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Wargaming / Re: [KS - February 19th 2019] Napoléon 1807
« Last post by Shakos on Today at 01:13:30 PM »
A few videos made for the KS campaign...enjoy!

How to use the cards

How to win

Order of Battle and fatigue

How to move

How to fight
Lt. JG Xhanari pipes in.  "Three months to get back to Galatea doesn't seem so bad.  We seemed to handle the space gremlins well enough on the way out here, right?"
Computer Wargaming / Re: I Am Your President
« Last post by SirAndrewD on Today at 12:41:56 PM »
The Steam forum for this game is comedy gold.
Am I the only one that really disliked SD? When I looked at how much I played it was 5 hours and I bet much of that time was idle. Maybe i'm missing the nuances but, to me, it just seemed like an unrealistic mad rush tower defense with waves of enemies. Much too arcadey for my liking. I never played any of the predecessors so it wasn't clear on how the game played prior to buying it but, now that I have, I think I prefer more of the simulations that other games offer.

But to those that enjoyed the series I understand the anticipation of progress and it's good to see people still like strategy games and that they can be profitable.
Forum-Based Games / Re: Early Provincial Era GROGPUBLIC game thread
« Last post by JasonPratt on Today at 12:09:29 PM »
Here's a closeup of your first Province in this game, next to its position on the map for reference. (The map position doesn't actually mean anything: the card itself will go to its Governor on his Players' mat, to signify the Governor is out of Rome.)

The little things that look like metal wheel hubs, are metal wheel hubs on the physical cards.  8) This allows players to rotate variable numbers into place, rather than using chit markers. But we don't have that functionality, so I'll use chit markers.

Roughly clockwise from the top left:

The Province name, being white text outlined in black, and underlined, means its vulnerable to random Barbarian Raids. It will also be attacked by three kinds of Wars, as printed in the center. (Most Provinces are not vulnerable to that many War types.)

The crossed swords in the upper right, just like a War card, means it has a permanent Land Force equal to one regular Legion. This Force cannot take casualties and does not need upkeep, just like a War's.

Somewhat confusingly, the Fleet Strength symbol for Provinces is the Support symbol for Wars: an anchor instead of a boat! In this case, it's a mostly landlocked Province so it has no Fleet Strength (and relatedly, cannot raise a militia navy.)

"Provincial Spoils" go to the Governor, although there are risks involved (which I'll talk about during the Revenue Phase).

"State Income" goes to the Republic, although there's a chance the Republic has to pay money in upkeep that Turn instead! (The Governor doesn't get this expense either way.)

"Local Taxes" are spent each Turn by the Governor raising militia. This is entirely automatic for this Province: the Governor can choose the proportion to spend on Fleet and/or Land militia, but that choice is impossible here. I'm not sure what happens to excess local taxes.

Lower right box shows how many local militia brigades have been raised in the Province, up to the printed maximum. (Lower left box would show militia fleets and their max.)

Middle lower box shows how many Turns remain before the Governor goes home and a new Governor (possibly him) must be elected.
RIP. He was great in Downfall.
Music, TV, Movies / Re: Alita: Battle Angel
« Last post by MetalDog on Today at 11:54:35 AM »
It just came out here on Valentine's Day.  It looks really good visually from the commercials, but, it's better to have that confirmed.  Wasn't expecting an Oscar worthy script so I won't be disappointed.
Forum-Based Games / Re: Early Provincial Era GROGPUBLIC game thread
« Last post by JasonPratt on Today at 11:50:02 AM »
Okay, with that out of the way, let me talk a little more about Provinces now.

The only truly necessary details to know at the moment, are:

* Provinces must have Governors. Thus Province Governorship is a Mandatory Business, although the last one (after offices and investigations for corruption). Governors are Proposed and elected just like Major Officers. Even unassigned Senators (e.g. Sulpy over there) can be voted in as Governors!

* A Province can only have one Governor at a time. Governors serve 3 Turns, during which time they are away from Rome -- and so cannot vote (including with their minions) nor hold office! (Nor are they vulnerable to several things, such as assassinations...) The Turns tick off at the end of the Revenue Phase, and I'll keep track of that.

* Each Turn, Provinces have a small random chance (much larger for Governors from the Expansionist Faction, currently unplayed!) to Develop, at which time its card flips over to the green side. Developed Provinces earn more taxes, and can field more military power. Provinces can be destroyed to various degrees, returning them back to Undeveloped in the Forum, or even sending them to the Curia to randomly respawn later!

* Provinces can be attacked by Wars, and some Provinces (including your first one for this game, Gallia Cisalpina) can be attacked by Random Event Barbarian invasions. If a War Defeats a Province, the Province will join the War, adding its military power! -- until the War is Defeated, sending the Province (flipped back to Undeveloped) back to the Forum for reassignment under a Governor.

* Provinces can be Garrisoned by Legions (including Vet Legions), but not by Fleets. The Legions cannot be used for fighting except in Province Defense -- unless the Governor rebels! The Governor Commands these Legions in normal Defense, and surviving Legions will progressively become Veteran under him, with the usual Loyalty perqs.

* Aside from any Garrisoned Legions, Provinces also have an inherent Land Strength (sometimes also a Naval Strength), just like a War. On top of that, Governors can (and actually must) spend local taxes improving Provincial defenses by raising militia brigades and fleets. These fight for Romans at half-strength, but can and will follow a rebelling Governor automatically into War against Rome. (Garrisoned Legions, aside from Loyal Vets, must be test-rolled as usual.) If a foreign War conquers the Province, it won't raise more militia but any surviving militia will fight at full strength against Rome! -- as will the printed Land and Naval Strengths!

* Provinces generate tax income for the Republic, and also provide opportunities for Governors to skim a little extra for themselves.
Forum-Based Games / Re: Early Provincial Era GROGPUBLIC game thread
« Last post by JasonPratt on Today at 11:34:30 AM »

First Mandatory Business is for Tripoli, through Julius, to Propose two new Consuls (or for someone else to do so via Tribune). Whoever becomes Roman Consul will decide whether the Republic needs a Dictator again this Turn -- which can in fact be Julius again!
Forum-Based Games / Re: Early Provincial Era GROGPUBLIC game thread
« Last post by JasonPratt on Today at 11:33:04 AM »

All major offices from PontMax upward get Major Suspicion markers.

No Wars are threatening heartlands yet, so Tax Farming Concessions are safe. Nor are there any destroyed Concessions in the Curia to respawn.

The Calpurnican and the Fabian families each fail to respawn out of the Curia. (This is most important for Fabius Maximus of the Populists, since the rules require his family to be out of the Curia before Malize can collect their card under him.)

All currently active Enemy Leaders have already left the Curia to join their Wars, so no natural-death rolls for them.

Adjusting Unrest: starts at 0, +1 +1 for Droughts; +1 for the 1st Punic War being Unprosecuted. (The freshly Active Wars don’t count, yet.) New Unrest 3.

Julius of the Militarists, being the Dictator, and thus the Highest Ranking Available Officer in the city, starts the Senate by giving the State of the Republic speech. His (maximum!) Popularit of 9 - Unrest 3 + 3d6 results of... 2+3+6, equals 17. This subtracts 2 from the Unrest, down to 1.

With that, the Senate opens. Here are the pre-Senate mat snapshots!

The indisputable game leader right now, I.I.’s Aristocrats are the total package; although some of their dominance could shift during the Mandatory Business, since their influence is being encroached by the Militarists (and with it, their activist-boosted 29 votes.)

Just as indisputably in 2nd place, Tripoli’s Militarists are well-poised to continue reaping the benefits of being the preeminent butt-kickers for the Republic. Their Influence closely rivals the Aristocrats, and their normal vote tally actually equals their rivals! They do lack the cash generation/reserves, but this sort-of fluctuates around: Tripoli spent a lot more of his cash this Turn than I.I. did, and the Militarists don’t generate much less per Turn!

Thanks to being a perennial target, plus bad luck from the death bag this turn, the Frog’s Plutocrats dove down to 4th Place this Turn. The Frog is a canny political operator, however, with four Faction cards being held in reserve for opportune moments! -- and his ability to generate cash, and thus to buy his way out of his slump, cannot be ignored. The only question is whether the current Top 3 will retain their momentum, or stumble out of his way. Or be pushed... ^-^

Are the Conservatives still in 5th Place? I seriously had to wonder if AzTank hadn’t solidly passed the Frog this Turn! If you take his Influence, votes, and cash, guess what? -- only the Aristocrats have a higher total, and not by much!! He has two priests, two former Consuls, a nice Statesman of his own (who could parlay his ability to void Macedonian D/S results into a Consulship soon); heck, he’s one of only two Players with four senators right now! But some of these factors are a little deceptive: he has been highly (maybe ludicrously) conservative in his cash expenses so far, which is why he has so much but also affects the growth of his senators, two of whom are brand new anyway. He’s coming back, but his strength is more potential than actual. Yet.

Malize’s Populists continue in a solid 3rd Place, hampered mostly by a surprising lack of cash income. With four senators, and with a normal vote tally only a touch less than the Aristocrats’ activist boosted votes, he could gain ground easily, both objectively and relatively -- especially if the Militarists pass the Aristocrats in total Influence soon! Cato’s rechargeable Tribune ability remains potent, and Fabius Maximus could be strategically worth to deploy with his amazing defensive abilities against any War. There’s a chance he might be able to parlay his relative neutrality into re-electing Junius as Censor, too.

Erax’s Progressives, after coming within a short putt of WINNING THE WHOLE GAME BY THEMSELVES -- which I wish to emphasize out of praise for his skill at playing the game -- has, alas, fallen prey to the Kindly Ones once again. The new Flaminian senator has a long way to go before regaining the heights of his family’s legacy. Plautius should not be discounted, but he’s carrying the Faction by himself right now. I will note that Erax has mastered the subtle political art of making his harmlessly low vote tally a credit instead of a debit! Still, by any metric, the Progressives are back to being last place again. For now.

The Forum is stacking up with opportunities and with problems. One of those Droughts will resolve out next Turn, but the other stays with the Illyrian War (which dare not be attacked so long as the other Wars are burning). The Spolia Opima looks ready to be collected at last by some Commander; and Rome’s first Province will need to be assigned a Governor this Turn! (Note that unassigned Senators, like Sulpy smirking over in his corner, can be voted in as Governors...) I’ll start discussing Provinces soon.

I’m not even going to include the Inactive Illyrian War here: these three Active Wars are more than bad enough! Each is punchy in its own right, and each is supercharged by a dangerous Enemy Leader. The Syrian War is surely the most vulnerable among them, as well as the most reward for the risk; the Punic War will grant two Provinces if beaten, but needs a Naval Victory before Legions can land and fight against an oak-tough foe. It and the Macedonian War can each be expected to spawn a sequel War during this Era, which will multiply their strengths accordingly -- and risk the total collapse of the Republic!

Currently the Republic has 72 cash, with 100 normal income (plus some semi-random income from the new Province next Turn, more on that later). The three Active Wars will eat 60 Talents among themselves, however! -- and unit upkeep alone will cost 58 more! This leaves roughly 54 Talents to spend, which will quickly eat into any safety net against bad luck events next Turn...
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