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Is that a consumable for Scipio?
Elephants also don't like loud noises.
A friend claimed that Scipio trained his musicians to get close and blow their tubariums suddenly near the ears at Zama.
Historically the weakeness of elephants are missile weapons, particularly the Javelin. FoG 2 does this well.
Poking elephants with pike or spear will eventually kill them but people argue thatís that the rampage will be directed on the poking side and it wonít be pleasant.  So itís better to make the elephants panic before close combat.
Also a quick question to the community historically. What weapons are effective against elephants? Would pikes and spears be swept away against fresh elephants untouched by any other weapon. Are elephants like horses in that they shy away from spears? Considering the Romans formed empty lanes or gaps in their formations to let elephants harmlessly through. I am guessing the answer is yes. But I guess the question would be one of asking if the elephants are willing to attack solid walls of spears. Did they ever attack Macedonian phalanxs frontally?
I am looking forward to trying my Greek shock cavalry. I think they are one of the hardest units in the game to play effecively.
Because they are heavy cavalry, they are not really useful for much but a heavy charge that affects moral much more than it actually does damage.
You are very exposed on their heavier slow mounts, they just don't have the burst of speed you need to get out of trouble I don't think. I will have to be prepared to
lose get very low scores when using them. I don't think the tier IV Greek cavalry are that bad though? They are more medium cav?

Computer Wargaming / Re: Total War Arena coop with Nefaro and HTuna. Good fun.
« Last post by Tuna on Yesterday at 11:03:35 PM »
He got to hear two different American accents. You should have told me to say "Go park the car at harvard yard". For some reason the rest of Americans,  think its really funny when us Bostonians say that.  :crazy2:
What was really strange was that you guys seem like nice people in real life... :D
Especially Nefaro. Yeah I am on speakers because of my tinitus and ear problems. Should try a headset again though.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Total War Arena coop with Nefaro and HTuna. Good fun.
« Last post by Tuna on Yesterday at 10:49:58 PM »
Oops, didn't know we were on speakers, good thing we kept it clean. Fun time, would definitely do again!
Computer Wargaming / Total War Arena coop with Nefaro and HTuna. Good fun.
« Last post by Destraex on Yesterday at 10:45:48 PM »
Just played a few games with Nefaro and HTuna. Good fun and nice to put some voices to names.
We had some really resounding successes and some dismal failures. Arena is both very time sensitive in that you cannot take too much time to do things
in the 15 minutes you have, or your team suffers while your part of the army is out of contact. 

HTuna took Greek Hoplites while Nefaro took Greek Archers and I Barbarian cavalry.
The Hoplites provide a potent wall of spears to protect the archers and a deterent to any attack. If you hit Hoplites from the front you are not going to have an easy time of it. Even if they are not formed into phalanx formation. If they are formed into phalanx formation they are almost impenetrable, however their spears are so tightly packed that even if friendly troops run into them they die.
I tried to provide a scouting element as well as targets of opportunity vanguard role. In addition to trying to protect our archers rear.

My son on his computer next to me, was unusually quiet which was a nice change. Must have been the American accents coming through the PC speakers :P

Computer Wargaming / Re: One Slip into FRIDAY
« Last post by Tuna on Yesterday at 10:43:44 PM »
* Total War Arena
* Steel Division

Mates want to play hearts of iron 3 but it just does not grab me.

Wish I could get some Total War team mates! I know you're in the wrong time zone. I played with my sons the other night. They did well, but I couldn't convince them to keep playing.  My older son wants me to play League of Legends with him, which I'll do some with him this weekend for bonding time. Younger son would rather play Stellaris/Hoi IV MP with his online friends.

Tuna if you are on discord I am sure we would catch you some time on the weekends.

Fun games, thanks for hooking up   We didn't do too bad, even in the losses.
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