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Music, TV, Movies / Re: Han Solo Movie
« Last post by Grim.Reaper on Today at 01:51:33 AM »
Not surprised considering the last movie they put out. I'll see this one but it might be my last.

First Star Wars since the original release that I haven't seen on opening day/weekend.  In this case more so since I was traveling, but really haven't missed doing it.  I'll still see it probably within the next week or so but very strange that I haven't had the same desire as in the past.  Not sure if it because of this specific movie or whether too much Star Wars now...not sure.  I lean more towards it being this movie itself because I just don't see "solo" in the actor playing him....actually kind of annoys me from the trailers and commercials:)
Computer Wargaming / Re: Combat Mission status
« Last post by Grim.Reaper on Today at 01:47:36 AM »
Yes, no point bitching about the DRM stuff. Everybody knows about it by now. CMBO Is available from GOG, maybe the rest of them will end up there eventually.

100% agree...people know what it is and is a personal choice of whether to support it.  Not my favorite scheme, but it wouldn't keep me from buying.

But on a related point with all the talk of them "going under"....has Battlefront ever stated what they would do with their games if they went out of business?  I have read about other companies (although at the moment I can't recall which ones) where they claim if they ever did go out of business they would remove the DRM from their games to ensure people could continue playing.  Any chance Battlefront has stated a position on this in the past?
Computer Wargaming / Re: Combat Mission status
« Last post by fabius on Today at 01:19:59 AM »
I really hope they update Shock Force before they go under.
Not sure if serious but reminded me of an impression I had about.

The whole no Steam thing made me wonder if they are the sort that want keep most of what they make to the point of preferring 80 % of $1 million over 40 % of $5 million.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Combat Mission status
« Last post by MikeGER on Yesterday at 11:59:37 PM »

My dream scenario would be they put the entire Combat Mission library on Steam with Steam's auto patch/update features and sales during the holidays.  I know, ain't going to happen.  :'(

This! O0   and existing customers get a Steam code like Matrix does.

Current Events / Re: The "Holy %$%# It's Hot Out There" Summer 2018 Thread
« Last post by Windigo on Yesterday at 11:44:30 PM »
just read the news about flash floods in MD.... oi
Computer Wargaming / Re: Combat Mission status
« Last post by Skoop on Yesterday at 11:35:14 PM »
Battlefront never figured out that they could put their games on steam and have occasional 50% off sales and everyone in the whole world would probably own a copy...They could never see past their own noses when it came to marketing or strategy.  What's better, 10,000 owning a copy at 50.00 or 500,000 owning a copy at 20.00 ?  The world has left battlefront behind unfortunately.  I do like the idea of the catalog available on gog though.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Post Scriptum - Operation Market Garden Shooter
« Last post by Skoop on Yesterday at 11:21:47 PM »
I actually rather enjoyed it.  I think the WWII weapons fit well into this system.  It's a campers delite, and I love to camp.  It does take a while to find a good camp spot, but when you's deadly and takes for ever for them to find you.  The canteen helps with running so you can cover the map a little better.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Games People Play on Friday!
« Last post by solops on Yesterday at 11:20:10 PM »
Finished Pillars of Eternity including both expansions.  Working on the house.  It is been raining for 2 straight weeks.
I just bought this, packaged with all the DLC, because it was on sale on Steam. I know nothing about it. Is it good?
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