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Music, TV, Movies / Re: Godzilla: King of the Monsters coming 2019
« Last post by acctingman on Today at 03:51:38 PM »
I'm with Sir Slash. Maybe I'm becoming a grumpy old bastard, but I'm getting tired of all this alien, outer space, galactic ending BS that movies keep shoving down our throats.

Looking forward to seeing Bree Larson in a space suit though fighting intergalactic aliens  :bd:
Computer Wargaming / Re: Conan Unconquered
« Last post by Father Ted on Today at 03:31:32 PM »
Weren't there naked warriors in one of those TW Rome games?

Those were pigs - perhaps ask Santa for a new monitor?
Organizations and Equipment / Re: Tanks!
« Last post by Windigo on Today at 02:46:29 PM »
failed my ass!  the spall from that probably killed half the crew at least.

I thought the very same thing.

and MFG! that projectile is frikken yuge!
Been playing SC's WWII stuff since the first one.  And I enjoy them.  But I don't understand the fascination with playing the European and Pacific wars simultaneously.  It is inherently unrealistic.  Sure the results in one theater may effect the other.  But only (historically, in any event) vaguely and indirectly.  Certainly there was no combined strategy akin to having one director of German and Japanese efforts to win the war. 

Maybe the "Allies,"  UK, USA and USSR could almost semi-realistically operate as if they were controlled by a singe entity, but, even that, is really pushing it. 

Agree 1000%.  I thoroughly enjoy SC WWII Europe but have no interest in the new World at War title unless someone comes up with a Cold-war-goes-hot theme scenario.
General Discussion / Re: Where is Administration ??
« Last post by Sir Slash on Today at 01:31:37 PM »
I was hoping for Elf Porno.
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