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According to the story, the police officer was hit with a rock and then shot with his own gun.  He died at the hospital.  An elderly women was also killed.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Combat Mission status
« Last post by Con on Today at 02:31:34 PM »
Obviously afraid of traditional black dongles not the modern Asian models
Churchill considers if Lee had lost at Gettysburg

uh, Lee did lose at Gettysburg

Okay, wait, Churchill is trolling Kaiser Will, right?
Computer Wargaming / Re: Unknown FRIDAY!
« Last post by Gusington on Today at 01:54:36 PM »
I saw that info on Aliens: Colonial impressions!
Enigmas of the Mystical / Re: Bizarre table ware
« Last post by Sir Slash on Today at 01:48:33 PM »
That is pretty creepy.  :hide:
Computer Wargaming / Re: Combat Mission status
« Last post by Sir Slash on Today at 01:44:14 PM »
Not with you guys. I don't need mine all stretched out of shape, thank you.  :P
Enigmas of the Mystical / Bizarre table ware
« Last post by besilarius on Today at 01:30:46 PM »
Computer Wargaming / Re: Unknown FRIDAY!
« Last post by JasonPratt on Today at 01:18:48 PM »
GROGPUBLIC UPDATE: got the game board imported in, plus the provinces (with some fixes to properly show maximum allowable provincial fleets/auxs), and now all the random events: 12 for the Birth of the Republic (first few turns), 18 (double-sided) for the main game, 1 for the final few Civil War Era turns.

Here are a couple of event cards, one from the prelude turns (with fan mod art), one from the main game (with Valley Games art), placed in the Forum:

(The Forum's map is just there to give a sense of where the provinces relate to each other. Strictly speaking there is no map-placement, or map-movement -- this is a political wargame, so to speak. Consequently cards in "the Forum" tend to obscure the map, but it's no big deal. Probably there should be a painting of the Senate there instead!)

Events like these are randomly generated and can show up multiple times per game, or never. Other events are historically unique and trigger when dealt out of the Scenario Deck during player turns.

And now I'll have to learn better how to create "decks" in TTS, since as far as I recall all the other cards are shuffled and drawn...
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