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Computer Wargaming / Re: Empires Apart - Age of Empires Clone
« Last post by Gusington on Today at 06:50:37 AM »
I got excited that a single player campaign system was introduced...:/
Role-Playing & Adventure Gaming / Re: RPG Sales & Discounts
« Last post by Dammit Carl! on Today at 06:29:18 AM »
Impressive!   :notworthy:
Current Events / Re: Chinese man-made moons!
« Last post by Pete Dero on Today at 05:56:39 AM »
I hope they fail :tickedoff:  >:(.

There is already more than enough light pollution without this idiotic plan !

I can't go further without the RPFW forum but news like this makes me furious  :pullhair:.

Computer Wargaming / Re: The greatest space 4x to conquer them all
« Last post by SteveW on Today at 05:10:07 AM »
Hi Steve!
Thanks for Aurora! Its peeked my interest for several years now, but I just have to find the time to properly sit down with it some day.
Liked the Lets plays on YT from various people.
It also pointed me to StarFire 3rdR which I am trying to learn and make ready for forum play atm.

Third Edition Starfire is a great game. A small portion of the code in Aurora survives from an assistant program I created to play 3rdR. In fact, playing Starfire ultimately led to Aurora.
Computer Wargaming / Re: The greatest space 4x to conquer them all
« Last post by SteveW on Today at 03:55:58 AM »
Hi Steve. Really looking forward to Aurora C#. Looked through the thread, but didn't see an answer to a question i have. Will the fighter UI be getting simplified? Personally I find managing large groups of fighters a little clunky and tedious the last time I played.

The new fleet window has a naval organisation tree. You can set the fighters as a sub-fleet and then detach/attach them as a group.
Forum-Based Games / Re: Latin Era GROGPUBLIC game thread
« Last post by Erax on Today at 03:10:15 AM »
Plautius gets another Tax Farmer Concession.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Clad in Iron: Sakhalin 1904 Naval Wargame
« Last post by totemgam on Today at 12:08:41 AM »
I’d buy any naval game that -when a ship fired its large main guns- looked somewhat like the battleship in the 11 second mark below. Sounds nit-picky but I want to feel like it’s a powerful gun. Most just have a ball of Orange that appears and then turns black...but it doesn’t “roll”

That was the selling point of Naval Action for me. It actually looks like a cannon firing

That's wonderful!
Music, TV, Movies / Re: Streaming Gems (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.)
« Last post by GDS_Starfury on Yesterday at 10:52:26 PM »
I cringe to admit this but.... I watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series on Netflix.

that whole series is nothing but awesome.
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