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Hearts of Iron 4, Endless Space 2 (trying the Vaulters for first time), some Witcher 3.

Wrong thread?
Hearts of Iron 4, Endless Space 2 (trying the Vaulters for first time), some Witcher 3.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Burn in FRIDAY!
« Last post by airboy on Today at 10:49:57 AM »

Glad youíre ok. Iím going in for hernia surgery in a couple of weeks. Nervous. LoL

Done that one and will do another next summer.

It is usually not that bad.  You can't lift anything heavier than a jug of milk for a month.  It will hurt when you move around.  It hurts when you cough or laugh.  They will give you pain meds.  Take them. 

There is no physical therapy, rehab, or long run consequences (barring infection).  As surgery goes, not that bad.

Good luck!
I saw this comment on GOG:

"A warning to anyone buying this game it has save DRM in that your saves are held off your computer and kept in another server. Which means if you save your game, lose internet and try and play this game your saves will be missing as all of your saves are not kept on your computer."

Any idea if this is really the save game mechanism?

And can you save at any point in a game or does it use "checkpoints"?
Computer Wargaming / Re: Burn in FRIDAY!
« Last post by DoctorQuest on Today at 09:27:07 AM »
Just finished the Steel Division 44 campaign. Have not had the time to do it before (Just had a double hernia operation) . A good bit of fun but fairly stressful towards the end. Steel Division 2 is supposed to have a much more dynamic campaign, I guess akin to total war or the older Red Dragon style campaigns. Looking forward to that.

Glad youíre ok. Iím going in for hernia surgery in a couple of weeks. Nervous. LoL

Been there, done that, got the tee shirt. I agree with Destraex. Ask for good drugs. Best wishes on a speedy recovery.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Burn in FRIDAY!
« Last post by sandman2575 on Today at 09:19:39 AM »
Good luck, JH -- and Destraex, sorry to hear about your ordeal!  I had a hernia when I was 6, so I have no words of wisdom to offer. All I remember about it was that I was in a hospital bed watching TV with breaking news that Reagan had been shot by John Hinckley. I recall feeling a spiritual kinship with the Gipper as it struck my 6-year-old mind that it was an extraordinary coincidence that we were both convalescing in the hospital at the same time.

And condolences for your loss, DoctorQ.

I'm bouncing around between recent acquisitions:  Bard's Tale remastered, Endless Space 2, Phantom Doctrine.  Bard's Tale is a huge nostalgia rush. That game had its hooks in me deep when I was a kid.

Computer Wargaming / Re: Burn in FRIDAY!
« Last post by DoctorQuest on Today at 08:45:24 AM »
A sad weekend. I'm going to a memorial service for a friend and colleague of 25+ years. Getting old really, really sucks.

But after that, I have most of Saturday afternoon to myself for a change so I'm going to play SOMETHING.  Cold Waters is sitting on my hard drive giving me a bad look for ignoring it for so long.

A few hours of work on Sunday afternoon.
Brant - blaming California's fiscal problems on forest stupidity is just part of the problem.  One of the reasons they don't allocate much in the way of funds is because of the eco-loon vote in California.

My brother is an arborist.  I drink regularly with a couple of forestry faculty.  They think what California does in forest management is just stupid (both the liberal and the conservative forester agree on this).

The Sierra Club and other eco-loon outfits control California.  All logging is evil.  Even logging to take out dead trees.  Especially if a road has to be built, somewhere. 

Californians pay a high price for their mono-government.  Super high taxes, electricity prices, gasoline prices and forest fires.  All of these are policy choices and they have consequences.

So yes, I believe that their state policy is driven by eco-loons.  I think it is an apt description for their actions.

I think someone in CA might be reading Airboy's posts.  :bd:

Computer Wargaming / Re: Star Traders: Frontiers
« Last post by airboy on Today at 08:07:59 AM »
I've played about 10 hours of this.  Best sandbox space game I've seen ever.  You can ignore the main plot and:
a] become a pirate
b] become a trader
c] become a privateer
d] spend part of your time being an explorer or spy (not enough money in these to make it a full blown occupation).

The galaxy is huge.  The biggest thing about being an independent is building your initial contacts (people who give you missions and can upgrade your military ranks and/or trading permits) with factions other than the one you start out with.

Money is the key, and there are a lot of ways to make money in the game.  None of them are exactly "easy," but it is possible to do it.

The ship combat and the boarding crew/away team combat are interesting.  You have to walk away from a lot of encounters, especially at the start.

Computer Wargaming / Re: Burn in FRIDAY!
« Last post by Tuna on Today at 08:05:48 AM »
Come for the games, stay for the hernia advice.

Heal up and feel better Des. Good luck JH.

I will attempt to finish Dishonored - Death of the Outsider this weekend. After that...perhaps a Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai campaign, itís been a long time.

Turn your head and cough! Good luck JH and heal quickly Des.

Will probably be doing Total War, may break down and grab that Dustwind, it looks like fun! Maybe get some flying in.
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