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HMCS Algonquin, North Atlantic, 071600Z  August 1975

LT Roberts handed the IPB to Commodore Jenkins.  “Here’s the Norfolk’s estimate of the threat.” Commodore Jenkins glanced at the eight-page document.  “Summarize it for me.  I’ll read it later, but we need to get the OPS Intentions message out now.”

LT Roberts took a deep breath, and then began: “The Fleet Intelligence Center confirms there are eight boats out there.  They are mostly concerned with the two missile shooters.”   “As am I” Jenkins interjected. 

“Yes sir.  They are the biggest threat to us, since they can hit us beyond the range of even our helos.  The JULLIET can hit us from over 230 miles away.  If we can’t get MPA on top of her, I’m not sure what we can do to stop her from sinking someone.”

CDR Ramesh, the Operations Officer spoke. “It isn’t quiet that easy to target a moving ship from 230 miles away.  We have to be found first.  And the JULLIET has to surface to fire her missiles.  If there are any MPA near her, she’ll never get a shot off.”

“And I don’t intend to give her the opportunity.” Commodore Jenkins.  “The entire force will be at EMCON ALPHA.  No radars emitting.”

“What about a modified Alpha to allow for active sonar?”  CDR Ramesh asked.

“I’m not inclined to use the sonars, unless it is during a prosecution.  If the CHARLIE is nearby, he might be able to get sufficient targeting information for its missiles without needing to use the Bears for the targeting.”

“And the CHARLIE doesn’t need to surface to shoot.  We wouldn’t stand a chance.” LT Roberts interjected.

LCDR Fett, the assistant operations officer raised his hand “It not quiet that hopeless.  We have some limited anti-missile capability.  “The Macdonough has the SM-1, and the Iroquois has Sea Sparrow.” 

Lt Roberts snorted in derision “Sea Sparrow is a waste of top space.  Assuming it works, it might stop a missile.  It won’t stop a salvo of them.  And all it takes is one to sink a tin can.”

LCDR Fett added “There is also Sea Cat on the Leander and Van Speijk.  Not much better, but it does give some capability.”

“Sea Cat doesn’t have the rate of fire to stop a salvo.  Not unless we are really lucky.  Our best bet to avoid being shot is to avoid being targeted.  The force will be in EMCON ALPHA.  That includes sonars unless actually prosecuting an attack, or unless actually under attack.” Commodore Jenkins ordered.

CDR Smith spoke up.  “Sir, we may be losing a small opportunity here.  Only the Macdonough has enough range with the SM1 to possibly bag a Bear.  If one of them gets close enough to her to take a shot, can she radiate?” 

“Good point.” Jenkins said.  “SAM units can radiate if Bears come within range.  But only the SAM shooters.  Anything else?”

“Yes, sir.” CDR Smith said  “The staff agrees that this is going to be mostly a MPA operation.  We can use our helos to prosecute diesel boats, but against an SSN we run the risk of them sprinting to within torpedo range of us.  The staff opinion is that we need to avoid sub contacts inside of the first CZ, and rely on our helos and MPA to prosecute everything outside of that.  That minimizes the risk, while maximizing our advantages over the threat.”

“I agree.  Get to OPS Intention message drafted for my review.  I want it to go out by 2000 tonight.”  Jenkins ordered.

A short Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace (IPB) is attached to this post.
Tabletop AARs / WWII City Battle PT 2
« Last post by nevermore on Today at 01:24:39 AM »
WWII City Battle PT 2

Great game as always, 12ft by 6 ft table, plenty of action going on all over the table, still not come to a concusion
as of yet, but it keeps swinging back and forth, lots of more photos on the website in the gallery around 70 in total

Tabletop AARs / Re: SDR vs Barthheart in Wing Leader Supremacy
« Last post by Silent Disapproval Robot on October 18, 2017, 11:03:14 PM »
My flak gunners are in for some punishment detail.  I wonder if there's some way to send them further east on the eastern front.  Worthless buggers.
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: Northern Inferno scenario 1-A CMANO AAR (SPOILER ALERT)
« Last post by Tripoli on October 18, 2017, 08:07:09 PM »
NAS Keflavik 071600Z August 1975

Commodore Taylor looked at the air plan.  "Not enough planes," he thought.  He had only one and a half squadrons to stop the Northern Fleet blitzing through the GIUK gap and to the SLOCs beyond. The Intel types at FICEURLANT believed that only eight subs were heading this way.  But that was a assuming they were right.  And that Intel estimate was just for today.   The Soviets had over 300 subs.  Yes, a lot of them were obsolete.  But an obsolete sub against a merchant or auxiliary was still more than a fair fight.  And Mark Taylor only had seventeen patrol aircraft to cover the entire Atlantic north of Iceland.  PATWINGLANT promised two more MPA squadrons.  But they weren’t here now.  His seventeen aircraft had to detect, localize, ID and track and attack those eight submarines.  Taylor had no doubt his hastily thrown together command of US Orion and Royal Navy Nimrod crews could do it. The USN and RN were the best ASW navies in the world, and VP-26 won the Isbell trophy for excellence in ASW just last year. However, regardless of the quality of the crews,   seventeen aircraft meant that he could only keep a maximum of six aircraft on station at any one time.  Realistically, it would be no more than four.  And there were eight submarines out there.   Practitioners of ASW claimed the abbreviation stood for “Awfully Slow Warfare.”  There was more than a bit of truth to this humor.  ASW takes time, which in turn takes airplanes.  A lot of airplanes and flight crews are needed to successfully prosecute an ASW campaign.  And Commodore Taylor didn’t have enough of either.

“OK, let’s go over this again” Taylor said to CDR Stephen McGrath, the CO of VP-26.  “STAFORL ANT is divided into four task units.  That means we don’t have the aircraft to do continual direct support of all the task units.”  McGrath’s acting deputy, Wing Commander Peter Smyth, nodded in agreement.  “We might be able to do direct support of a task unit that is in contact with a sub.  But that is it.  We just don’t have the numbers.”   

“I don’t think that will be an issue, sir” CDR McGrath said.  “The biggest threat to the the destroyers is those missile shooters.  They can reach out and hit them from over 200 miles away.  With luck, the embarked helos on the small boys can take care of any diesel boats.  It’s the CHARLIE and JULIETs that are the real threat.  We can’t find them if we are tethered to STANFORLANT.”

Smyth spoke up “There aren’t enough aircraft to do barrier ops over the entire Atlantic.  At best, we can cover part of the GIUK gap.  But any barrier we make will have leakers.  We’ll have to rely on the SOSUS array for cuing.   My guess is that we can conserve our aircraft and crews, since when they fly, they will be flying on at least a possible sub instead of looking all over the ocean for them.  With a bit of luck, we can sink them before they get through the gap.”

“Or close enough to shoot one of Commodore Jenkin’s ships”  Taylor grimly added.   “We’ll see if SOSUS is as good as Washington thinks it is.”

For the game, I've created an air plan (see attached).  This is an approximation of the format I used in the mid-80s, giving the aircraft and mission assigned.  For the purpose of this scenario, I will follow the air plan, and only modify it at 0001Z every game day, writing a new one for the next 24 hour period.  A couple of additional house rules I will use:
1) Aircraft will be given a tasking on launch.  If I decide a tasking needs to be changed, I will not actually order the change until 15 game minutes after I determine to make the change.  This is to simulate the delay from the time the ASW Operations Center (ASWOC) descides to make a change in tasking to the time the order is actually transmitted, understood, and implemented by the aircraft.
2) Only one Alert 5 aircraft will be allowed at an airbase.  The other ready aircraft will be played as if it was an Alert 30 aircraft, so it can not launch until 30 minutes after I determine to launch it.  If the Alert 5 aircraft launches, the Alert 30 aircraft will transition to the Alert 5 status after 30 minutes.

Tabletop AARs / Re: June 15, 1944 -- Hypothetical
« Last post by MengJiao on October 18, 2017, 05:22:02 PM »

   I should note that by this point -- kind of non-historically -- KG Brassert, which was brought in to defend Tilly -- has been pretty much wiped out.  12th SS is switching West to hold that part of the line while the KG of infantry Division 346 takes over on the eastern edge of the battle area.

    5pm June 16 almost 24 hours into the battle.  A lot happened in the last hour and symptomatically it is the Divisional chit of the 12 SS that goes first in this turn -- Yes!  because they didn't move at all in the 3pm-5pm time frame and the chit rule is last chit doesn't go til next turn.  This at least prevents any chit from getting two moves in a row.  On the other hand the 12th SS was supposed to take over the line at Juvigny as PzLehr shifted west.  That didn't happen and a massive British assault obliterated most of what was left of KG Brasssert and took Juvigny.  Boiselonde Wood fell too (and two objectives moved out to bridges out west) leaving the score at 2nd Army 4, 7th Army 7.   British loses were heavy and will no doubt get much worse when the SS counter-attacks at Juvigny.  The sacrificial placement of some light tanks may not help much.  2nd army ran out of command points just as it took its two objectives leaving them open to a massive counterattack.  2nd Army has two more armored Bdes that it could bring in and with most of the  brigades on the field losing strength fast -- that will probably happen.

Tabletop AARs / Re: Question About Tabletop AARs
« Last post by BanzaiCat on October 17, 2017, 06:24:42 PM »
MengJiao, you can't blame yourself on that. Sometimes these games just play rather blandly and nothing exciting happens. Nothing makes better AAR fodder than a close-run, nail-biting affair, but not all games end up that way. They're usually one-sided ass-kicking contests that don't, honestly, make good press. ;D

Once things quiet down and I get back to OG, I'm probably going to do a full write-up of any AAR I want to do moving forward. For one thing, this will ensure that ALL parts are present before I start it, so it won't become vAApoR (see what I did there?) mid-game. For another, I might be able to tweak some of the game to make it a more interesting read. I don't mean overt cheating or re-rolling dice, either, because that kind of destroys the credibility of the game, as well as the tension it creates.
Tabletop AARs / Re: Question About Tabletop AARs
« Last post by MengJiao on October 17, 2017, 04:08:34 PM »
I think "views" are a better indicator of interest than actual discussion / feedback.

Other than "great job!" there might not be too much to say about it.

I had a crap-ton of views of the Civ5 AARs on the front page, but not near as much discussion as you might've expected based on those views, and those AARs actually had some commentary & feedback

  In my case at least, some of the AARs I've started have not gone in particularly interesting directions.  This is a risk when a an AAR is really more of a during action report.  I'm usually as surprised as anyone with the twists and turns of what I end up reporting in an AAR.  Sometimes my own AARs just are not very interesting and I let them close down relatively quietly.
Tabletop AARs / Re: Question About Tabletop AARs
« Last post by bayonetbrant on October 17, 2017, 07:10:07 AM »
I think "views" are a better indicator of interest than actual discussion / feedback.

Other than "great job!" there might not be too much to say about it.

I had a crap-ton of views of the Civ5 AARs on the front page, but not near as much discussion as you might've expected based on those views, and those AARs actually had some commentary & feedback
Tabletop AARs / Re: Question About Tabletop AARs
« Last post by Barthheart on October 17, 2017, 05:49:27 AM »
AFA VASSAL, can you hook up an extra external monitor and slide some of the game windows over to it? Screenshot tools must allow for multiple monitor capture, no?

Yes you can use multiple monitors with VASSAL just as you describe. The regular PrintScreen and paste to MSPaint captures both monitors... at least on my setup. Thought I use the Snipping Tool more that PrtScn.

As for views verses comments, I'm OK with views. It's when you post lots and the view total increase starts to decrease that slows me down.... beside my usual habit of starting an AAR and then getting bogged down in other things... ie short attention span....
Tabletop AARs / Re: Question About Tabletop AARs
« Last post by Staggerwing on October 17, 2017, 05:40:43 AM »
I prefer VASSAL, then physical game setup, and then video. Video is way down the list mainly because it's a pain to watch, pause, do chores, watch, pause, make lunch, watch, pause, answer a text or call, etc, etc.

With the first two it just feels easier to enjoy in small doses broken up by other things.

AFA VASSAL, can you hook up an extra external monitor and slide some of the game windows over to it? Screenshot tools must allow for multiple monitor capture, no?
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