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If you want Sharia law in your neighborhood, due your relativism, go for it. I assure you there is a difference between them and Catholics.

I don't particularly care if a group of muslims want to use sharia law to settle their civil matters. The Amish have their ways, the ultra-orthodox Jews have theirs. Neither bother me because their religious laws will NEVER the law of the land here even though some are so afraid they need to at like chicken little about it.

What's 10% of 2 billion? Those are the radicals that are on the far side of the spectrum of radicalism.

Do you think that everyone who supports the death penalty would actually want to throw the switch or pump in the drugs? Why do you assume that everyone who says it is acceptable would actually do it? Oh I understand, it makes it seem like your argument makes sense.

What 90% of 2 billion? That is the number who agree with us that suicide bombings are wrong. What percent of that 90% live in countries with sharia law and think it is good?
Most sane people who know anything about Sharia in the West, want nothing to do with it. Not wanting people who are immigrating to the West to bring that with them is a good thing. Freedom of religion is a good thing, but only if that religion leaves everyone else alone who wants nothing to do with it.

And yet a billion people live in countries where it is part of the law of the land, many very happily. And you think they are insane? You think that our way is without a doubt the only way a sane person would want to live and think their way needs to be eliminated? And they are the extremists?

Indonesia is almost all muslim, uses sharia law as part of the fabric of their life and has a population close to the USA. Are you saying they were better off under Sukarno or Suharto, that they are all insane for not wanting to go back to the good old days? It's their country to live in as they want.

To say that there is any chance of sharia law becoming the law of the land is the USA is just bullshit. We have our way where government and religion are separate. The fact that someone who lived their entire life in a country that uses sharia law and NEVER knew anything else comes here and says they think it should be the law of the land doesn't make them a radical extremist. It ,mkes them a person who only knows one way. Why don't you let them make up their own mind what they want after they have a chance to see other ways?
Music, TV, Movies / Re: Decades Feeder Bracket - 1982 Final 2 Part 2
« Last post by -budd- on Today at 09:17:14 PM »
Given your avatar didn't you forget something about 82 \m/ ... Just occurred to me.
I am not even going to engage your comment that Catholics have a sect of child molesters. That is patiently false. You make a good point, then take it way too far.

Really? You think that something like that going on for more than a century was just coincidence?
Music, TV, Movies / Decades Feeder Bracket - 1982 Final 2 Part 1
« Last post by MetalDog on Today at 09:07:29 PM »
Golden Earring put up a helluva fight!  One vote?!  That's insane.  But Prince squeaks through to face The Clash.  A song that my ex-wife ruined for me, but still an ass kicker.  Queen once again goes down before the final championship.  One day.

The 1/2

1 I don't have a 'Spill some on the floor,' or a, 'mic drop,' emoji, but, that's what should go here.

Music, TV, Movies / Decades Feeder Bracket - 1982 Final 2 Part 2
« Last post by MetalDog on Today at 09:02:22 PM »
As predicted, double Duran got beat by the Femmes.  I think Rio is a better song, but, you gotta like the Hungry... video.  I Melt With You, despite what Brant says about it being a song you know because MTV only had like 200 videos at the time, is an earworm.  Can't wait to see which one comes out on top.

The 5/7

Computer Wargaming / Re: Cold Waters
« Last post by mikeck on Today at 08:57:00 PM »
Finally gave this one a shot. Now, besides the tutorials I have only played the first 2 single player missions; although I played "the duel" 5 times with different subs.

It seems like it's too easy though (plying on realistic difficulty). I spawn and I already have a green icon marking generally where the bad guy is. I wait a minute or so for a 50% solution and fire two Mark-48s in the direction and hit

My question is: are all of the engagements like this? Where you have the guy already detected and just have to wait a few?
Current Events / Re: The Great, White Winter of 2017
« Last post by Batman on Today at 08:47:35 PM »
you can be my robin

i can't quit you
Computer Wargaming / Re: And so the new Batman Arkham game will be...
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please, tell me everything that's wrong with the telltale game
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