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Computer Wargaming / Re: Deadstick - Bush Flight Simulator
« Last post by bob48 on Today at 04:13:10 AM »
Now, if we get chance to fly one of these;

Computer Wargaming / Re: Here Lies Early Access. RIP
« Last post by Grim.Reaper on Today at 04:01:17 AM »
Yep, agree with that....I don't take much chances with the "little guys", not because they are little, just typically those games don't interest me as much.  And with Steam being so huge right now, I never take the time to search the catalog, mostly what I see is from the front store page and recommendations......and quite honestly, most of the other ones I check out are because people on this board mention them, which I really appreciate since it allows me to see some different things.

In the end it will always come down to personal choice and I don't see them going away anytime soon.....but I certainly understand people's concerns and frustrations.

Now if we could do away with the loot crap and games that lock content (without any way to unlock per my own choice for a game I bought), then I would be heaven:)
Computer Wargaming / Re: Here Lies Early Access. RIP
« Last post by Jarhead0331 on Today at 03:53:36 AM »
^good points. It is true that most of the games on my list that have failed during EA are indie titles. I do have a tendency to search for new and obscure indie games with new ideas and mechanics. Although these games almost always start off with promise, I’m finding they never receive the publicity and therefore funding needed to get them out of EA.

Steam has created a great platform for new games to get into people’s hands, but their system that gets games onto the front page so people can find them does no favors for the little guys.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Here Lies Early Access. RIP
« Last post by Grim.Reaper on Today at 03:42:17 AM »
I am still a big fan of EA.....guess I have been fairly lucky since I haven't really bought into an EA game that I would consider a complete failure or abandoned.  However, I do agree with your point about whether when the game is actually released if I play it much after that.  Not sure that is necessarily because of EA for me since I do typically have a short attention span anyway even for fully released games.  I am sure some developers do abandon early and in some cases quality questionable, I just try and be selective in the ones I reasonably believe will have some success.  I don't dabble in a ton of the indie games so maybe that is why I have had a little more luck.  And in some cases it doesn't hurt that they give some decent discounts for buying in early:)

Plus, I am sure if I go through my list of games, I would likely find that many games that weren't even in EA were total flops and bug ridden......Matrix World in Flames I am looking squarely right at you:)
Computer Wargaming / Here Lies Early Access. RIP
« Last post by Jarhead0331 on Today at 03:33:40 AM »
I’m going through somewhat of a gaming rut at the moment and I was going through my extensive list of steam games when I was struck by something...there were so many early access titles that were development failures. Some had struggled on for years, dying violent deaths despite great perseverance by their developers, others had gone out with a whimper, with updates becoming fewer and farther in between, and finally some never really even got off the ground. They were released with great promise and then the developer was never heard from again.

It’s hard for me to conclude that early access has been a good trend for the industry. I think overall, it has drastically reduced the quality of releases and actually incentivizes developers to abandon their project if early sales do not meet their expectations. Although there is a significant short term benefit to the player (ie. Instant gratification}, the long term net result is often disappointment and frustration.

There are, of course, many exceptions. But I’m finding that after a long successful early access period, most usually when a game exits EA reaching a 1.0 release, I’ve already burned out on the experience and seen most of what the game has to offer. For example, take a highly polished EA title like Subnautica. This is a fantastic game of discovery and exploration that had a very long, but active EA cycle. I must have put dozens and dozens of hours into it throughout the EA period. When it actually exited EA, there wasn’t much excitement for me because I had already explored its deepest darkest depths. I honestly don’t think I’ve put in more than an hour or two since release. Sad.

In any event. What are your thoughts on EA?

Computer Wargaming / Re: DCS Discussion
« Last post by Jarhead0331 on Today at 03:20:13 AM »
Perfect for me. I get an hour of so of gaming at a time...can’t spend it doing flight checks and warming up engines. I DO like realistic flight modeling and weapons to some extent. It’s the engine management that gets me

There is more engine management in IL-2 than there is in DCS. Not sure what you are referring too. None of the flight checks done on the ground in DCS are actually necessary. They are included in tutorials for realism, but they can all be skipped. There are also quick start up cheats FYI. Press one button and you’re ready to taxi.
I suggested this on the forums:

German Squad\Section radionet titles should be in german funkalphabet instead of british phoenetic
I am having trouble finding any sources for what exactly Germans described their sections as in ww2 when more than one was involved. Now in ww2 I would not be surprised if there was only 1 radio per company. Unlike in Post Scriptum where we seem to have a radio for each section in a platoon for gameplay purposes. Which I think is more of a post ww2 modern thing.
Why? Because you cannot stop people in this modern age of the internet from cheating with voice software.

So if we look at company radio callsigns we might find that the Germans used their own alphabet and designations. The British ones being used on the german side certainly seem out of place.

So we should have imho for the German radio net in this game:

Platoon Commander:
Commander zugführer

Infantry Sections:
Schützengruppe Anton
Schützengruppe Berta
Schützengruppe Cäsar
Schützengruppe Dora

Logistics Sections:
Pioneer Gruppen Anton
Pioneer Gruppen Berta


Logistikgruppe Anton
Logistikgruppe Berta

Armour Sections:
Zug Anton
Zug Berta

Note: I believe that tanks sections were called Zugs but individual tanks like in game called Panzers. I think since in game Tanks are really groups of people that Zug both sounds better and is not specific enough to exclude armoured cars, tank destoyers etc which tankers also crew.

Note 2: I have given the option for Pioneer as a substitute for Logistic company as the role of the logistic sections in game is sort of both one of engineers and supply troops roled into 1.

Note 3: Not sure if Truppe should replace Gruppen. But I believe Truppe may have been a more improvised thing.
What are your favourite game concepts that have actually become or are becoming games?
I was thinking recently that I have a growing list of games that are finished or almost finished by todays standards. Games that I want to play and love the concept of. Games that are the best of breed at this point in time.

I am not talking about games that you like historically or come back to. I am talking about the growing number of games you like or want to like in both concept and potential today. More about the idea of the game and it being something you have always wanted to explore. Games that represent a stellar leap forward towards what you want to play. Things that are innovative. I don't mean quaint or cute little games. But games with real vision. Games that would be best of breed for a vision you have had. An experience you have wanted in a game. I guess they need to have features that other games do not have and advance the realism or gameplay in some way that is ground breaking. OR WILL. The game does not have to be perfect or even finished. Just in development and hopefully likely to succeed soon or already has.

Mine currently would be:

Naval Action
Post Scriptum
Star Citizen
Steel Division
War Of Rights
Music, TV, Movies / Re: Doctor Who.
« Last post by SirAndrewD on Today at 12:20:52 AM »
Yeah. I guess I'm the jerk that's been watching Doctor Who since 1982 and will not be watching anymore.  At all. 

Say goodnight to the bad guy. 
Computer Wargaming / Re: Deadstick - Bush Flight Simulator
« Last post by em2nought on Yesterday at 11:20:22 PM »
This bush plane is insane

Paragliding could make a good game too.  Never saw any footage like this before from "powered" paragliders.  Makes me again start to think about trying it.  Most of what I've seen before looked a little boring.
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