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Digital Gaming AARs / Re: C:MANO AAR: Bay of Bengal 1999
« Last post by IICptMillerII on January 16, 2018, 12:03:24 AM »

The action is rejoined by a tactical dilemma. I need at least another hour before any of my ASuW aircraft are ready, and more like 2 hours if I want the majority of them ready to carry out a strike. Meanwhile, the enemy capital ship group continues to close the distance with my Task Force. For now my best option is to continue to head East and trade space for time. My primary advantage is the enemy has and continues to refuse to light off their radars. I have not lit off my ship radars either, but I have the benefit of AEW, whereas the enemy does not. He is flying blind (literally in the case of the Sea Harrier attack)

For now, my only move is to redirect the Olympia farther to the East to compensate for the Task Forces course changes.

Iíve spoken too soon:

All of a sudden, 2 SAMs streak into the skies after my Hornets on CAP. My Hawkeye is the first to identify the missile launch.

A third SAM is launched.

It appears the Indian navy is awake after all.

This is far too close for comfort. If the Indian ships are able to get a relative fix on my Task Forceís location, they can start lobbing ASMís at me. Further, they can shut down my airspace with their SAM coverage. Its time for a drastic course correction that will bring me Southeast. I need to create more space while I wait for my ASuW aircraft.

I also decide to reposition the DDG Benfold and the FFG Ford farther North in the formation, to act as a screen against any incoming threats.

A few more moments pass, and all hell breaks loose.

Warning alarms go off as the sky is filled with VAMPIRES. VAMPIRE is the designation given to an anti-ship missile (ASM) Though it is an unpleasant occurrence, and no one likes being shot at, my ships should be more than capable of defending against the incoming missiles. Itís time for the CGs to earn their pay.

More SAMs are launched, and I decide its time to recall all CAP aircraft back to the carrier.

More VAMPIRES are detected. Meanwhile, my Hornets are able to evade the SAMs fired at them. No more SAMs are detected, and I breathe a sigh of relieve that my Hornets are out of immediate danger. HoweverÖ

It looks worse than it is. Between my two CGís and my recently repositioned DDG and FFG, I should have more than enough defensive capability to knock down all the VAMPIRES before they can do any real damage.

The Benfold (DDG) is the first to engage the incoming VAMPIRES. Shortly after, FFG Ford joins the fray, then CG Lake Champlain.

The enemy ASMís are supersonic and sea skimming. They have an average speed of around 1000 knots and are at an altitude of 60 feet. This makes them very hard to track and destroy. For every 2 anti-missile missiles I fire, only 1 is likely to hit. While I should be able to defeat this incoming volley of VAMPIRES, follow on strikes may be more successful against me due to depleted missile stocks.

Most of the VAMPIRES are down, but the Benfold is in trouble. The last two VAMPIRES are closing fast on her, the closest one only 1.8nm away.

After getting close enough to be engaged by the Benfoldís 127mm deck gun, the last VAMPIRES are shot down.

That was a close call. Iím not out of the woods yet however. The enemy capital ship group is bearing right at my Task Force, and Iím still at least 32 minutes away from having ASuW aircraft ready, and 1 hour 30 minutes from having the majority of my ASuW aircraft ready. Meanwhile, the enemy capital ship group continues to steam directly towards me at 30 knots. Theyíre closing the distance.

Then, more VAMPIRES are detected. So far, it appears to be a smaller volley, fired by the three-ship surface group, farthest away to the North. It also appears to be somewhat of a blind fire, as some of the VAMPIRES are not headed towards my Task Force.

Two of the VAMPIRES run out of fuel and self-destruct more than 30nm away. Shortly after, the 3rd and final VAMPIRE does the same. It appears they were blind fired, and didnít acquire their targets in time.

Just as I relax and begin to take stock of my predicament with the enemy capital ship group, I get a radio call that Iíve been dreading. The Indian air force has arrived.

This is a bad situation. I have 4 surface ships bearing down on me, closing distance faster than I can separate. They are followed by another 3 ships doing the same. There is a large formation of aircraft coming towards me, likely armed with long range ASMís. Whatís worse, in order to intercept them, my fighters will have to steer far to the East and West in order to avoid SAMs fired by the surface ships. While I still havenít heard or seen anything from the suspected enemy submarines, this would be an opportune time for them to strike, adding a third dimension to the dilemma. This is quite the pickle.

Will the Hornets and Tomcats of Nimitz be enough to parry the incoming air strike against the Task Force? Can I buy enough time to get my ASuW aircraft back in the fight? Or will Rear Admiral IICptMillerII be responsible for the worst US Naval disaster since WWII?
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: Duskers: a for however long its last AAR
« Last post by -budd- on January 15, 2018, 07:29:25 PM »
Galaxy 2

I hop through the stargate and end up in a new galaxy "H". The new galaxy has 4 systems, the system my ship is in has 8 icons for searching.

Here's the new icons. My propulsion refilled with the jump so i have 6 to travel with. The stargate made the jump free, got a message after the jump that my long range scanner is breaking down, i put it in inventory until i have the scrap to repair.

To be continued.
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: Duskers: a for however long its last AAR
« Last post by -budd- on January 15, 2018, 05:58:31 PM »
System 2
Ships 3&4
Days survived:28

I'm going to hit the high points of the next 2 ships. Fuel is running low and I've reached a new point in the game.

Ship 3, no logs again.

This shot is as i'm departing. A probe gets KIA'd in R7 and dies in the doorway so i cant close the door D14. I close D13 and D3 to contain the infestations but i have to assume that it can travel between R7 & R5. There's a fuel access point i have to get to, turns out its empty...again. i end up luring the infestations to R10 and leaving it there as i had already searched that area. I bring Holly in to interface with the console in R7, nothing unusual.The upgrade in R8 is fixed so i can't tow it back. all i got was some scrap.

i'm up to 40 scrap...bad interface module breaks cant be repaired, shit. i fix the rest up, scrap is going quick.

Ship 4
Got access to a log this time.Looks like i'm suppose to search outposts also, haven't see any yet.

Another ship, another lost probe...sigh. i dock at A1 and send out the probe, the probe starts getting attacked in R7, and goes down. There's a turret in R8 but since i lost the interface module its of no use to me. i do end luring the infestations into R8 and leave it there as i search. A pipe ruptures in R6, radiation starts filling the you would think i would think close D8 to contain it...nope both rooms get contaminated. Not much else here, i re-dock my ship at A3 and take off. i'm up to 11 scrap but now the probe module needs repair, cost 10 scrap.

Again this is me not paying attention. Turns out you can highlight the icon on the system map and it will show what it is to the right. Well looky here, we have a Stargate. Now I've seen the movie "Stargate" so kind of have expectations of how this will work. I have 0/6 propulsion but 4 in reserve, 1/50 scrap and still 2 jumps. it will cost 3 out of the 4 reserve to get to the stargate. My current universe map is blank, that should change soon.
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: Duskers: a for however long its last AAR
« Last post by -budd- on January 15, 2018, 04:58:24 PM »
System 2
Ship #3
Days Survived:25

No un-corrupted communication logs

Usual Routine; Dock ship, scan, if yellow drop probe open A1 and close behind probe.

Remote power the generator in R2 and then R5 to advance the probe. probe takes damage [turns red] in R4, get probe out then close D12. infestations remains in R4. Find a ship upgrade in R3, bring in Holly to tow it back.

Search all rooms around infestation gathering scrap. After that lure infestation through D8 so i can get to R4 as there is a fuel access point in there, unfortunately its empty. Pack up and leave after that.

My scrap total is building, which is a good because my equipment is wearing out.
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: Duskers: a for however long its last AAR
« Last post by JasonPratt on January 15, 2018, 04:46:31 PM »
I'm going with "warp demons".

It's the only way to be sure.
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: Duskers: a for however long its last AAR
« Last post by -budd- on January 15, 2018, 01:45:00 PM »
system 2
Ships searched 2
Days survived:23

Status check or what have we learned,what do we do, and what the hell is going on.

Sometimes I start playing a game by just going full tilt and don't stop to consider what the game is trying to tell me, what messages i've received, what i should be upgrading or doing. With that in mind time for a little recap.

What do we know:
1. Some kind of cosmic event with time/space has screwed shit up.....check
2. I'm apparently the only known survivor at this point.....check.....I weep for mankind :'(
3. From the log communications something to do with an AI.......check......getting a Shodan feeling here.
4. I'm on a 5 year mission...wait..wait..that's another story.

did i miss something...yea..probably.

Objectives........ or...... what the hell should we do.
1.Keep scavenging for fuel/scrap.....check....seems important to survival.
2.Look for luck so far, unless we count infestations.
3.Gather ships logs for further information.....check
  3a. Focus on military ship logs....check

What's our current status......or..... have we fuc*ked things up beyond repair yet.
Current Galaxy Map. Seems we uncovered another system "I" and it looks like it takes 2 jumps to get there, 2 is all i have at the moment.

Current system map. 2 ships searched[yellow], still no idea what that other icon indicates. i have 4/6 propulsion with 4 in reserve. Side note, you can't revisit ships once you leave them.

Ship status: not much going on here, i have one upgrade, remote power inlet. I have to keep an eye on the failure probability, currently 6.9%

Didn't know you could create modules, see what actually paying attention to the screens does. Thinking about shuffling some things and putting Budd back on point.

I decide to scrap Kyle for 7 and buy the speed upgrade for Budd for 5 scrap. 70 HP doesn't seem like a lot, i already have Holly at 70HP.

Current line up.I swapped some stuff around, gave Budd the probe module and Kellee the offensive stuff. The sonic module says it repels organic matter..huh...have i met anything organic yet?

So did something really happen with the time/space and i'm the last survivor or is it all an AI construct or something in this the Matrix? :wow:
Israeli end of phase turn #14

Besides the heavy artillery falling everywhere, but my troops who are moving forward now with a full intention...

Too little too late of course. If only I would have been quicker clearing the Tel Shams heights...

With only one friendly turn remaining, I plotted my remaining Airstrike at his IFVs in front of me, moved a couple of halftracks to Tel Shams to have visuals on the ground, and plotted the two batteries I had available on his infantry on IPs, in hope of some late minute casualties.

As his tanks are in hiding, I need to keep my tanks in readiness, with APs available for Op fire. I did sent a few HEs in his infantry's generals positions, just to keep the tubes from rusting...

Looks more and more like a draw. Still time for a last minute clash of armor.

C'mon Syrians, nothing out here in the badlands but us few!   O:-)
Israeli Phase Turn #14 - The Tide Is High (But I'm Moving On)

Two turns remaining, but surely there's a tank battle waiting out there! Berto, come out and play!  :knuppel2:

He's not coming out, of course he's not. Nothing wrong in playing the percentage game. Cue in a Blondie video... I am moving on, while the High Water Mark is almost here. I mean, in one turn the tide Will be high.

Here's the beginning of turn situation. Berto was seen moving some T-55 from Saasa Ridge towards Saasa proper, but apart from that, no action. Besides the heavy artillery falling everywhere, but my troops who are moving forward now with a full intention...
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: Duskers: a for however long its last AAR
« Last post by JudgeDredd on January 14, 2018, 11:22:49 PM »
Nice one. I loved Duskers  O0
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: Duskers: a for however long its last AAR
« Last post by -budd- on January 14, 2018, 11:11:24 PM »
System 2
Ship #2
Days survived:23

Vessel Report
Government ship, classified directive, volatile hull integrity.....sounds like fun.

i've been rethinking my strategy, i don't think sending Budd in first is the best strategy. Budd is my only drone that can gather scrap and use the motion detector. If Budd goes down and i cant recover those modules i'm screwed, no more scrap gathering. With that in mind i send in Kellee, after Budd scans when we dock. Kellee finds a generator, i use the remote to fire it up.

Kelle also finds a computer interface, so i send in Budd and Holly. Holly interfaces with the computer and Budd scans the rooms. There's a new command i haven't seen before "survey" it shows the layout of the ship. The scan shows 2 yellows and a red, time to have Kellee release a probe.

I get Kellee next to D10 to release the probe and i can see a turret on the other side, is it armed???

i back Kellee off and release a probe, crack open D10 and the probe goes in and i shut the door behind it. i work the probe through all the doors i have power too,D10-D8-D20-D19-D18-D12, all the way to the corner. The probe scans the rooms as it goes...handy.

i send Kellee into R5 to check it out, all the way to the drone "Kyle". One thing, that object in front of Kellee is a vent, a vent is what an infestation i call the swarm uses to move from one part of the ship to another. haven't met the Swarm in this play through yet.

I'm just doing my thing, Budd picking up the scrap, got Holly at another computer terminal when a flash message appears....shit. Potential asteroid collision in 6m 37 sec. ....see message below, R10 is where Holly is....time to bug out again. i do have six minutes and i am going to tow that drone out and retrieve my probe. It seemed to take forever, there was no countdown so your just guessing on the time, never did see another message. Part of me wanted to wait to see what would happen when/if it hit.....i bugged out.

End of search summary. i got a new module "Sonic"  it says it repels organic enemies or something to that effect.

I've now survived as long as any other run, of course this one is on easy start ;D. i do wonder if that message was bullshit about the asteroid just to get me off the ship.....hmmm...don't know and i'm no closer to finding out.
This is as far as i've played, so you know as much as i be continued.
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