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Computer Wargaming / Re: Star Control: Origins
« Last post by mbar on Today at 07:02:56 AM »
I'm downloading it right now, but I doubt I'll have much time to play it.

I bought it too but doubt I'll be able to give it a good playthrough until into October.
Tabletop AARs / Re: Greenland Sea: April 28, 2022
« Last post by MengJiao on Today at 06:59:36 AM »
Been chatting with Rod Serling again, Meng?

  I think what happened in a nutshell, was that I stumbled across a pile of my old Harpoon stuff whilst sorting things in my all-new man cavern.

  So that must have gone something like this: I decide to look into some of the plastic bins that I have randomly removed from the barn and transported to the new cavern.  I'm guessing the box of harpoon stuff was under a box of old "computer stuff" (as in "You never know when you might need  a couple of hundred pounds of RCA plugs and cables.") and I'm guessing it was at first innocently disguised under a layer of Fear God and Dread Nought-type things.
And then...(cue twilight-zone-music "doodoodoodowa - doodoodoodowa") there's Harpoon4 and a lot of items back to the original 1987 game.

   The components I have only cover up to about 2002 so I need a "future" that is roughly 20-30 years behind the times and a reason for that and a reason for a war (aliens looking for Cobalt) and a locale (Greenland and the SuperSized Gulf stream and vast undersea coal deposits that are about to emerge due to the falling sea levels).  The opposing sides are Russia and Mediterranean powers versus the Atlantic Powers (France, UK, Germany, Norway, and the Netherlands)
Computer Wargaming / Re: Best Friday you ever had
« Last post by JasonPratt on Today at 06:56:19 AM »
Grogpubbing along now that we've started.  :bd: Presumably we'll finish setting up the problems this weekend for players to address in the Senate (the initial problem being the former king Tarquinius Superbus trying to retake his kingdom from the Senate!)

Haven't heard back from Yskonyn yet on Strategic Command: Classic but looking forward to steamrolling the decadent dogs of the west or words to that effect! (Until they come back to bite me in the face anyway.)

Since patching has settled down on Rome 2, at least for the Empire Divided campaign, I may restart my Armenian run using the DEI super-mod.

Actually there are tons of nice shiny things to play with.  :smitten: And my favorite half-season of the year starts today with the downslope of autumn! So I'll have plenty of opportunity to be thankful for that!

(Once my harvest allergies tone back down, kachew. ;) )
Computer Wargaming / Re: Star Control: Origins
« Last post by Pete Dero on Today at 06:38:52 AM »
Forking out for RTX2080 based PC next week :)

I don't think you need that system to be able to play Star Control  >:D.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Star Control: Origins
« Last post by jamus34 on Today at 06:26:55 AM »
The 2080ti is godlike... and has a price tag to match.

I wonder if NVidia will start accepting kidneys as payment.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Star Control: Origins
« Last post by FlickJax on Today at 06:24:08 AM »
Its comparable to your card but the 2080 ti is a step on again though :)
Computer Wargaming / Re: Best Friday you ever had
« Last post by jamus34 on Today at 06:15:16 AM »
Witcher 3 as I cannot believe Iíve been neglecting this as long as I have.

Endless space 2 / endless legend

Monster hunter world as I am trying to finish up the main campaign
Computer Wargaming / Re: Best Friday you ever had
« Last post by Gusington on Today at 06:10:27 AM »
The Witcher 3 - Blood and Wine and perhaps some Vampyr.
Enigmas of the Mystical / Re: Cue the X Files music
« Last post by Ubercat on Today at 05:34:08 AM »
I'm a big believer in Occam's Razor so I'm not holding out for aliens here, but that doesn't explain why they had to kick everyone out and close the place for so long. Arrest the dirt bag and move on.
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