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Digital Gaming AARs / Re: Romulan Star Empire War Report
« Last post by Anguille on Today at 11:45:04 AM »
New report:

The first fleet of the Romulan Star Empire has conquered the last Cardassian colony...the Cardassians are now fully integrated. The losses were not big during the last few years but the shisops lost at the beginning of the war have not all been replaced...the first fleet is now being rebuilt at the border to the Ferengi Empire...our services have spotted some very big fleets with 60 to 70 warships.

The war against the Federation is going well too....we took Earth! The second fleet has had few losses and we are taking one planet after the other. Taking down the Federation will be the focus of Romulus for the next few years. We are trying to convince the Klingons to help us. They are very weak but are on the other side of the Federation...

The Romulan Star Empire has now 50 worlds...
Does it help that the Nazis didn't achieve a decisive victory here either in real life?  ^-^
Tabletop AARs / Re: Target For Today: An AAR (Discussion Thread)
« Last post by BanzaiCat on Yesterday at 09:48:52 AM »
I started the first mission but have only had time to go a few zones so far. I should be able to finish it off later today.

The lack of a Zone Map, as was used in B-17 QotS, is a detriment. Though I understand considering the literal plethora of targets available. I think it would be reasonable to create a Zone Map for each Campaign (six total), showing all of the targets. That Zone Map will be a lot larger than the QotS one, though, as there's at least one target in Norway.
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: War in the East: Case Blue - Phase I. My first AAR!
« Last post by Con on Yesterday at 08:44:32 AM »
That makes me feel better that I am not the only one unable to decisively win this scenario. I am back at it for the umpteenth time. Itís like a sickness with me that I want to achieve a decisive victory on this scenario.
Hey Con I wish I did, I only got a major victory too.

Here is my victory points screen:

And my final map:

I'd like to revisit it sometime.

Digital Gaming AARs / Re: CRISIS GROGS vs GENESIS 5-player
« Last post by JasonPratt on April 20, 2018, 06:54:42 PM »

This round features a lot of bitter choices for me. A lot of my (admittedly new) income was cut off by the dang Canaanites last turn, and while I'm not destitute I am going to have to spend most of my money throughout the whole turn just trying to recover from that nastiness. God help me if the prostitutes march in again, whining about a lack of monuments for them to luxuriate in!


That's my first goal for the turn, and I think I can achieve it. Here at the end of my first round, I've accomplished the rebuild of one of my destroyed acquisitions, and also getting Mari fully ready to defend herself against Baby-Rich someday. That's no small feat already. (As usual, click to toggle the biggening.)

In theory I want to combine the reconstruction of that remaining town (down next to Mari) on my 2nd round, plus... well that depends on what Dave and Rich do, and maybe on card events.

Rich fortunately focused on preparing to repel boarders down on the Persian Gulf, so -- as expected -- I don't think I have to worry about him this turn. He's parking a respectable stack bottling up my path beyond Mari, but that's just to keep me honest for now.

Much to my relief, Assyria-Larry (aka ArizonaTank here on the forum) has decided that he would be better off not aggroing me with his feeble king this turn, so he's going to park and perhaps not spend much money this turn, saving up for next time. That's a viable strategy, and he's got plenty of turns in leeway to play that angle.

Much to my also relief, Hittite-Dave (I'm clearly not reporting these in order of play) saddled up a few boys to march his way south to the coast, probably to angle west along the coast from there back toward Arzawa. Unfortunately for Dave, he only brought 3 infantry, and while his king is certainly "mox" (as we old-time MtG players might say, i.e. broken in a good way), he's not really super-stacking. In fact, he had trouble this round punching out the first level-2 city in his way! He needs more troops to make that a lot easier. But he doesn't have a whole lot of troops nearby to spare. He's got the cash to recruit for buffing his stack, but he seems to be saving it for now? I dunno. He isn't juggernauting me, and I have no complaints.

Egy-Barth got Sais finally restored, but otherwise didn't accomplish much; he still needs to consolidate military power for a cohesive northward push. Jerusalem is a good start -- no duh! -- and better in that (as you might remember from a few posts ago) he was able to take it peacefully by card event that, in essence, sent Abraham's family in! (He sent Moses against the Babylonians at one point last turn, too. Barth's Egyptian run has been nothing if not entertainingly ironic so far.  :clap: )

Anyway, Dave drew his own second round as we shifted into random order for the rest of the turn, so he'll get a chance to concentrate effort along his chosen line of advance. How far he'll get, or if he turns around and flattens me after all, we'll see.
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: CRISIS GROGS vs GENESIS 5-player
« Last post by JasonPratt on April 20, 2018, 06:26:34 PM »
Between one thing and another I haven't updated our game here in a little while, but I've got some time to mess around tonight so...


Here's where things stand after Turn 2 has completed, and about to start Turn 3! (As usual, click back and forth to biggen and smallen.)

For whatever reasons -- I expect for game-balance and, in game, murder -- the Mitanni kings are solid bosses in the game's "historical" setup, at least in the first turns. I am not complaining, since thanks to hormonal rampaging high-maintenance diva prostitutes, my position ended on the edge of disaster last turn.

(...not my fault, I swear...)

Consequently, when my king happened to be the best boss on the map this turn, I exploited the edge in initiative this gave me to declare that I would be going first. Which, clockwise around the board, means Hittite-Dave will be going last (until we all finish our first rounds. Then it's back to the random draw again.) Considering that his king is a verrrry close second for swassity this turn (with 3/3 stats compared to my 3/4), and considering that his superstack is sitting on my border whereas my superstack is stuck off eyeing a Babylonian super-stack on the opposite corner of my empire...

Yeah, I'm not sorry to have first actions this turn.

Fortunately for me, though unfortunately for Rich, Egypt-Barth manipulated the Elamites into eroding off a significant portion of his empire, so I'm not terribly worried about Rich coming after me if I have to abandon my recently claimed Mari to deal with various western problems. Rich has his own mess to clean out. And his misfortune notwithstanding, Rich boasts easily the strongest army in the game so far.

Barth, down in Egypt, keeps being dealt crappy pharaohs by the historical setup, but he endeavors to persevere despite his setbacks -- and you should ignore the Libyans on his border, because I should have deleted them between the turns. He's poised to recoup and start kicking doors all up the Levant.

Hittte-Dave shouldn't have problems striking out in any direction he wants, especially with his hordes of peasants already ready to rebuild, upgrade, and hold territory already! His army is no slouch either, and certainly not his king this turn. Whether he gears down and starts bulldozing over me is a real concern, but he could also take the opportunity of my distractions to leave a token border guard and start super-stacking westward: the Hittites may not have the richest towns in reach, but they have more towns than anyone else and practically no risk of anyone else competing for them! He could become an economic, and thence a military, powerhouse, stronger than any two other players put together. Also it's great for end-game scoring. Oh and also most of the gold on the map is within his reach.

By contrast, Assyria-Larry (in purple to my right) is who I worry about most. His empire is highly constrained from expansion, and he took a bloody nose in his dust-down with Baby-Rich last turn. While I feel a little sorry for his problems, the fact is that I had to denude some forces from my border cities and if he decides to superstack me I don't know whether I can stop him!

Keep in mind, there's a reason why you, my reader, have probably never heard of the Mitanni before. I'll probably last out this turn anyway, but will I be down for the count by Turn 4?

...oh, and everyone else gets chariot tech this turn now. Whee. Although I don't recall if anyone bought any. That includes myself, and I'll talk about why not soon when I work up a report on our first rounds.
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: War in the East, Battle for Kharkov 1942
« Last post by JasonPratt on April 20, 2018, 11:52:16 AM »
 :coolsmiley: :clap:
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: War in the East, Battle for Kharkov 1942
« Last post by Pzrjager on April 20, 2018, 10:47:36 AM »
Thank you! I think the AI is pretty good, definitely on the better side of most wargames.
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: War in the East, Battle for Kharkov 1942
« Last post by Sir Slash on April 20, 2018, 10:08:56 AM »
Great AAR! Enjoyed reading it. How would you rate the AI opponent?
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