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Squeaker Grogs Unite: A Mice & Mystics AAR
« on: March 04, 2018, 12:17:36 PM »


This game and narrative is based on the Mice & Mystics board game from Plaid Hat Games. The game is a terrifically fun, simple, and quite challenging game pitting players in a cooperative vein to win a series of challenges and adventures to overthrow a dark curse that is threatening their kingdom. That's the simple version; the narrative I've written in the following posts will clarify more about what's going on in the game.

That said, it's important to note that Mice & Mystics has a system that is based on a storybook, which details the adventures the players go through. If you have a mind to buy Mice & Mystics in the near future, you might want to pass on this AAR, as it will reveal some elements that might be more enjoyable if they were kept secret. Then again, if you're like me, you might forget within ten minutes of reading this, what is going on, so it might be all good. And if you read this and want to buy the game, more power to you. Furthermore, the storybook is readily available from the publisher online, not to mention the hundreds of discussions around this game (since it's been out since 2012 or so), which means I don't think there's any issues with re-purposing the information here.

Now, I've taken liberties to change the narrative to fit a more humorous vein, but the flow of events is pretty much how the game plays out. If you've played this before, you'll recognize the story elements I'm referring to, even if I am using a LOT of satire to paint over it.

There are six characters in the game, but only four at a time are in play. At start, these include Prince Collin (a leader and warrior); Nez (a warrior and tinkerer whom wields a massive battle hammer); Maginous (a mystic whom is basically the mage of the party), and Filch (a rogue-like thief). I've therefore taken the liberty of plastering four forum members into these personas, without having asked them first of course. Not that it matters, as I'm controlling the game play here. :)

Prince Collin – bayonetbrant

Filch – mirth

Nez – Gusington

Maginous – bob48

There will be other forum members referenced throughout as well, two of whom might be joining the game in future missions, while others might just be referenced for the hell of it. (No offense intended if you happen to be cast as a bad guy - I'm just including as many as I can in the narrative.)

For anyone not in the know or whom stumbled upon this from outside links, this is something we do for many of our AARs here at GrogHeads – use forum members as characters – just to add a bit of fun to the narrative. So, there may be some in-jokes that will fall absolutely flat to those that don't know what they're referring to (and goodness knows they may fall flat even if you DO know, so whatever). Just sayin'.

With that said, the next post will introduce the game through narrative, which is copied from the M&M storybook, but NOT verbatim, and changed (as I mentioned earlier) to fit my satirical whims and fancies. But, again, as a warning, they DO follow more or less the events of the game itself, so again, if you take offense to that and don't want to see what happens, feel free to go check out the many other fine threads on this site.

Thank you, and on with the adventure.

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Re: Squeaker Grogs Unite: A Mice & Mystics AAR
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ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a kingdom of nerds that formed once per year, gathering untold number of slovenly, unshaven, bodily-odor-infused fat rolls and gray hair in once gigantic powerhouse of purchasing and playing make believe in costumes. This kingdom was ruled by good King Origins. King Origins was, as these stories usually go, a kind and generous man that was loved by all nerd-dom far and wide – even those that could not make the journey once per year to help form this mighty kingdom (those that stayed behind used their fat rolls and gray hair to power chocolate-infused stubby fingers to move Panzer counters and miniature TIE fighters across tables far and wide). But, this King was lonely as well, for he had to raise his son Prince Brant Collin-Origins (we will call him Prince Collin for simplicity's sake, because reasons) all alone. Prince Collin had grown into a fine old nerd, and the King was very proud of him – yet, the King missed his Queen, whom had passed away many years ago, the reasons for which we can wax philosophical and make corny jokes about, but let's just let fictional dead queens lie, shall we?

King Origins spent much of his time with his advisers, and together they decided on how to best rule the Kingdom of Origins for the week or so it was in existence each year. They would order the construction of important booths (to house the finest merchants and has-been actors the lands had ever seen), ensure that food was plentiful (and ridiculously expensive), and forge alliances with neighboring lands, such as wealthy Columbus and powerful chain inns that would charge six times the going rate for their meager accommodations due to the demand for housing during this one week.

One summer day, during the latest iteration of the Kingdom of Origins, one of the attendees arrived from a far-away land. She was dressed in the finest of cosplay costumery, which was deft in display of cleavage and other revealing parts to ensure no nerd in the Kingdom could look in any direction but hers. She was Vanestra, beautiful Queen of an unheard land called Dahrklend (because it sounds like 'dark' and ooo, that's scary!). She had traveled with a contingent of several hundred nerd cosplayers dressed in the finest vacuum-formed plastic cosplay mail, all jet black in color, strangely looking like TIE fighter pilots. King Origins' long-time friend, a pointy-goateed man with a gift of verbosity and a curiously curled mustache from decades of Mountain Dew abuse, Captain “JasonPratt” Vurst. Vurst was insistent on seeing that Queen Vanestra meet the King, as he claimed to have met her during his travels to Canada (meeting his girlfriend that you've never met, of course) and thought the King's lonliness might be mitigated by this ravenous beauty barely contained by her costume.

Vurst's machinations seemed to have worked, because King Origin's melancholy miraculously lifted; everyone in the Kingdom was therefore happy, because a happy King of Origins makes for happy nerd subjects. Prince Collin and the King's advisers found this troubling, however, for the newcomer seemed to hold an inordinate amount of the King's attention (and theirs too, but they would never admit it). No more than a day passed before the King announced his intentions to marry Vanestra. Prince Collin and the King's advisers found this even more troubling, because adding a girl to the mix made them all nervous enough as it was.

This marriage announcement brought dark hours with it, and King Origins suddenly fell ill. His malady was mild at first – little more than a raspy cough when eating a fistfull of pretzels and fatigue when he had to walk further than the normal heart-stopping ten feet at a time, but he soon paled and could not leave his chair at the Axis and Allies tournament in which he was participating. The castle's healers used all the arts at their disposal, up to and including suggestions of exercise and dieting, but no remedy that they knew of would pass through the King's ears and take root in his nougat-encrusted brain. They could only shake their heads and say, “There is something strange afoot, and it smells like a foot.”

As the day progressed and the King's illness grew, interfering with the A&A tournament greatly and miffing many of the Kingdom's nerdly visitors, the King began to struggle even with ruling from his chair there. So, he began to pass authority over to Vanestra. The dark Queen immediately put Captain Vurst in charge of the house guard and the charity jails as well; Vurst almost immediately changed out all of the good and loyal garrison with Vanestra's cruel TIE fighter cosplayers, men whom bullied the nerds and bothered the convention staff with unrealistic demands, such as free swag and 10% discounts on Pokemon cards. Soon, some of the convention hall staff fled the confines of the vendor halls, save for the hardcore few that could not leave the booths for fear of five-fingered discounts taking place. The kindly Miz Maggie, whom supervised the stupid expensive yet cheap and disgusting food services, was another of those that stayed. At night, strange noises echoed down the Kingdom's halls (other than farting and burping and dice clattering and such from the all-night gaming tables, of couse). Miz Maggie could only shake her head and say, “There is something strange afoot, and it smells like a foot...wait, is that the cheese on the pizza?”

The following day, Vanestra could be seen gliding through the thinned crowds (thinned due to less Kingdom/convention-goers, not thinner because of diet and exercise! HAHAHAhahahaha what were you thinking); she would scold her TIE-encrusted soldiers that seemed only capable of brawling, breaking product, and leering at booth babes. The Queen spent much time visiting the Kingdom's loading docks, from which came the sounds of hammering, hissing steam, and crunching of tacos. Bawb Maginos, the Kingdom's best-dressed cosplaying mystic, would stroke his lavishly drooping mustache and mutter, “There is something strange afoot, and it's probably the smell coming off of the dorks in the anime booths, because they don't seem to like shoes.”

Soon, Prince Brant Collin-Origins (just to remind you whom this is, ya know) could take no more, and he summoned the King's closest accountants and GMs to a secret council in Bawb's laboratory (e.g. the third stall to the left in the men's bathroom). Burly and tall Gus Nez Bellows (Nez for short – GET IT?), the tinkerer, was there, newly evicted from the LAN game room where he had toiled for many hours without pants. Tilda the healer was there as well, as was good ol' Bawb Maginos himself, whom had served Collin's family for generations as a costume designer and mustache-groomer. Together, the four hatched a plan to drive Vanestra and her men from the Kingdom of Origins and back to whatever terrible land they had come from (probably Europe, or maybe Lichtenstein or something).

But, as often happens in these tales, they were too late.

The door to the bathroom stall was kicked open, and there stood Captain “JasonPratt” Vurst and a great many of his cosplaying guards. The huddled group was immediately taken into custody for conspiring against the King. Captain Vurst smiled cruelly when they were thrown into the castle dungeons (aka the cardboard cells used for charity stuff) alongside the worst scamps and villainy the Kingdom could produce, such as shoplifters, serial farters, and sticky-fingered fellows that ruined other player's cards.

Once of these was Mirth Filch, whom had been busted for disorderly behavior in the miniatures hall. He had apparently had a few too many Dragon's Milks before attempting the Battle of Waterloo in 35mm glory, and lost his mind trying to interpret the rules. He was cooling his heels, as the kids say these days, but watched the group intently. The others didn't care, staring into their phones and pawing the keys with Cheetos-stained fingers.

Once they were left alone, only Bawb Maginos seemed undeterred. He linked his fingers in a strange way, puffed up his chest, and blew into his hands, making the most disgusting sound that had ever befallen upon the imprisoned ears within the cell. A few minutes later, the sound was answered by a high-pitched whistle and the appearance of his pet – Speem, his miniature Corgi, whom flew in between the bars and landed on Bawb Maginos' outstretched hands. He had flown in unseen, above the heads of the guards, and flitted through the bars easily. While the others stared and stammered, Bawb Maginos stroked its tiny head, which raised up in happiness. Everyone then saw the single strand of jet-black hair. Maginos patted Speem on its head and held the hair aloft for all to see.

“ a strand of Vanestra's hair,” he told them.

“That tiny flying dog pulled it out of her head?” said an incredulous Prince Brant Collin.

“...sure,” replied Maginos. “Why not.”

He continued. “She is clearly a being of great power and richness, since she has such an awesome costume. This alone means it contains well enough energy to allow us to transform into a form that would...ease our escape,” he said breathlessly.

“But...wait, transform?!?” said Gus Nez. “I am a tall and strapping man. I do not wish to transform into anything, forsooth.”

“We must transform into a mundane creature in order to escape, for surely our deaths will come quickly,” pleaded Bawb Maginos.

“I'm not transforming into anything, mundane or otherwise, dude,” said Nez. “I've got Guard duty this weekend, and besides, the fact that I'm even here at Origins in the first place is kind of funny.”

“Nevertheless,” said Maginos patiently through his droopy mustache, “we must escape, as-”

“Why?” asked Nez again. The group eyed him angrily. He was holding up the adventure. Finally this sank in, and he acquiesced glumly.

“As our doom is near,” continued Maginos as if Nez hadn't even spoken. “I ask again, what mundane creatures should we change into? Whatever it is, we will have no means of turning ourselves back.”

His companions fell silent, unhappy at the prospect of not being humans any more, even if only in make-believe.

“This sucks,” said Nez. “It sounds like the TMNT role-playing game. I hate turtles. Little shell-encased lizard freaks.”

“Mice,” whispered a voice from the shadows. It was Mirth Filch, the notorious minis mayhem master. He had spent most of his life playing minis games and being happy on the GrogCast, until King Origin's sheriffs had finally caught him. He now, of course, shared their cell.

“We could escape into the sewers from here,” he said, pointing to a small grate on the flagstone floor of the guard room, next to their cell.

“Gross, dude,” said Prince Collin. “I don't even want to think about what gets flushed around here...”

“'Sides,” said Nez, “nobody asked you, mirthie.”

Suddenly, there was a noise from the guard room.

“There is no time for argument! They are upon us, innit?!?” shouted Maginos. He waved his free hand over the strand of cosplaying strumpet hair, muttering ancient random words that time has since forgotten (though it sounded like there was a “niner” in there somewhere). Glowing motes of blue light fell from the hair as if they were water, and they began to swirl along the floor as if blown by unseen gusts. Soon the jail cell was filled with a brilliant maelstrom of supernatural power, and then without warning, it burst and vanished. And where there had been five prisoners in the cell, there were now but five tiny mice.

“Well, bother, fie, and pox!” squeaked Gus Nez.

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Re: Squeaker Grogs Unite: A Mice & Mystics AAR
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lmfao  :DD
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Re: Squeaker Grogs Unite: A Mice & Mystics AAR
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Let's take a moment to look at the characters in this chapter more closely.

Prince Collin (aka Bayonetbrant)

Collin is a Leader/Warrior, which gives him access to special abilities from those areas. He chose Battle Squeak, which costs two cheese and gives him +1 die to roll when making a melee attack for his turn. He is also armed with Collin's Sword (giving +1 die to roll in melee combat) and a Leather Breastplate (giving him +1 die to roll in defense). Furthermore, if Collin is not in the top spot in the initiative track when this order is determined before a battle/encounter, he gets one cheese to add to his stash. More on cheese (and other stuff) later.

Filch (aka mirth)

Filch, being a thief at heart, gets one cheese if he defeats a minion; if it was a Rat, he gets to remove the cheese from the cheese wheel, if available, which is a huge help in avoiding surges (again, more on this later). He also has a Prehensile Tail, which essentially gives him an additional paw slot for using weapons. This can make him incredibly dangerous with the right weaponry. He starts with the Dagger, which is great, because when he attacks a minion with it, that minion gets one less die to roll in defense against that attack. Lastly, Filch chose the Keen Eye ability, which for one cheese lets him perform a Search action that automatically succeeds as long as a cheese symbol is not rolled (normally, a Search action succeeds only when a star symbol appears on the die).

Maginos (aka bob48)

Maginos is the resident mage, or mystic as the game calls it. When he attacks, if he rolls a cheese symbol, he gets two cheese instead of one, which can be quite handy in fueling his ability, which is Mystic Blast. For two cheese, he can attack all  minions in one space that he can see with a ranged attack – a pretty potent power. He starts with his staff, which gives him +1 die for attacking, and can be used as a blunt weapon against minions in his same space.

Here's a close-up of Maginos, as he's cut off in the previous image.

Nez (aka Gusington)

This guy is the brick of the party; he is a Tinkerer/Warrior, giving him access to both classes' abilities. We chose Thundersqueak for him, because it sounds so cute. Just kidding. We chose it because he can use it against all minions in his space at a cost of cheese equal to the number of minions present in said space. As you can see, his starting equipment is his own hammer, which gives him a whopping +2 dice to roll in attack. Furthermore, his hammer grants that +2 bonus if he attacks adjacent enemies, but only gives a +1 die bonus if attacking a minion in his same space, so it's much more effective to attack from outside of that. But, that's why we have Thundersqueak, making him a powerhouse in melee. Another fun fact about Nez – he cannot be Stunned or Webbed (more on that later, but hopefully neither will come up!).

So we begin with our mousy heroes just exiting their Origins charity jail cell (without paying - buncha cheapskates!), immediately threatened by three Rat Guards.

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Re: Squeaker Grogs Unite: A Mice & Mystics AAR
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I am all about the cheese.
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Re: Squeaker Grogs Unite: A Mice & Mystics AAR
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excellent  ;D

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Re: Squeaker Grogs Unite: A Mice & Mystics AAR
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PRINCE COLLIN AND HIS COMPANIONS marveled at their new, diminutive bodies. Gus Nez failed to notice much of a difference, however. All of them, though, squeaked with surprise at the once-familiar Origins cardboard jail that now loomed over them as if the home of a giant.

Bawb Maginos snapped them from their reverie. “We must move at once, ya daft muppets,” he hissed.

The party quickly scurried through the “bars” of their “cell,” their delicately-padded mouse feet making nary a noise. They passed under the chair of a sleeping guard, overdosed on a burger, fries, and Diet Coke, and made for a large bag that rested against a nearby wall. Captain “JasonPratt” Vurst had bagged their weapons and other items that had been confiscated from them during the arrest.

“Grab whas' yours, lads,” whispered Bawb Maginos as they opened the bag. “You must make your claim out loud, but remember to be quiet.”

“Say it out loud, but be quiet?” asked Gus Nez with a heavy hint of sarcasm.

“Yes, ye daft bugger,” said Bawb Maginos in reply. “Say it all whisper-like, eh?”

Prince Collin leapt into the sack first, quickly finding his sword that was now many sizes too large for him to wield, let alone pick up!

“This is mine,” he whispered, and instantly the sword shrunk to fit in his miniscule mouse hands.

Soon the rest of the party had all re-armed and re-equipped themselves. When they climbed out of the bag, they found Filch grinning and holding a newly-acquired dagger in his tail.

“Now where did ya get that, ya little sneak?” Gus Nez demanded. Mirth Filch jerked a thumb back at the sleeping guard.

“He won’t miss it,” said Filch. “Or do you want to climb up and give it back? I could slip it in 'is sternum all quiet-like,” he hissed, giving a meaningful look over at Bawb Maginos.

“Nay, lad,” said Maginos. “The enchantment has now ended, and our possessions, such as they are, are as permanently changed as we are.”

A few of the newly-formed mice cursed, while Nez simply shrugged. “Don't see what the bother is,” he said cheerily.

Suddenly, a shout of alarm arose from the cell they just exited from, and the sleeping guard jolted awake, his rolls of pudgy-ness straining the corners and cracks in his TIE fighter pilot outfit.

“Quickly, to the sewers!” shouted Maginos in his high-pitched mouse voice.

“Mice!” shouted the newly-awoken guard, and then, “Now, wait a sec...mice?!? They's mice! Hey, how'd they-”

The companions didn't wait to engage the fat guard in dialogue, opting to make a dash for the grate in the middle of the room. Why there'd be a grate in the middle of a room at Origins is anyone's guess and perhaps we should refrain from attempting to guess.

Their dash suddenly stopped dead in its tracks when a terrible scream came from behind them. Turning, they watched in horror as the cosplay jail guards began to shrink and change shape, their bodies and clothing warping.

“Vanestra!” Prince Collin squeaked out. “She knows!”


The object of the game has been pretty much laid out in the narrative, and is further described here:

Chapter One Objective
To escape the Origins halls by getting all mice in the party to the old gnarled tree space in the courtyard just outside, before the hourglass reaches the chapter end marker on the chapter track.

Victory Condition
Clear the courtyard tile of minions and get all uncaptured mice onto the tree entrance space on the courtyard tile.

Defeat Condition
If the hourglass marker reaches the chapter end marker on the chapter track before the mice have made it to the tree entrance space, or if all mice are captured at the same time, the mice are defeated.

The mice start at the bottom end of the first tile, which is a representation of the guard room. We need to eliminate the minions on the board and escape through the grate in the middle.

(image of set up, with mice and rats)

The guards that were in the room were transformed into sinister rats with their own miniaturized yet dangerous weapons, and they'll do their best to take us all out before we can get far.

The first thing we do is shuffle all the initiative cards together and lay them out on the initiative track, from  place 1 downward. The rats are represented by a single card, which means all of them will take their turn when their card comes up in initiative order.

I'll explain more about the game as we move along, so let's get started.

...and away we go!

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Re: Squeaker Grogs Unite: A Mice & Mystics AAR
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We're beset on all sides by them, but there's only three, and four of us. As long as a surge doesn't happen and introduce more minions, this should be relatively easy. Hopefully.

The rats look pissed. Not just for being rats, but having been transformed from gamer nerds, which they were quite happy to remain, thankyouverymuch.

The grating we'll need to slip through is just a few spaces ahead of us. All it takes is one mouse to spend an Explore action to flip the tile over and allow us to continue our adventure. But we can't do that until all minions are removed from the board.

Having randomly determined initiative, these are the results. Filch goes first, then the Rat Warriors, followed by Maginos, Collin, and Nez.

Mirth Filch immediately takes an aggressive move, going adjacent to this Rat Warrior and engaging him in battle.

The Rat Warriors have 2 dice in attack and 2 in defense, plus the Aggressive trait, which is spelled out on the card.

I failed to take a pic of Filch's attack roll (2 dice), but one was a hit and the other a cheese symbol. This gives Filch a cheese and a hit on the bad guy.

The Rat rolls a bow symbol in defense. You need to roll a shield icon in order to defend against a hit, and this won't cut it.

That's one down and two to go!

Filch gets a cheese for defeating a Rat, giving him a total of 2 cheese!

Next up is Maginos.

Bawb idly clears his throat, motioning the beefy warrior-types out of his way. “I'm gonna clock yer goose but good, eh?” he squeaks out.

He rolls a bow symbol, which is a hit!

Unfortunately, the defensive roll of the Rat Warrior gets a shield icon, canceling Maginos' attack.

It also means a cheese is placed on the clock.

When the clock is filled with six cheese, a surge occurs, which means more monsters.

Next up is Collin, whom charges headlong to take on the left-hand Rat Warrior.

Apparently my camera failed to take a pic of Collin's roll, but he failed to hit the Rat Warrior in front of him.

This brings up Nez, whom moves into Collin's space and takes on the Rat Warrior on the right.

Nez's mighty hammer from an adjacent space gives him 4 dice to roll.

And Nez makes the hammer go BOOM – he rolls four hits.

Even with the Rat Warrior's two defense die rolls, he can't avoid being very dead, but we have to make the roll anyway in case they get a cheese, which would be added to the aforementioned clock.

The Rat Warrior manages one shield in his roll, which means three hits turns him into a fine red furry paste.

Next, it's Filch's turn.

As the Rat Warriors are well in hand with only one left, he decides to perform a Search action. Normally, this means rolling one die and on a result with an asterisk (which is only on two of each die's sides), the Search result is successful and that mouse gets to draw the top card from the Search deck.

In this case, Filch is going to pad his chances and use his Keen Eye ability for 1 cheese.

The result is pretty great.

The Disguises item means the next time we encounter Rat Warriors, we can ignore that encounter and discard the item. Pretty cool considering the Search deck is hit-or-miss; it can contain positive things and very bad things, too.

But where's the fun in not trying?

The Disguises token goes into the party stash area. I place the card underneath it to ensure I don't forget what it does.

Filch then moves, maneuvering himself to be behind the Rat Warrior. You see, each turn, a mouse may move and then conduct an action, or conduct an action and then move. The latter is what Filch did on his turn.

On the Rat Warriors turn, the remaining Rat turns on Filch, since he's highest in the initiative order, and attacks him.

The rat misses, though, fortunately for Filch!

Next up is Maginos. He clears his throat loudly, indicting he's going to be firing a magic beam right up its furry backside. Or attempting to, anyway.

Maginos scores one hit!

The Rat Warrior fails in his defense die, and he topples over, singed to a crisp.

“Quickly,” said Maginos with an air of haughty accomplishment. “To the drain! We haven't a moment to lose.”

In fact, he's not wrong. If, after the last mouse takes a turn on the initiative track and no minions remain on the tile, a piece of cheese is added to the board.

Not only does a full clock generate a surge, but it also moves our story along one page, and there's only so many pages before the Chapter ends. It's best to do this as quickly as possible.

Having dropped down the drain, our mouse heroes find themselves in the Sewers. (I moved the board 90 degrees clockwise to make it easier to see.)

Let's wait for the next chapter to see what else happens here!

Thank you for reading.

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Re: Squeaker Grogs Unite: A Mice & Mystics AAR
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Filch! Filch! Filch!
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Re: Squeaker Grogs Unite: A Mice & Mystics AAR
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I really want to get this to start my kids on the D&D path and RPG style gaming as well as make them paint their own figures.  Unfortunately for me my boys are just barely 6 and talking with others who have used this I think 8 is the minimum age due to the level of reading and writing skills need to play it.  So I am in a holding pattern on this for the moment.

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Re: Squeaker Grogs Unite: A Mice & Mystics AAR
« Reply #10 on: March 04, 2018, 05:34:22 PM »
Con, I'd suggest getting it if you have a chance; it's not easy to find. I first found it via Wil Wheaton's TableTop series on YouTube. Went to Amazon and they wanted $150 for it. Last year I found it for $70 and almost bit, but literally 30 minutes later at another game store I found it for $50. I was very lucky. If you got it you could play it and see if you think they'd enjoy it. There's at least two expansions out there for it right now that I know of, too, so you could always get those too if you think it's a good game.

I think it's $75 on Amazon right now, which is a bit pricey for a game that's older, but that just shows you the demand is still high. I'd also check the site for Plaid Hat Games to see what they're selling it for, if they still are.

Here's a post from BGG on the subject of minimum age to play this:

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Re: Squeaker Grogs Unite: A Mice & Mystics AAR
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I got this for the nieces back when they were around 6 or 7, and also decided to wait until later. Still haven't given it to them.

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from decades of Mountain Dew abuse

Those decades are long past, but indeed factual.

I do indeed resemble a stock villainous hench-vizer (if not the master villain on occasion), and gladly accept this position. Bonus points if I get transformed into a cat later. I never read the full story so as not to spoil it in case I played it with the nieces.

Bonus points for pimping her out to the king for my own advancement? Hm.
FIRE IN THE GROGS TOO -- a four-player full team mp of GMT's Vietnam War boardgame Fire in the Lake, recreated in TTS.

Me vs Barth -- DC1: Blitz

Survive Harder! In the grim darkness of the bowl there is only, um, Amazons. And tentacles and midgets. Not remotely what you're thinking! ...okay, maybe a little remotely.

PanzOrc Corpz Generals -- Season One complete; Fantasy Wars AAR

The full pdf of Cry of Justice has been posted to the Grogheads Book category here.