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« Last post by mirth on Today at 10:06:13 AM »
I don't usually like Zombie games, but that looks fun.
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: Can't Build A Space Wall? Call X-COM! (AAR)
« Last post by JasonPratt on Today at 08:07:49 AM »
In my defense, the only Chinese knockoff DVDs in my house come from an actual Chinese person.

...wait. What I meant was, he's a super-rich friend of my Dad, and likes to share DVDs he enjoys from his home country, because he knows we like wuxia and other such films and series. He just loans them out, so we never have a lot.

All my other knockoff DVDs come from Malaysia and may or may not be official sort of. They have a glowy official stamp of some sort. (I don't have many of those either, but where else can I get the Super-Deformed Gundam Romance of the Three Kingdoms anime?!)

(Yes, that is a real thing. That wasn't a joke. And I do have it.  :coolsmiley: )
You're a weird dude.
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: Can't Build A Space Wall? Call X-COM! (AAR)
« Last post by JasonPratt on Today at 08:01:09 AM »
Things I learned today:

1.) AK-47s are American, if they include a drum mag, and are shot simultaneously with an M-16 by someone dressed like an American.

2.) Tatooine Sandpeople have an urban variant action figure with kit that includes smoke grenades.

3.) Don't be racist to height-challenged interplanetary visitors of indeterminate earth tones.

4.) Chinese DVD knockoffs should be rated as explosive items when shipped, but probably won't be in my experience; so be careful putting them into my Playstation.

5.) I have a new theory for why my blu/dvd player in my Playstation3 is starting to fail.  :'(

Edited to add: 6.) The winner for digital AAR for this year and next year, and possibly 2020, is already being determined. There's a strange freedom that comes from knowing I'm totally screwed!  :bd: {/Freshmanref}
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: Can't Build A Space Wall? Call X-COM! (AAR)
« Last post by BanzaiCat on Yesterday at 05:35:01 PM »

Having just ventilated one alien scum, Toonces swings his massive MG towards the one that Kari just missed.

What do you think happens next?

With a BRRRRAAAAAAAAAP, he kills the other gray nasty and blows up some bootleg Chinese DVDs to boot! That'll show the man!

I really like Overwatch.

I mean, like like Overwatch.

Though this is at Easy difficulty, I'm still not going to just throw these X-commers into green plasma death. It makes much more sense to take a balanced approach.

Good thing too, because...

...there's even more of these little skittering space monkeys running around!



NOT YOU! That narrator guy!


How dare you call them 'skittering space monkeys!' That's libel!, you mean, my statements could possibly HARM the reputation of these invading little monsters?

YOU DID IT AGAIN! HOW DARE YOU! I represent the Sacred Universal Court Keepers, and hereby request you cease and desist immediately!



Your...acronym is SUCK?

I...I...I...admit that wasn't...thought through.

Like this AAR?

Like ANY of your AARs?

Seamus, it's not too late for you to take up a rifle, y'know.

You haven't heard the last from SU...uhh...from US!

So now on with scene 8, which is a lovely scene with some smashing acting...

There's two of those LITTLE BASTARDS...


...skittering to cover.

They duck into a warehouse door.

We ain't takin' that lyin' down none!



« Last post by nevermore on Yesterday at 02:01:34 AM »

Hope to see as many faces as last year at the show, city almost completed, idea is for the Russians
infantry to kill as many Zombies that stand in the way in order to get to the Hind helicopter and fly
off into the sunset ... game should take around 20minutes, very basic rules, but good fun. 6th by 12ft table

more photos in the gallery at
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: C:MANO AAR: Bay of Bengal 1999
« Last post by Sir Slash on February 22, 2018, 07:56:27 AM »
"Cool Hand Miller".  O0
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: C:MANO AAR: Bay of Bengal 1999
« Last post by IICptMillerII on February 22, 2018, 01:55:44 AM »
Elusive Submarines, a Carrier Sunk, and a Crazy Udaloy

We finally return to the action!

Things have quieted down a lot now that the BCGN has been taken care of. The last report was that it was sunk by the HARM missiles, however there is still a contact showing up on radar. This is likely the sinking ship. To be sure, and to get a slightly better picture of what’s going on out there, I decide to launch a Sea Shadow aircraft to snoop around. My screen force is still moving towards the BCGN. I’m planning on having them close with the last location of the BCGN and making sure she is sunk. Then, they will get a chance to sink the Viraat  with direct fire. This is a bit unconventional, but the Viraat is entirely unprotected and should prove to be an easy kill. Besides, it’s going to be at least 5 hours until I have any ASuW aircraft rearmed.

Elsewhere the Olympia continues its hunt for the enemy submarine.

All of a sudden, a new submarine contact appears. It is detected by ELINT equipment, meaning the submarine is close to the surface and using its radar. It is likely trying to get a fix on my Task Force’s location. This sub is a diesel powered SSK – Hunter Killer Submarine. According to the database, it only carries torpedoes. No anti-ship missiles. Plus, the contact is 96nm away at its closest estimated position. This is hardly a threat. However, this is no reason not to sink it quickly. I’ll task a Viking to head out and drop a torpedo or two on top of her and dispatch the threat. Based on the activity of the various Indian naval vessels, it would appear that the Indian navy is becoming somewhat desperate. The fact that they are not turning around their aircraft carrier, but the 4th surface group of DDGs has turned around clearly advertises a state of confusion.

Both the Shadow and Viking are launched at the same time, and each aircraft head to their respective mission stations.

Shortly after taking off and turning its surface search radar on, the Shadow confirms that the BCGN has sunk. There is no longer any radar return from the vessel. However, I am receiving jamming. I believe this jamming is coming from the group of three DDGs milling around to my North. This is a nuisance, but it will do little to interrupt my current operations.

Shortly after I realize the jamming is coming from the Viraat. The Viraat has also changed her course to run parallel with my Task Force. The DDG group farther North has done the same. It appears both the DDG group and carrier have adopted an intercept course with my Task Force. This is not very concerning though, as it will be a long time before such an intercept closes to a dangerous range. By then my ASuW aircraft should be back up and ready.

The enemy submarine continues to emit radar as the Viking closes in on her. This should be an easy kill.

The Viking first drops an active sonobouy to ensure the torpedo has the best guidance parameters, and then drops a Mk50 nearly on top of the submarine. Seconds later, its all over. The enemy submarine is sunk, simple and painless. For me that is.

Instead of sending the Viking back to the carrier, I decide to send it over to where the Olympia is stalking the other submarine contact. Its been over an hour since the contact was last spotted. With any luck I’ll be able to fix its location with the Viking and take it out as well.

As the Viking begins transiting to the last known location of the other enemy submarine, the Indian surface vessels again turn directly towards my Task Force. This is rather odd behavior. Soon my screening force will be in weapons range to engage the Viraat.

As my screening force closes in to engage the Viraat, it detects 3 ASW helicopters on the deck. No matter, these helo’s do not pose a threat to my ships, and my own submarine is over 100nm away, and so no threat is posed to it either.

Shortly after, my two ships begin engaging the Viraat with their deck guns. While this should be an easy kill, it will likely take a while. The Viraat will be able to absorb a decent amount of damage before she goes down.

The first volley scores a number of hits, and my ships determine the enemy has suffered light damage. My ships maneuver and fire off a second volley. Just as the second volley is being fired, my Hawkeye detects VAMPIRE launches. They’re coming from the enemy DDGs farther to the north.

While the launches of the missiles are detected, the missiles themselves are not tracked. This likely means they are sea skimming. This is dangerous, but not overly so. There is a good chance the enemy DDGs do not possess ASMs in abundance, and the combined missile and point defenses of my DDG and FFG should be more than enough to defeat the few incoming VAMPIRES. As an additional note (one that I would never admit in front of the Captains of my screen ships) I would rather have the enemy DDGs firing VAMPIRES at the screen force than directly at my carrier. A few minutes later, the two VAMPIRES are picked up and engaged by my FFG. Moments later, both VAMPIRES are shot down. Seconds later, a larger volley of VAMPIRES is detected. This time its 4 missiles. Again, this should be easy enough to deal with.

The second volley of VAMPIRES is dealt with and they cause no damage.

Strangely, the enemy group of DDGs has come to a full stop. They’re just sitting there in the ocean, not moving. It would appear that they do not know what to do.

My screen continues to pound away on the Viraat, and the damage is beginning to add up. They are now reporting the enemy carrier has suffered medium damage, and a fire has been spotted on her decks. It should take a bit more to sink her.

After some more punishment, the Viraat is dead in the water, heavily damaged, on fire, and is no longer jamming or emitting any radar. She is officially a dead stick, will not pose any threat to my Task Force, and will likely sink if the fires are not gotten under control. With this, I task my screen force to move on an intercept course with the Task Force to rejoin. Meanwhile, the Charlie class submarine continues to evade both my submarine and Viking. The search continues for her, but as for right now I am confident my Task Force is far enough away from the possible location of the enemy submarine so that it does not pose a threat to me.

After some more searching, Olympia finally picks up the enemy Charlie submarine again. It is much farther to the north than expected, but still well out of position to cause my surface ships any harm. What likely happened was, while Olympia was moving south to the Charlie’s last known location at a very deep depth, the Charlie must have slipped overhead, above the layer at a shallow depth. No matter, now that we have an idea of where she is, it should be easy enough to kill her.

The first Viking hits Bingo fuel and has to RTB. I launch another Viking to go hunt down the enemy submarine. As I am doing so, I get the report that the Viraat has succumbed to its damage and is now sinking. Scratch another enemy ship!

The Udaloy is then detected breaking away from the other two DDGs and heading straight for me at flank speed. It seems like the skipper of the Udaloy is not happy about the Viraat being sunk and is coming in for vengeance.

With it getting closer and most of my ASuW aircraft still turning around, I decide to do something a bit unconventional. I launch a single F-18 armed with SLAMs against the Udaloy. The hope is that at least one of the SLAMs is able to get through and hinder the Udaloy long enough for a more appropriate strike to be brought against it.

While the SLAMs close in on their target, the Viking and Olympia continue to search for the elusive Charlie submarine. It appears it has slipped through our search nets once again, as both of my assets continue to reacquire the contact. Other than that, it has been smooth sailing ever since the BCGN was destroyed, and it appears that it will remain that way. Once the three DDGs are taken care of, it will be a straight shot to the Sri Lankan coast. Task Force Nimitz is almost out of the fire.
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: FIRE IN THE GROGS TOO! (Ep 9 current)
« Last post by JasonPratt on February 21, 2018, 05:43:14 PM »
...wait, am I still doing this series? I am?! Well, where are we now!?

Tabletop AARs / Re: 1960: The Making of the President (GMT)
« Last post by BanzaiCat on February 21, 2018, 07:35:48 AM »
They had to go with something relatively small. The western states are fine as they have a lot of room, but the further northeast you get, the less the real estate is, as you've probably seen from the pics.

I've got Game Turn 2 done and noted with pics; I just need to get motivated to post it here, which I'll probably do today or tomorrow.
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