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General Staff Support Forum / Re: Changelog - picture heavy
« Last post by Andy ONeill on Today at 11:51:27 AM »

Working out which enemy units might be in range.
This works centre to centre and is the first stage will be used for shooting.
I'm using the "light up" mechanism which is used for mouse over in scenario editor to highlight units might qualify.

Map Editor Tech Support / Re: Map Editor
« Last post by zu Pferd on Yesterday at 12:06:58 AM »
Hello Andy,
                  Thanks for the reply.
General Staff Support Forum / Re: Changelog - picture heavy
« Last post by Andy ONeill on December 12, 2018, 12:29:22 PM »
Map Editor
Improve feedback on load and save by ensuring isbusy if visible and only hidden once complete.
Avoid excessive recalculation of area for buildings.

File open dialogues are now replaced with a standardised view similar to the open map view.
General Staff Support Forum / Re: Changelog - picture heavy
« Last post by Andy ONeill on December 11, 2018, 10:29:57 AM »
Army editor
Add army description
This is in an expander you drop down using a round button next to the army name.

Map Editor
Improved calculation of points contained in a terrain.
This morning I drew a river from top left corner to bottom right on a map and it took 9 minutes to calculate.
Not many maps will have this sort of thing but it got me thinking.
I tried another approach - I didn't think it would be particularly efficient but 9 minutes is pretty easy to beat.
Now under a second.
I thought it might be faster.... but that's ridiculous.
 :D :D :D :D
This is going to make a massive difference on lower end PC's like those which only have 2 cores... for example.

Persist compass rose visibility as a preference
Army Editor Tech Support / Re: Troop division
« Last post by Andy ONeill on December 07, 2018, 04:07:28 AM »
I think the key to understanding how to map real world units to oob is the strength.
A cavalry unit of 4 squadrons is likely to have 4 times the strength of a cavalry unit of 1 squadron.
This is assuming these are all equally combat effective.
It's possible to have a massive unit and most of it might as well not have turned up because it does nothing.

A combat unit is a discrete unit which would operate independently.
They might not be the same level in an army.
One might be a regiment, another a battalion. You might even have a company of skirmishers.

The flexibility offered by all the variables is indeed a bit daunting at first.
I wouldn't stress on it.
This is supposed to be a game.
Make it enjoyable.

If you're building an oob and don't know the unit commanders name or the number of effective combatants then just make stuff up.
Even if you got everything "right" somehow ( and there is no absolute "right ) then you could well try the scenario and find historically "right" means a dull game.

Many supposedly historical descriptions are largely fiction anyhow.

When I started designing wargames scenarios  (tabletop) I got everything wrong.
Too many units = the game went too slow.
Too big a table - the attacker couldn't possibly get across to the other side.
Too little attackers - the defenders just laughed em off.

It took a while before I got it right.
My advice would be to embrace the fact that you're experimenting.
An enjoyable intellectual challenge.

Scenarios I run are usually kind of inspired by history rather than direct interpretations.
I do not stress over commanders names or how many effective combatants each sub unit had.
Even if you really really want to do Albuerra or whatever.
Start easy and work your way up to it.
Go for some rough representation of part of your massive battle and go with that for a while until you understand the effects.
Then some other part.
Build up.
General Staff Support Forum / Re: Changelog - picture heavy
« Last post by Andy ONeill on December 06, 2018, 12:20:45 PM »
Map Editor

Visualising terrain which has been set.
This allows you to see a red overlay where a given type of terrain has been set. You can thus double check the terrain has been processed as you expected and those cells which you wanted to be water are marked as water.
This is particularly useful if you happen to have a low end or old and low end PC which only has 2 cores.

A new panel in the left tabcontrol allows you to select a terrain type. Notice that terrains which have no meaningful area or do not play a part in marking terrain are not options. A place is a special sort of a label and no terrain cell is marked as type place. Similarly contours are used to calculate elevation rather than set terrain type.  You can put a woods over a contour and still process that contour for elevation.
The cells are then translated into a red overlay.

Bug Fix

The way the area of buildings was worked out had several problems.
I've refactored this to improve the process.
seems stable to me.
Army Editor Tech Support / Re: Troop division
« Last post by Dr D Ezra Sidran on December 05, 2018, 12:56:48 PM »
General Staff supports 3 levels of command, e.g.:


So, it's up to you to decide what's appropriate for your scenario. So, in the OOB you described it may be:

        Infantry Commander
             Battalion 1
             Battalion 2
        Cavalry Commander
              Squad 1
              Squad 2

Do you have names and strengths down to the battalion and squadron level? Probably not. So you may opt for:

         Division Commander
               Infantry Regiment
               Infantry Regiment
               Cavalry Reigment

Technically, there isn't a physical limitation to the number of units but I wouldn't want to go over about 50. It would just get too big. A major feature of General Staff is the command structure. So you would order a cavalry regiment to charge and all subordinate units would obey (depending on their leadership, morale, etc.).
Army Editor Tech Support / Troop division
« Last post by zu Pferd on December 05, 2018, 11:52:55 AM »
Division Brigade Regiments Battalions Squadrons ??

I'm creating oob's for 1799 Italian Campaign and looking at the order of battle
I noticed that infantry is listed in Regiments with one to three battalions
Cavalry, regiment with one to four or more squadrons

In the game portion itself do cavalry squadrons combine when a 'charge' is ordered ?
same question as to an Infantry assault...

What is the maximum number of units can I create in the Army Editor

Best Regards
General Staff Support Forum / Re: Changelog - picture heavy
« Last post by Andy ONeill on November 30, 2018, 04:31:18 AM »

Centralising Places text.

Map Editor

Optimising river outline process so that the longer "fix" process that slightly widens the river is only used when you right click and not initially.
General Staff Support Forum / Re: Changelog - picture heavy
« Last post by Andy ONeill on November 29, 2018, 09:50:00 AM »
Map Editor

River anomalies fix.
All line drawing other than rivers now processes using a constant width line.
You are very unlikely to really want a road or fence to have variable width so that's pretty safe.
Rivers tend to get wider as they go, so this is the one line terrain you might not want constant width.
Avoiding the odd line you sometimes get with slow wiggly lines drawn with a radius close to width is a bit tricky.
If you right click the word "River" in the list of terrains then that river will be recalculated.
This usually removes anomalies.
Sometimes two or three clicks are necessary.
If you have the problem river selected and the black dashes animating around it, then any oddities are much more obvious.

Since rivers are outlined in a low contrast colour, any extra little line inside the river isn't particularly noticeable.
A fairly simple way to avoid these anomalies completely is to draw slightly faster and avoid wiggling the mouse.

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