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Computer Wargaming / Re: Combat Mission status
« Last post by Yskonyn on Today at 01:00:57 AM »
I always have lots of ideas for scenarios for CM.
But the tools have a pretty steep learning curve and the time it takes to create a map, generate AI plans and finish up is a BIG task.
I have deep respect for CM scenario designers! It must be like a hobby on its own.
Computer Wargaming / Re: X4 Foundations
« Last post by Yskonyn on Today at 12:51:40 AM »
JD why do you prefer X3 over Rebirth?
X3 is notorious for being a slow burner and it takes a lot of time to get anywhere. There is much less direction in X3 than in Rebirth.

Rebirth on the other hand, with its patches and a few good mods, is more like X-lite, but with the benefit of being a much more compact and guided game.

From reading above Id say Rebirth fits your playstyle best of all X games.
Map Editor Tech Support / Re: Map Editor
« Last post by zu Pferd on Today at 12:06:58 AM »
Hello Andy,
                  Thanks for the reply.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Stellaris
« Last post by Destraex on Yesterday at 11:24:52 PM »
Thanks hawk. The most dramatic change for me has been with the consumer goods and alloys management. Lose a fleet now and it is not just time but resources shortages you are facing to build another.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Oh my...Elite Dangerous:Horizons
« Last post by Destraex on Yesterday at 11:22:05 PM »
Jarhead your issue with the auto load courier missions now being manual load was something I got caught by as a noob as well. I had done an initial noob mission where the cargo was auto loaded as it was data. Must have been a patch as the next time I came back and did a mission I ended at my destination with no cargo. I then thought I must have to buy it. Finally I looked at the mission screen again in great detail and found the obscure button in the right middle of the screen. Apart from that I think elite is very polished as games go these days.
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