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Computer Wargaming / Re: Mount and Blade Bannerlord
« Last post by WargamerJoe on Today at 02:19:12 AM »
Have always and will probably always be a great fan of this series. It's mind-boggling how it's taken so long for them to get the second game out... they must really be struggling to make ends meet or something. Shame they parted ways with Paradox as I can't help but think it'd have been released by now. I'm sure they had good reasons though - a publisher isn't for everyone.

I just hope this pans out for them financially so they can keep supporting it after release - otherwise a lot of people have wasted a lot of time, energy and money.
Computer Wargaming / Re: AI War 2
« Last post by Cougar_DK on Today at 01:27:42 AM »
I played the first a lot with some good friends. Fantastic coop game - but learning how to play take some time and learning how to play and have a chance to win takes even longer. AI War with all the expansions has a lot of gaming in it, maybe therefore it has such an following.

So I backed AI War II when the launched there Kickstarter and have tried the Alpha a couple of times and it was not until today I tried the early access version. It sure has the AI War vibe and I can see that I want to play it again. Mp is not in before January 2019 as per the update on the kickstarter page.

Personally I'm don't care about the move to an 3d engine besides it gives them more options apparently... An fighter icon is now many fighters but its the icon that is what you order around...

Pretty sure I will come to peace with and find the good in it  :)
1630, 17th April, 1809!

Many missives are now out.

Check your In boxes!!
Enigmas of the Mystical / Re: Psst...Hey, Martok!
« Last post by JasonPratt on Yesterday at 08:16:56 PM »
... ah, yes, and confirmed from Australia. This led to my joke about the goats there being salt-water crocodiles.

In my defense, I just didn't see it.  >:D
Forum-Based Games / Re: Latin Era GROGPUBLIC game thread
« Last post by JasonPratt on Yesterday at 08:12:58 PM »
Okay, the current Player mats, from Player One around the table:

For ease of reference, here are the Wars again:

The Republic currently has 4 Legions Active, with another 3 possible in the Force Pool.

There are 66 Talents in the Republic's Treasury. The Senate could raise the final 3 possible Legions for 30 Talents, and have 36 remaining.

Based on currently expected incomes and expenses, you can expect the Republic to add an extra 27 Talents next Turn. (30 normal + 25 Allied Enthusiasm again - 2x4 Legions -20 Wars.) Obviously this will be affected by extra Legion expenses, or fewer Wars!

The ball is now in AzTank's court, to Propose two new Consuls. (Or to suggest some for preliminary discussion.)
Enigmas of the Mystical / Re: Psst...Hey, Martok!
« Last post by MetalDog on Yesterday at 07:53:47 PM »
It was.  And I hope that pic was taken from outside your bedroom window.
Forum-Based Games / Re: Latin Era GROGPUBLIC game thread
« Last post by JasonPratt on Yesterday at 07:38:03 PM »
This is a good time to remind everyone that Camillus and Cincinnatus have special bonuses vs. the two wars we're facing.

True: they void Disaster and Standoff rolls.

Cincinnatus of the Aristocrats has a Mil score of 5, and would avoid D/S results for the Volscian War.

Marcus Furius Camillus, Faction Leader of the Conservatives, also has a Mil of 5, and would avoid D/S results for the Veientine War.

Manlius, Faction Leader of the Militarists, is only a family Senator so has no special anti-War abilities, but he does have a Mil score of 6 now, thanks to his knight! -- the Militarists always look for minions capable of handling headquarter duties.  O0

The only other Mil 5 senator right now is Julius of the Militarists (thanks to his HQ knight).

There are some Mil 4 senators floating around, too, which will be seen when I get to posting the updated snapshots. And even a Mil 3 senator might be handy for political reasons, for delaying the Volscian War while a more ass-kicking Force goes after Veiia.
Forum-Based Games / Re: Latin Era GROGPUBLIC game thread
« Last post by JasonPratt on Yesterday at 07:28:02 PM »
The 1st Turn's roll would have been 15 instead of 14, so no change from “No Change”. ;)

The 2nd Turn’s roll would have been 13 - 2 = 11, so this time “No Change” instead of +1!

That means the current roll would have been 4 unrest down (-1 for no Unprosecuted Latin War, -2 for no Unprosecuted Wars this Turn yet, -1 for no added Unrest on Turn 2), or only Unrest 1 (due to the drought). 3d6 rolls total 12, plus 2 Pop - 1 unrest = 13 result to the State of the Republic. That’s a No Change, and Unrest remains at 1.

My own Sabrerule compilation flowsheet was unclear about this, and I will make adjustments.  O:-)
Forum-Based Games / Re: Latin Era GROGPUBLIC game thread
« Last post by JasonPratt on Yesterday at 07:15:51 PM »
Erax notes that Wars only count as Unprosecuted if they’re moved to that slot after having a chance to be Prosecuted; which I double-checked, and he’s correct! This not only reduces Unrest by 2, it also reduces Unrest by another 1 (since I’m sure I added that for the 1st Latin War, too!)

This affects the Unrest Rolls retroactively, and I’ll have to take some time to recheck those.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Matrix World in Flames
« Last post by Toonces on Yesterday at 07:13:58 PM »
Maybe, but he's still pecking away at it. You have to give him credit for that at least.

nope, no credit from me....although i appreciate his passion ( or insanity) doesn’t ease the complete mess of a game it was and the fact years later still releasing things to even try and hit original release items.  and don’t forget, on top of that we got to pay a premium price for it.  they knew it was completely broken (how could they not since years later still broken) but yet released it and offered no help to their customers to make things right.  instead they said trust us, everything will be fixed in couple of weeks.  obviously, the developer knew that not to be true.

sorry, this one will never be given any credit by me but maybe that is just my hang up.

^ This.
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