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Re: Pro Strategy Football 2019
« Reply #60 on: November 22, 2018, 07:47:29 PM »
Looks like it's superbowl teams for those who have won a SB and the best team of the rest.  Jags have never won a superbowl.

No but they ended Dan Marino’s career in spectacular fashion that year in the playoffs
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Working on PSF 2020
« Reply #61 on: May 10, 2019, 07:29:11 PM »
No way I can get everything done that I’ve wanted, but the league editor is coming along nicely, and I've almost completed custom leagues.

Here’s my current plan:
-   Finish the editor, including the ability to have custom leagues with any number of teams
-   Do some cleaning up and touch ups that have been on hold a while
-   Work on a “light” form of free agency (see below)
-   Greatly improve access to, and listing of, injuries
-   Make it easy to edit the draft pool within the game
-   If not too hard, make it easy to shuffle your roster at any time
-   If I can think of a friendly way to do it, I’d like to display more information about players (age, college, when drafted, etc)
-   I’d like to add more stats
-   BIG ITEMS: I really want to create customizable rules, to support college play
-   ALSO along those lines, somehow allow customizing post-season play

The biggest thing that I really need to do (and frankly should have done before trying to make the in-game editor so huge) is light Free Agency, because this comes up every year.  At a high level, I’m thinking something like this:
• Make it optional.  When creating a league, and at the start of every season (to reflect changing league rules), let you choose:
o   Skip FA completely if you don’t want it (quite a few people have begged me to make it optional, saying they don’t want it, but many more do want it)
o   Choose the contract length (maybe 3-5 years?)
o   Choose the number of franchise players every team can select (1-3 or so?)
o   Free Agency order: same as Draft order or opposite of draft order
•Now, when any player’s contract is up, he will go into the FA pool unless he’s designated as a Franchise Player.  You’ll be told which of your players are going to be FAs and let you select one (or more, depending on settings).
•Then all remaining FAs are removed from their teams’ rosters and put in a pool, similar to the draft pool, except you won’t be able to edit it.
•We then proceed through a “Free Agency Draft” (but no salaries this year) just like the current draft, except the number of rounds will vary.
•Any players remaining will stay in the pool until the next year.
o   Players in the pool will age and lose ratings each year (they’re not playing)
o   If no one picks them up within three years or if their rating drops below Good, they retire

The other really big, HARD things are customizable rules (like, are there kickoffs, and if so, from where; does the clock stop after penalties, can you go for two, etc) and even worse – how to create schedules and post-season for non-standard leagues??