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Wargaming / Re: GMT's New P500s
« Last post by Silent Disapproval Robot on Today at 04:08:36 AM »
Yup, pretty much.  The precise timing and treetop level nature of the Ploesti raid sort of lends itself to the series' overall theme.  Schweinfurt/Regensburg is too massive, I think.

The Tirpitz raid and maybe Penemunde (although that's probably too big as well) would also be interesting.
Wargaming / Re: GMT's New P500s
« Last post by Staggerwing on Today at 03:53:34 AM »
Too many planes at once? Not enough maneuvering?

I guess Ploesti's low-level attack requirements would make it more Dambuster-like.
Wargaming / Re: What's on your table right now?
« Last post by Arctic Blast on Today at 03:43:19 AM »
^^Definitely some similarities.
Modelling and Miniatures / Re: Painting Metal Minis
« Last post by JudgeDredd on Yesterday at 11:56:52 PM »
Wouldn't metal have to be "keyed" (surface roughed up with sand paper) in order for any paint, even primer, to take hold?

I don't want you to do that and ruin your mini's
Forum-Based Games / Re: "Six Days in October" -- Game Time Is...
« Last post by Cyrano on Yesterday at 10:36:35 PM »
Game Time Is: 1200, 15th October 1806!

And just like that it's high noon!

Forum-Based Games / Vietnam 1965-1975
« Last post by rstites25 on Yesterday at 09:05:31 PM »
Thread for PBF game of Vietnam 1965-1975 between myself and drep.

I've set up as the US player and now Dan is up to set up the initial NLF units.

The VASSAL module put the NVA division that can start anywhere in Laos of NVN in NVN (I was confused at first as to why any NVA started on the map.)

Role-Playing & Adventure Gaming / Re: Fragged Empire on Kickstarter
« Last post by Nefaro on Yesterday at 08:52:04 PM »

Maybe I was thinking of a different RPG, regarding heavy steampunk theme. 

Ooops!  My summoning of the GIMP was premature.   :-"

Seems the original Fragged Empire setting was a Spacefaring sci-fi post-apoc one.  Not a fantasy+steampunk theme. 

The original setting does sound pretty cool.  I mean.. re-exploring lost interstellar civilization?  Hell yes.

This KS looks to be different settings using the same system.  Amiright?

(the DTRPG  page has video links to rules previews)

a review ~>

The rules sound much like a tabletop minis skirmish game.  Or as if they were created for that feel.
Wargaming / Re: GMT's New P500s
« Last post by Silent Disapproval Robot on Yesterday at 08:47:16 PM »
Yeah but Schweinfurt doesn't really fit in with the theme of the series as well. 
Modelling and Miniatures / Re: Painting Metal Minis
« Last post by Nefaro on Yesterday at 08:36:15 PM »
I've been using Rust-Oleum spray primer when I can.  On my plastic minis anyway. 

Such as this one:

Doesn't take much. 

I like Vallejo's black acrylic primer for some indoor brush-on jobs.  But it is very different from spray-on primers.  Seems to dry as a rubbery 'shell' on the mini.  Reminds me of hard taffy or something.  May not work so well on some metallic minis. 

I recall having some of it peel off one of my plastic mini's bases before.  Yanked on the hanging piece and it's stretchiness reminded me of rubber coating or some such.

A spray primer, such as the one linked, would probably do a better job of adhering to the model. 

I just tape together a couple thick cardboard pieces (from a box + packing tape) into a flat palette, along with an improvised handle (flat wood hobby stick, or old pen) through the middle of it,  sticking out underneath for holding while spraying.  Then little pieces of sticky tack spaced out on top, for holding each mini onto.  Push my soon-to-be-primed minis onto the top of my makeshift spray pallet, take a few steps out the door, some quick even sprays across the lot & back in to let dry.  Haven't had any primer running or tackiness during drying, using this method with aforementioned spray primer.   Can prime large amounts of minis, in one go, without having to spray into a huge box or anything similarly ungainly.

Been using White primer a lot lately, since more fleshy and brighter base-colored ones are on the menu.  But my Rust-Oleum black spray primer works just the same when I'm doing ones with more metallic base colors going on top. 

Wargaming / Re: What's on your table right now?
« Last post by Nefaro on Yesterday at 08:17:37 PM »

At a very base level it's Risk-like, but there is a whole Hell of a lot more going on. The strength of the game is the 100% asymmetry of it. Every single faction is 100% unique, from special ability to Great Old One (who has their own summoning requirement, special ability and combat abilities) and monster pool. You need to score Doom (primarily by controlling gates). You also need to unlock your 6 faction spellbooks (unique to each faction, as are the spellbook unlock requirements) to be eligible to win. It's less about overall map control and more about playing to your strengths and to your opponents weaknesses. So, while Cthulhu benefits from just walking up and slapping opponents in the face, Yellow Sign is off almost trying to play their own game by despoiling regions and hoping nobody comes to stop them. Crawling Chaos is about gate control and opening up spellbook abilities that make them a complete dick to come after. Black Goat is about spreading out. And so on.

Most of the non-Earth boards also include special board effects. for instance, the Yuggoth board allows the controller of the Lab region to convert Cultists into brain cylinders (Cultists and brain cylinders produce power and can control gates, so converting to cylinders lets you take cultists off the board who can now he re-summoned and give you more power. Unfortunately, brain cylinders are immobile and can be seized easily by rival factions if you don't guard them, which means less force available to do other things on the board). The controller of the Slime Sea Overlook to recruit Slime Mould monsters (plus : they're dirt cheap and effective. Minus : if anyone takes the overlook from you, they immediately take control of all of the Slime Moulds you already summoned). Those who build gates on the Green Pyramid to earn bonus power (minus : you run the risk of awakening the Pyramid Guardian, who just runs amok and Hulk smashes all of you on the board until he's put down). So you have to consider those things as well.

It has quickly become my favorite game that I own. But it's so expensive that it's very hard to recommend.

Sounds like it's game play took a lot of inspiration from FFG's older Chaos In The Old World.   O0

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