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Yeah, PC Gamer compared this to HAWX and Afterburner.

Strictly speaking, HAWX was blatantly ripping off the Ace Combat series.  ::) Except with more boring 'real life' plots. (Which Ace Combat then tried with the Assault Horizon game, the first AceCom game I've started twice and never finished once, sigh. Assault Horizon Legacy for some mobile or console device goes back to the science-fiction fantasy anime plotline loosely tying together most of their games -- effectively remaking AceCom 2, if I recall correctly.)

Skies Unknown returns to the alternate Earth sci-fi plot setting, so the story should be better...?

The series has always been kind of a super-hero saga about strapping different jet fighters (occasionally a helicopter) onto your back and doing crazy Iron Man things. But Afterburner isn't really a good comparison. The Wing Commander guys at... was it Origin?... who made Strike Commander, is a better contemporary comparison: StrikeCom is very AceCom-ish.

If you say HAWX has more "Real Life Plots" than Ace Combat, then what the heck sort of plots do the AC games have???
I mean in HAWX 1, Trinidad conquered the entirety of Brazil and the United States (and defeated all its allies) in 1 day...

Ace Combat has fake countries. And sci-fi weapons.

Real life has fake countries too :P

Did they do so after using a rail gun to shatter an incoming asteroid into hundreds of pieces that laid waste to civilization instead of blasting the planet, and then take the world hostage with the intercontinental weapon afterward from a death-star-ish island based superfortress?

Did they call the U.N to demand "One hundred billion Dollars!" while placing their right pinky near their mouth and laugh maniacally?
Computer Wargaming / Re: Its Friday!
« Last post by Huw the Poo on Today at 12:50:54 AM »
Also, not a wargame but peripherally related (sorta) -- I picked up Creeper World 3 on Steam after seeing the announcement of the latest 3D iteration.  This game is great fun.  It's a wonderful, unique blend between RTS and tower defense. 

I love the Creeper World series.  Such a weird world!  It's fun to think up creative strategies to beat each level, and it gives a very real sense of achievement with each victory generally being pretty hard-earned.  O0
Grogheads Announcements / Re: Registration issues
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Computer Wargaming / Re: Brothers in Arms at GOG (and on sale)
« Last post by JasonPratt on Yesterday at 09:37:08 PM »
I've never had more than realistic problems with aiming: down the sights is always better, rifles generally better but depends. German k94 is kind of crap except for sniping. M4 is godly average. Pick up a German submachine gun pronto, ditch your 45 caliber tommy gun.

I mean, it isn't Red Orchestra, but the spread of accuracy and stopping power is fine for me.

I've noticed that the complaints for part 3 partly boil down to the weapons being too arcade shooty, unlike the moar-realism of the first two games.
Music, TV, Movies / Re: R. Lee Ermey Has Died
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He's leading the Marine Honor Guard guarding the gates of Heaven now. And they better have their shit straight.
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