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Welcome Aboard! / Re: Creating an avatar for profile
« Last post by untitelhar on Today at 12:26:15 AM »
Website that responds seriously to players. I do not see it strictly.
Computer Wargaming / Re: DCS Discussion
« Last post by JudgeDredd on Yesterday at 11:54:30 PM »
I don't know what the deal is here but I have two missions for the Hornet setup for practice. One is a take off and intercept and the other is landing. Both use the USS Carl Vinson.

Take off mission...all good. Startup, taxi, engage launch bar and take off.

Landing...all good until you land and then want to taxi back to the launch area and take off. The catapult has gone and is just a flat texture. You simply can't take off when you land. Plus there are very big "wheels" on the deck for the hook wires

Is that designed that way?

Also - watch out when you taxi to the foremost starboard(?) just go through it.
Computer Wargaming / Re: I Am Your President
« Last post by SirAndrewD on Yesterday at 11:16:19 PM »

Never heard of Shadow President - looked it up and found it was a 1993 release.  GOG and Steam do not have it.  I'm guessing the rest of us will not experience cabinet members resigning for nuking Denmark.

Yeah, it was a great game back in the day.  It had a much more serious side than this game looks to have.  There were serious costs to engaging in military conflict and there were a lot of interesting concepts on economic management like handling the budget, allocating aid and setting trade policy.  It was a surprisingly robust little game, and it's been really needing a successor.
Moreb I am sure plenty of people do not like steel division here. Because it is less of a pedestrian paced game unless you pause a lot.
However if you want a more stand up defensive battle set points to max and closed combat mode. This starts you close to be enemy like you are fully deployed with all of your phase a troops.
I’d be playing battlefront’s combat mission but unlike this game I cannot play with multiple friends coop.
There are also stand alone missions that require you to attack or defend I steel division since you played I am betting.
For the record the game does not seem very tower defence in nature to me unless you are playing ai on medium which can spam units. Steel division is a meeting engagement and played in proper frontlines mode requires both players to attack to win. You have to take the ground to be able to defend it and win.

Well I've reinstalled to see if I was hasty on my impressions. I do need something to play in this period that isn't so heavy so maybe I give it another go.
A lance for now.
We started out with a company but it got too unwieldy fast.
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