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Enigmas of the Mystical / Re: More Pix For A Laugh
« Last post by undercovergeek on Today at 02:33:27 AM »
Wtf where do you work? I want a wine specialist where I work!!
Computer Wargaming / Re: Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia
« Last post by Martok on Today at 02:31:40 AM »
I thought he always just summoned it forth.  (His mustache alone would guarantee that.) 
Music, TV, Movies / Re: Jukebox Playlist
« Last post by Martok on Today at 02:29:30 AM »
^ooh thatís a good one !!!!!  O0

I concur!  I don't say it often enough (or maybe even at all?), but I've long been thankful for Brant being such a huge music aficionado.  The sheer volume of artists & songs he knows virtually guarantees he posts stuff you've never heard before, but will very much enjoy.  O0 

Tech Talk / Re: Can't open Steam
« Last post by undercovergeek on Today at 02:25:59 AM »
The steam forum says completely delete steam and resowbload and install - if the download was corrupt it'll never start up

Steams solution is

Whereas another guy says just kill it all and redownload
Tech Talk / Re: Can't open Steam
« Last post by undercovergeek on Today at 02:21:25 AM »
Was that an update to steam itself?

And your net connection and everything is working?

The only time it happened to me I just walked away and tried again a few hours later and no problem - doesn't help much I know
Computer Wargaming / Re: Divinity Original Sin II early impressions
« Last post by Martok on Today at 02:20:29 AM »
Yeah, looks like I'll definitely be grabbing this one.  It's already won a couple "Game of the Year" and/or "Best RPG of 2017" awards, and is going to win alot more. 
Computer Wargaming / Re: Ghost Recon Wildlands
« Last post by undercovergeek on Today at 02:17:58 AM »
Don't have the game but I thought it was about a team of special forces hunting a group of drug dealing guerrilas in the jungle - it's like it was made for a predator spin off!
Tech Talk / Re: Can't open Steam
« Last post by JudgeDredd on Today at 02:07:44 AM »
So ever since I got up this (Thursday) morning, my Steam client has been uncooperative.  It opens for a second or two in my toolbar, and then closes right back down again (I don't get to see the main screen showing the Store or my Library).  I've tried completely closing out of Steam and restarting, restarting my computer, re-downloading/reinstalling Steam, and every combination of the three, but with no success.  This is on a 4-year-old PC, using Windows 7. 

Any advice on what I can/should do next?  I don't know how much (or even if) it matters, but Steam finished downloading an update Wednesday night an hour or two before I went to bed.
I allowed Steam to update yesterday and whilst I didn't go in to play any games, I was able to download the new CloD Blitz update.

So I'm afraid I'm not seeing your issue - though I will check when I get home...see if I can load a game.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Stellaris
« Last post by Martok on Today at 02:04:25 AM »
Dev Diary #98 is out, discussing the Fleet Manager screen.  It looks to be a massive quality-of-life improvement, and will be included in the Cherrayh (2.0) update.

Fleet design/templates, streamlined reinforcement mechanics, and Home Bases.  Yes please! 
Computer Wargaming / Re: Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition
« Last post by Martok on Today at 01:54:48 AM »
Dammit. I wonder if this will cost 19.99 like other enhanced editions.

On Pre-order for $39.99


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