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Computer Wargaming / Re: Rule the Waves 2
« Last post by DennisS on Today at 02:55:26 PM »
I watched Das Tactics video play of this game. There were some pretty wonky things happening with his money. Instead of going up, it went down..then down another several thousand. I will watch a couple more..but I think I will sit this one out until after the first couple of patches.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Deity Empires on Sale at Steam
« Last post by DennisS on Today at 02:54:13 PM »

    • Do the different races have totally different units, one unique unit (e.g., a Gnome Panzer?), or just the same units but with different bonuses (similar to the original MoM)?

    Yes. The elves have archers, the Orcs have Blood Orc Warriors, etc. Each unit has its own abilities, and it the case of casters, their own individual spells.

    • How much game customization is offered in the set-up?  (From earlier posts, it sounds like you can adjust neutral monsters and lairs up or down, which is awesome.  For example, could I play a race of Northmen in a world otherwise surrounded by Evil gods and races, or does it all get randomized.  I see lots of map customization options, but that's the only screen I've seen.

    You have the ability to set the number of AI players, as well as their alignment, as well as their type, or to leave them all random. You can play as "Good" Dwarves, and play against 15 Orc tribes if you wish.

    • Are there legitimately different ways to play, or are there a handful of units who are overpowered, so it's about a race to get to them, or have the Devs been pretty good about nerfing and balancing?  (e.g., the post about giving an Immortality Core to a high-level wizard and just Fireball spamming:  Sounds like fun the first time, but I've already done the overpowered combo in MoM (e.g., Adamantium-enhanced Hammerhands if you're a Dwarf, Paladin-spam backed by a pair of Wizards if you're a High Man, etc.)

    I have only played about 40 hours. Occasionally, there are "Hero" units available, which are quite strong. But..mitigated by that there is just one unit in the stack, for hit points. You may see a hero with 50 hit points..with another unit having six figures with eight damage points each. Hero units can be much more squishy.

    • Is there a "Summon Vorpal Bunny" spell available?
    This one is looking like it might be on the Father's Day request list!

    I strongly recommend this game...the more I play, the more depth I discover. The cities I have are developing exponentially, not linearly...and I have cities with over 100,000 citizens. I have as many as four citizens on a square, doing the development actions. Instead of one citizen for 400 food...I have FOUR citizens, with a road, with TEN LEVELS of development. Each level doesn't increase just the base level of food, but it also adds a PERCENTAGE increase. This is how you go from 400 to 16,000 food for ONE SQUARE. Just amazing, but it works. Cities of 100,000 don't increase 100 peeps a turn, we're talking close to a thousand peeps per turn.

    I am getting ready to "pulse" out another eight cities. I have 43% of all the population in the world. When it gets to 60%, I will win. I only had six total empires for my 300 x 300 hex map. Next game, I will start with 16 civs. I am on turn 400 or so, and will probably win around turn 1000.
    Military (and other) History / Re: Russian propaganda
    « Last post by pawelj on Today at 02:50:49 PM »
    Without US help and the Western front they would have been nowhere.
    Computer Wargaming / Re: Carriers at War
    « Last post by FarAway Sooner on Today at 12:01:57 PM »
    Great stuff, Admiral!  I love what you're doing and love the way you're approaching it.  A few words of advice that you probably don't need:

    1) I hope you guys are using a very Agile development approach here.  You've got A LOT in Scope, and too many good game designs have crashed and burned because they came up with a rigid feature list long before they got workable code.  That made it really hard to evaluate game play trade-offs versus developers' available time, which meant that integration at the end really suffered.  Especially if you have limited budget, investing too much money in polygon count before you have good, playable systems underneath is a common failing of a lot of great-sounding projects!

    2) Particularly if you'll be featuring any land-based air units or scenarios, I'd strongly encourage you to make sure you've checked out Eric Bergerud's Fire in the Sky.  It's the best treatment I've seen of air-to-air combat in the Pacific from June-1942 to late 1943.  It also talks a lot about the evolution of doctrine and training.  I know, at its heart, this game is about carrier battles rather than airplane battles, but figuring out how air-to-air doctrine evolved is so important in understanding why certain match-ups turned out the way that they did.  Just as one example, the P-38 had much greater effective firepower in a head-on challenge than any other plane in the US fleet:  Japanese fighter pilots who didn't learn to avoid this sort of challenge quickly met a grim fate.  I don't think you have to build this sort of doctrine stuff into exactly what happens on the visual displays, but at the very least, I hope you're giving some thought on how to abstract this in the form of XP, etc.

    3) I love that you're using manuals from the time to supplement your work-ups.  My dad was deemed medically unfit to serve when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, so he spent 1942-1945 as a technical writer for Douglas Aircraft, working in their SBD Dauntless factory in El Segundo, CA.  It's really cool to hear that some vestige of his work might find echoes in this game!   :)
    Computer Wargaming / Re: The Groginati Sales Thread
    « Last post by Gusington on Today at 11:27:23 AM »
    Some serious potential savings there.
    Computer Wargaming / Re: For those about to FRIDAY (We salute you)!
    « Last post by Gusington on Today at 11:07:24 AM »
    Tasty Sir Slash stew.
    I don't know if I can read the Caine Mutiny without projecting Humphrey Bogart onto Queeg in my mind (that was the CO's name, right?)!   ;)

    All this talk...I might have to stick with War and Remembrance and see if I can finish it now.

    Yep, Captain Queeg. And yep, Bogie totally owned that part. He played so many great characters in his films and Captain Queeg should certainly be on any list of Great Bogart Roles.
    Hey guys, Kushan from KushanGaming had Bart and me on Twitch last night talking H-Hour, both the book and scenario:
    Computer Wargaming / Re: For those about to FRIDAY (We salute you)!
    « Last post by Sir Slash on Today at 08:53:11 AM »
    "Except here"!? What's THAT supposed to mean?  >:(  My wife's second job is cooking for the whole state of Florida sometimes I think. The woman, God bless her overly large heart, can cook for an entire army battalion and does at times. Leaving me to clean-up all the left-overs. She even can cook an entire meal while she's cooking an entire meal.  :o And keep track of what's for who. I stay out of the way lest I end up in a stew pot on the stove.  :hide:
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