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Computer Wargaming / Re: Project Cars 2
« Last post by Weron on Yesterday at 11:11:25 PM »
It's very cool, I liked it. I have a license but the car is still in the plans, I think in late fall I can afford to buy a car. I like the Hyundai brand and mid-size cars, so I chose the model But with the choice of configuration I have difficulties. What do you recommend?
About the same age as my Step Son, 32 I believe. They grow-up so fast, I think. When you become a grand parent it doesn't mean you're getting old. It means you have someone else around to blame when things get broken.  :bd:
Tuna has a 33 year old step son  :o
I think Bayonetta may already be taken?  :coolsmiley:
Girl baby, Fathers a console gamer. Name her, Zelda?
Guys at work were asking when I was going to get her gaming. I started my boys off with Pajama Sam and Freddy the Fish and that huge yellow ball Microsoft Mouse. Now Craig is a Paradox Specialist and Eric an FPS hawk.

lol, my Stepson, never got into PC Gaming, was more of a console gamer, he's 33 now. I can remember playing Contra with him on the nintendo.
You have to level up your grandkids first.  O0
Congrat, Grandpa Tuna! :) <:-)

I feel as old as Bob now!!!.. How come I'm not retired :-(

Computer Wargaming / Re: Pro Strategy Football 2019
« Last post by Grim.Reaper on Yesterday at 04:13:38 PM »

The implementation of such ethereal things will never win over many people in these sports management sims IMO.  Can only cause a lot of headache.

Not sure about that, people in sports sim world often clamor for more control and detail (without sometimes thinking of the impact)....I think people welcome it if done in a good and non-tedious way, along with it being potentially optional.
Congrat, Grandpa Tuna! :) <:-)
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