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I went through a period of more than a year when the forum engine seemed to pass along notifications at rare random intervals; and sometimes it would then mass-post a bunch of them in catchup. And some never at all.  :pullhair:

From my perspective things are doing better this year.

As you may or may not know, Doug and I have both transferred our umpiring to the Table Top Simulator on PC.

Well, yay! I knew Doug was doing that, but hadn't heard of you switching over, too.


I had no problems with the last Kriegspiel but this thread's notifications are patchy at best.
2030, 16th April, 1809

I will assuredly miss the Daleks.

That said, realizing how rough-hewn my sender-->recipient calculations were relative to doing them "live" makes it worthwhile.

Videos end up a bit ded secksai too...

Wargaming / Re: Conflict of Heroes Solo question
« Last post by JudgeDredd on Yesterday at 04:36:12 AM »
I think you're right in the sense that the Solo Expansion comes with scenarios that use the maps and units from AtB.

However, I'm sure the AI "process" as laid out on the cards can be used in SoS. If the AI cards refer to specific units, then I can see why they'd be limited to AtB...but I'm not sure they do.

However - I will take your advice and base it on AtB and learn the Solo stuff from that perspective. I will be playing the Solo scenarios anyway.

Wargaming / Re: Conflict of Heroes Solo question
« Last post by smittyohio on August 14, 2018, 08:13:14 PM »
I'm pretty sure the solo system is just for AtB, and that they are going to put out a separate expansion for SOS.  I'd just use it for ATB and not worry about SOS at the moment. That said, I'd be shocked if someone on BGG hasn't modified the solo expansion to handle SOS.
Game time is 2030 16 April 1809

Dusk is in one hour, full dark in two hours.

Role-Playing & Adventure Gaming / Re: RPG Sales & Discounts
« Last post by airboy on August 14, 2018, 01:49:33 PM »
I'm putting it here also because of the medieval setting:

Life in a Medieval Castle by Gies & Gies is $1.99 on Kindle

This is an outstanding, short book.
NNNOOOOOO!!! I know what that's code for! -- EXTERMINATION!
Wargaming / Re: The Groginati BOARDGAMING Sales Thread
« Last post by bayonetbrant on August 14, 2018, 11:25:08 AM »
so their prices are back to "realistic" instead of "ugh, Noble Knight again" ??
Wargaming / Re: The Groginati BOARDGAMING Sales Thread
« Last post by Nefaro on August 14, 2018, 10:58:13 AM »
Noble Knight has a store-wide "Moving Sale" on a bunch of stuff, supposedly going right now.

So their web store is moving slow as dirt from what I suspect to be unusually high traffic.
Wargaming / Re: Intel Dump - Rumors and glimpses of stuff coming up
« Last post by therealmarkwalker on August 14, 2018, 10:20:48 AM »
Now on Kickstarter, Herm Luttmann's Crowbar! The Rangers at Pointe du Hoc. It's a solitaire game that simulates the Rangers assault on Pointe du Hoc on June 6th 1944. Uses and improves upon Herm's In Magnificent Style system. for more information.

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