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Computer Wargaming / Re: The Division 2
« Last post by Jarhead0331 on Today at 03:44:37 PM »
^You mean the random racoon, bird or deer doesn't "do it" for you?  :crazy2:
The topic title is misleading. It was no mass shooting (unless I am unfamiliar with the term due to language).

Two men have been put into custody.
One is the shooter the other is unknown but aparently was also involved.

Three people are confirmed dead.

5 people are wounded, of which three critically.

Motive is still unknown. Terrorist or emotional motive are both possible.
Music, TV, Movies / Re: Let the Captain Marvel trailers commence!
« Last post by JasonPratt on Today at 03:33:46 PM »
The other thing about the cat I actually like, because it's a cute piece of canon they managed to keep for the story! (Sort of.)

I'm a cat guy anyway, so not gonna lie, the cat (per se) was by far my favorite thing about the film, but I'm biased.  :bd:

Talos was probably my second favorite thing. Which is a little weird because they borrowed his name and literally nothing else (other than being a Skrull) from a one-shot Skrull character, also written pretty well, created by Peter David for his epic canon-redefining run on the Incredible Hulk, appearing just after the wedding of Rick Jones (an old sidekick of the original Captain Marvel, as well as the Hulk and even Captain Marvel) and Las Vegas showgirl Marlo.

To be honest, I had forgotten exactly where I had heard of Talos the Skrull before, and had to look it up. The wedding was rather more important storywise, but PD did a good job writing a Skrull warrior who couldn't shapeshift but who had nevertheless earned a great reputation in the Skrull Empire as a crazy-ass warrior despite his handicap. After being captured and broken by the Kree, he wanted to earn a noble death for the Empire by challenging the Hulk himself -- back during his days as the Unified Hulk, no less, when he was at arguably his most fully dangerous fighting capability! Coincidentally the Unified Hulk, aka Professor Hulk, aka Doc Green, will apparently featured heavily in the Endgame film. (The Hulk refused to be goaded into a murderous rage and tried to talk him down despite Talos' insults, so that Banner could try to restart his marriage with his ex-wife Betty Ross.)

He's had a very modest career as a more-or-less heroic Skrull on occasion since then, crossing paths with Gamora, Ronan the Accuser, and the Nova Corps (sort of), to give some MCU references. He didn't have anything to do with the Secret Invasion, though he was popular enough among his fellow Skrulls (despite his disability) that they always hoped he would join the fight. (The Skrulll Queen refused to deploy him.) He also fought Howard the Duck in a (very lame) attempt to enslave the Earth, which seems to be the last time he has appeared in comics. All I knew him from was the suicide-by-Hulk attempt (the other things I found out when trying to remember who he was.)
Computer Wargaming / Re: DCS Discussion
« Last post by Pete Dero on Today at 02:29:49 PM »
And it is now possible to upgrade your BS2 upgrade to a full BS2 licence (at no extra cost).

You will require to enter your BS1 and BS2 upgrade keys here :
"Oh? 'A Lad In...' what? Like, 'A Lad in the City', or something?"

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