-Wings for a third shot.

Digital Gaming AARs / Re: Clovis versus the Thuringian Raiders
« Last post by MengJiao on June 09, 2018, 08:30:17 PM »
Which side were you playing? (Clovis from the sound of it....?)

  Yes, I'm doing the Clovis Campaign.
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: Clovis versus the Thuringian Raiders
« Last post by JasonPratt on June 09, 2018, 07:38:15 PM »
Which side were you playing? (Clovis from the sound of it....?)
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: Clovis versus the Thuringian Raiders
« Last post by MengJiao on June 09, 2018, 03:08:27 PM »

   So luckily the Thuringians are channelled and hampered by hills and their flanking force is not around for the initial clash:

   And their main attack is hit from almost all sides and begins to collapse:

  And archers and Frankish horse are turning to face the Thuringian Flanking force as the main force collapses and the battle ends:

Digital Gaming AARs / Re: Clovis versus the Thuringian Raiders
« Last post by MengJiao on June 09, 2018, 03:06:37 PM »

   So luckily the Thuringians are channelled and hampered by hills and their flanking force is not around for the initial clash:

   And their main attack is hit from almost all sides and begins to collapse:

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