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Computer Wargaming / Re: Total War: Rome II THE RISE OF ROME dlc
« Last post by MengJiao on Today at 08:58:20 PM »
Men’s. looking at your screenshots. How do you control your army and see what’s going on. Zoomed in so far? Can you show some screenshots of your normal control height?

  For normal control, I'm usually zoomed all the way out.  Makes for dull images.  I zoom in for pictures much later in the battle or occasionally before the battle.
I'm in! Can't find my kilt so I'll rip down the curtains and wear them over my loins instead.  O0
Computer Wargaming / Re: Modern Bomber simulation games
« Last post by DoctorQuest on Today at 08:27:44 PM »
That's pretty detailed.  Lots of clicking.

The DCS fans should love it.
Perhaps this will be better than Braveheart? A new series on Robert the Bruce. The question really is whether the kilts will be werrn. Actually it does not look too bad. Will Chris Pine do braveheart speeches though? Will He!!! Will they take your FREEEDOM. The guy that plays HAMISH or his equivalent looks a little light for a giant though! What say ye lads and laddies? (and ladies).
Hair or fur?
I beg to differ.  :) One thing my grandfather left me was a full head of hair. His brothers didn't have it but he did, and it passed down to me.
Fame and fortune = Many Young Hawt Women.

Grogheads = Old Out of Shape Thinning Hair Guys. 
They may have sold a bunch of albums and made a lot of money, but they didn’t do so well in the Grogs music poll.

So I ask you: What’s more important?  Fame and fortune, or being highly regarded by a dozen wargamers on this site?
Current Events / Re: Cool Engineering
« Last post by OJsDad on Today at 07:09:50 PM »
It took an American on a US website to inform me of a company that's located 70 km from where I live  :bd:  :hide:.

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