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Computer Wargaming / Re: Victory at Sea - Pacific
« Last post by RyanE on Today at 05:15:21 AM »
I don't care what you are here to argue about.  You are arguing with a guy that does project management and product management in SW for a living.  There are key features missing, campaigns, skirmish, refueling, aircraft management.  They just plain aren't working.  Feature complete means features work enough you can play the game from beginning to end.  And that is after three patches.

Why do you care if its being helpful?  The game is a mess.  It has potential, but its going to take a lot of work.  Read the forums for the game.  Its no where near a playable product as it should be played.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Star Citizen
« Last post by Jarhead0331 on Today at 04:51:41 AM »
Having to load your ships in the hanger from spawn points is a feature. Not a bug. Is that really a big deal? As for your other issues, were you right running the PTU or the live build? In PTU, ships and upgrades are added over time and then usually everything youíve purchased that is in game is available once the build moves from PTU to live.

Youíre still going to get some crashes and slow FPS is an alpha, after all.
Computer Wargaming / Re: DCS Discussion
« Last post by jomni on Today at 04:11:44 AM »
Thatís why for DCS (before I stopped)... I decided to only learn one plane and keep flying just that one plane.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Matrix World in Flames
« Last post by Grim.Reaper on Today at 03:20:46 AM »
Maybe, but he's still pecking away at it. You have to give him credit for that at least.

nope, no credit from me....although i appreciate his passion ( or insanity) doesnít ease the complete mess of a game it was and the fact years later still releasing things to even try and hit original release items.  and donít forget, on top of that we got to pay a premium price for it.  they knew it was completely broken (how could they not since years later still broken) but yet released it and offered no help to their customers to make things right.  instead they said trust us, everything will be fixed in couple of weeks.  obviously, the developer knew that not to be true.

sorry, this one will never be given any credit by me but maybe that is just my hang up. 
Ok I missed the poll at the top. Voted now.
With Zweihander and Conan at in the list my choice is made pretty easy! One of them of course! With a slight preference for Conan. :smitten:
I voted Zweihander but might be up for something Savage Worlds although to be honest, I'm not really a fan of Steampunk/cyberpunk stuff.

Just curious, with Savage Worlds, how were you planning to handle opposed rolls and soak stuff where the PC gets to act before the result is confirmed?

Computer Wargaming / Re: Victory at Sea - Pacific
« Last post by WargamerJoe on Today at 02:25:48 AM »
Not that I doubt your observations - I haven't had a chance to check it out since launch, but I always get a kick when people say "oh it barely released in alpha".

The game is feature complete, which nearly-automatically means it's in a beta state if you look at the official definitions of software states.

I'd have agreed with you if you'd said something along the lines of "it's not out of beta" which would be accurate considering this game still needs a lot of TLC. I'm sure it'll get where it needs to be eventually though, as from my experience with the game the grounding was solid enough.

I work in the tech industry and manage projects through internal, alpha, beta, and pre-release testing.  The game is not feature complete.  Missing campaigns and features that are supposed to be there are not working.  That is alpha on release.  You could argue its in beta now with recent patches, but campaigns are still missing and non-functional.

Campaign = content, not 'features', IMO but I'm not actually here to argue the semantics of what state the game is, my actual point is that comments like these are not really helpful to reasonable discourse about videogames.

I agree with people that think it should have released into Early Access though. As much as I dislike what that program's become, the EA tagged could have soaked up a lot of the disappointment over the game's current state.
Forum-Based Games / Re: Latin Era GROGPUBLIC game thread
« Last post by ArizonaTank on Yesterday at 11:51:39 PM »
I will give each of my guys 2, also spend 2 for Camillus to get a knight

    Thinking about how to make two Oscelots into one two-pistol holster set when I only have one pistol:

     Well, the ship gets going and things are looking pretty Caribean:

Computer Wargaming / Crusader Kings II Holy Fury Expansion
« Last post by DennisS on Yesterday at 09:11:17 PM »
Yeah yeah..I know. There must be ten thread on CK II.

I think that this one deserves a fresh look. According to RPS, this is one of the larger expansions, if not the largest in this series.

What makes this one special? RANDOM MAP GENERATION!!! WOOT!

This went from a cool, maybe I will buy to a make-sure-I-have-steam-money-november 13th.

Here's the skinny:
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