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Forum-Based Games / Re: Italian Era GROGPUBLIC game thread
« Last post by JasonPratt on Today at 09:05:22 PM »
Some technical details which might become relevant soon...  ^-^

Fulvius does NOT have to Investigate and Prosecute Fabius for a "Major" suspicion! -- he can choose to use one of his two "Minor" Prosecution attempts instead. In a victory, this will not result in death for Fabius, only some nerfing.

If the Censor (Fulvius in this case) is assassinated before declaring a Prosecution, there will be no Prosecutions this Turn. If he is assassinated during a Prosecution, then that will end the Prosecution.

If a Censor is assassinated, there will not be another Censor election until next Turn. Special Major Investigations of Faction Leaders of caught Assassins will still be Prosecuted, but by the current Presiding Magistrate. (So assassinating a Censor isn't safe from retributive investigation.)

Prosecutions cannot be vetoed by the PontMax's special one-veto-per-Turn ability.

I should mention here that AzTank could have used his PontMax's veto ability to scotch the Consul Proposal! But the only thing that would have happened (aside from the conspirators fadging up another similar Contract) would have been the Proposal of Julius, a slightly less capable general, and Appius again, as Consuls. So I didn't bother asking AzTank if he wanted to veto it. He might need it later (though I wasn't expecting Fabius per se to be Prosecuted -- I suspected the Frog had someone in mind, but I didn't know who.)

Computer Wargaming / Re: Looks like Rising Storm moving on to Vietnam
« Last post by Toonces on Today at 09:00:01 PM »
LOL, you know what I mean.  Maybe you better give me the correct term before Jarhead reads this.   :-[
Computer Wargaming / Re: Armored Brigade
« Last post by Moreb on Today at 08:46:25 PM »
Budd. Played almost all the way through that scenario. On my way to a huge victory with not too many losses.

A couple of questions

1. How did you arrange the units initially and set the orders without the system rearranging them to something else? It keeps doing that to me.

2. Do helicopters stay mostly stationary? The enemy helicopter showed up and stayed in one place until it was taken down by an eventual SAM.

Good little battle. The enemy just needs a bit more to have a chance. I'm reading a bit online about the various equipment. Near modern is new to me so the weapons and their correct usage are still a mystery. It is awesome watching the various missiles take flight. I think I'm hooked.

Thanks again. If I wasn't so tired I'd finish mopping up tonight. We are going out of town for 4 days to our cabin again so I'll have plenty of time to mess with the system. So far I really like it.
Dude, the IL-2 BoX and WoFF might both have dynamic campaigns, but the only similarity between the two is that they share the name dynamic campaign.

WoFF is worlds ahead of BoX in simulating a war.  BoX is more of a random mission generator.  In that sense it's dynamic, but it's not like you're fighting a war.
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