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Computer Wargaming / Re: Ghost Recon Wildlands
« Last post by JudgeDredd on Today at 06:44:50 AM »
I just don't care for the route they're taking with open world (or took).

Big worlds same missions. I don't know how many times I was driving between two points (to do the same thing by the way) just to come up against some "boss" driving the same car who turns around and does a runner - like they did 100 times previously - hoping I'd follow him.

I've had my money - I admit it. I don't like their gameplay. That's it. I'd like a smaller world with more variation.

I was never critical of their Ghost Recon stuff which was excellent but they've started going down the same route as The Division - which has it's merits (just as this game has) - but is open and boring and repetitive.

If you recall me having over 100 hours in it (which by the way was between me and my daughter and (possibly future) son in law), then you'll recall me saying it was repetitive way back when and you chastising me then too.

Time in a game does not mean you enjoy the gameplay...there are other elements - mainly the world - which they provide in spades.

You might think they deserve credit for releasing new content for free. That's fine. I might have thought the same if I hadn't stopped playing so long ago and had no desire to go back because - well, see above. If their DLC has the same gameplay as the original game, then no - personally I wouldn't give them credit for it.

And so we're abundantly clear - I don't have a beef with Ubisoft - I loved Far Cry 2 and 3 and their Ghost Recon games...I just think their stride into the open world took a negative turn.

Yes, the side missions get samey. But find me a an open world sandbox type game we’re this is not an issue.
I haven't completed Odyssey for numerous reasons - but as I said in my post, that seemed to be much better fleshed out and I hoped it was a turning point for their open world games.

But we're taking about Ghost Recon Wildlands here - which was repetitive. That's where my main criticism lay. Not wholly at the game but specifically the gameplay.
Forum-Based Games / Re: Italian Era GROGPUBLIC game thread
« Last post by malize on Today at 06:19:57 AM »
Julius is the obvious field consul choice imo, my guy is basically only useful if at Rome and not really worth putting in charge of legions compared to militarist senators.
Yes I was wondering about that. The context I mean. No excuses if he did hit her. But I certainly know some girls who would be able to stage something like this perfectly. I know a guy who works all day then comes home to his wife to have to cook and look after the kids because she is tired. Them at midnight he gets on the pc and his wife goes nuts. She has cost them many smashed monitors and does other things like pulling the cords and deleting files. Happens to be an ex gamer herself actually. She is so nuts I wonder when she will stage something like this. Lucky we all know he is the calm one.
Tech Talk / Re: Shadow Cloud Gaming?
« Last post by Jarhead0331 on Today at 05:35:09 AM »
And if the internet goes down?

Most AAA games these days require an internet connection to play anyway. This system is definitely not recommended for people with a weak or unreliable connection.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Stellaris
« Last post by Destraex on Today at 02:11:59 AM »
Are trade routes available to all faction types? Do you see the ships getting intercepted like in sins or is it a soft mechanic? What penalties are their for over expanding!
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