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Tech Talk / X-52 problem
« Last post by JudgeDredd on Today at 07:20:21 AM »
So I noticed that when I exit a game, on occasion, my mouse would go sluggish, the system would be unresponsive (the mouse would move - sluggishly - but clicking would result in nothing) and there'd be occasional beeping noises. The keyboard would be fine though. Loading task manager showed No processes running at all.

In the end, it required a reboot of my system.

I've now tracked this down to my X-52. Whenever I unplug my Saitek X-52 Pro flight stick after playing a game, the system goes into it's unresponsive mode as described above. This ONLY happens with my X-52 (unplugging my steering wheel is fine).

Bloody annoying. Effectively coming out of any space or flight sim results in a hard reboot.

I voted for the Longest Day.  Oh, wait. 
Tora Tora Tora is one of the finest historical war films ever made.  And I'm a stickler, I've spent my life career and a couple of degrees on history, and find very few flaws with it. 

But....I voted Patton.  George C. Scott delivered one of the greatest screen performances of all time.  And structurally, visually, it's just a better movie.  Maybe not truer and more accurate to history, but a better movie.  I can't look away when either film is on the screen, but I have to give Patton it's due.  Scott took over and embodied the role, to the point where I see him more than the actual historical figure.  The feat of acting it takes to achieve that is simply too much for me to ignore.

But, but... panzers?!?

Although, funnily enough they are M48 "Patton" tanks.  :D
General Discussion / Re: I Bought a Panzer
« Last post by Greybriar on Today at 06:06:23 AM »
Congrats, airboy. O0
Sports / Re: Rewriting Sports History
« Last post by airboy on Today at 05:53:31 AM »
Herb Score - Pitcher.  Dominant until hit in the face by a ball.
Early, but so far so good.
Music, TV, Movies / Re: Seven Days in Entebbe
« Last post by bayonetbrant on Yesterday at 10:45:04 PM »
how does it compare to Operation Thunderbolt from back in '77?
Music, TV, Movies / Re: Streaming Gems (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.)
« Last post by BanzaiCat on Yesterday at 10:16:02 PM »
Just finished the first episode of Flint Town. I agree wholeheartedly. With ALL the previous statements.   O0
Music, TV, Movies / Seven Days in Entebbe
« Last post by Sir Slash on Yesterday at 09:14:31 PM »
I saw this with the wife tonight. Very good film with a wee bit of a sympathetic slant to the Hijackers, maybe more emphasis on negotiating with the Terrorists being required to reach a final peace with the Palestinians, and the end assault was way too short being the climax of the whole film. But overall a fine film, well acted and tense. I'd go 7.5 out of 10.
Enigmas of the Mystical / Re: More Pix For A Laugh
« Last post by Sir Slash on Yesterday at 09:04:34 PM »
He does look a little like Ringo. Maybe better than Ringo.
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