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Music, TV, Movies / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi
« Last post by mirth on Today at 06:14:34 PM »
You'd think the galaxy would put an end to the entire Skywalker line. That family's caused more effing problems.
Music, TV, Movies / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi
« Last post by W8taminute on Today at 06:04:01 PM »
Please don't take this the wrong way.  Just came back from seeing the movie and I could tell by the third paragraph of the opening text roll that the movie was going to be lame.  Twice while I was watching it I felt compelled to leave the theater.  I hung in until the end and while the movie was filled with a good story about problem solving on the spot for our heroes there was something lacking. 

I just didn't get a sense to why the rebels ended up in the situation they were in after their huge success in the first movie. 

As for the major plot twists and surprises I won't spoil it for anyone but I was left scratching my head wondering what was that train wreck I just witnessed? 
Music, TV, Movies / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi
« Last post by mirth on Today at 06:03:58 PM »
Music, TV, Movies / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi
« Last post by JasonPratt on Today at 05:56:08 PM »
And Buck Rogers

"What is thy bidding, my masters?"
General Discussion / Re: Maps!
« Last post by BanzaiCat on Today at 05:18:04 PM »
Giger planet?
Music, TV, Movies / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi
« Last post by BanzaiCat on Today at 05:14:16 PM »
Yeah, finally seeing Luke again was pretty damned cool.

Though the whole him helping raise the First Order is kind of overlooked a tad. And now he's...well, yeah. I guess we'll see.
Conventions, Clubs & Special Events / Re: Hammerhead Wargames Show 2018
« Last post by Ubercat on Today at 04:59:04 PM »
Origins was in Philly one year in the mid 90's. At the time I was living a 15 minute walk away. The one and only Origins I've attended.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Here's to FRIDAY
« Last post by MetalDog on Today at 03:50:07 PM »
This morning, it will be the first showing of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  Upon my return, it will not be anything appropriately space themed.  No, it will be the exact opposite, Medieval 2:TW as Venice.  I am beset by enemies and my allies are worthless.  Oh, and the Mongols just showed up in the Holy Land, which I have spent an inordinate amount of time and treasure building up.  Now I guess the invaders will have a nice home.

That sucks.  No chance of fighting them off?

The only position I don't hold Number 1 in is Finance, so, the prospects of keeping what I had in Europe are high.  Even with war from the Byzantines, Milanese, Sicilians, and Egyptians, I should come out on top.  But I saw the initial troops the Khan brought with him.  They are plentiful and experienced. 

They are outside a Turkish city at the very eastern edge of the map.  I've made diplomatic contact with them and offered up my Map Information.  If I can get them to take Turkey from the east, leaving me relatively undisturbed in Jerusalem, I may be able to finish Byzantium from the west.  Even if they take the Holy Land from me, I should be able to make comparable territorial grabs in Italy.  Milan is going down!

Nice.  Good luck, sir!

At the time of the last writing, I was facing four enemies.  Now, I have seven.  To the previous four, Egypt, Sicily, Milan, and Byzantium, I have added Holy Rome, the Mongols, and my treacherous allies, the Hungarians.  In an effort to stop some of these wars or prod allies to action in my defense, I have my diplomatic corps working overtime.  Unfortunately, not only have I been unsuccessful, but, my foray with Hungary ended with him repudiating our alliance and immediately declaring war. 

I've lost and regained Thessalonica and added Milan, Genoa, Smyrna, and Nicaea.  I have a powerful army one turn outside Constantinople, but, there is a Muslim jihad on the Byzantine capitol and their army is at the walls.  Oddly, this is the second turn it has been there and not put it under siege.  All I need is one more turn and I can grab it for myself.  Short of Generals in the right place, but more coming through the family tree.  Oh, and I am slowly improving the Holy Land as the Mongols mill around Baghdad. 
Music, TV, Movies / Re: Jukebox Playlist
« Last post by bob48 on Today at 03:36:59 PM »
Feast your eyes and ears!

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