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Books & Reading / The Faded Page
« Last post by spelk on Today at 04:15:37 AM »
There are some war related free digital books (under history/war)

Music, TV, Movies / Re: Jukebox Playlist
« Last post by trailrunner on Today at 03:51:08 AM »
I'm a big fan of the Toadies and Everclear.  I saw Everclear twice in the early 2000s.  I had a chance to see Toadies in 2008, but it didn't work out.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Polaris Sector - another new space 4x
« Last post by Jarhead0331 on Today at 02:22:52 AM »
one of the best things about Polaris Sector is the manner in which it captures the epic scope of distance and time. It takes years to build vessels and move them across vast distances of space. Intergalactic Wars can rage for decades or even centuries. The loss of an important fleet or assault force can set you back by dozens of years. No other game captures this in my opinion.

Research and ship design are fantastic too. Throughout a game, the technology tree reveals valuable and useful technologies that open up new strategies to the player. When it comes to ship design, and ship purpose or role, the player isn’t limited pretty much only by his imagination. You can really design ships to solve strategic and tactical problems.

Fleet combat can be very unforgiving. Build large capital vessels designed for ship on ship combat only to watch them get annhilated by bomber strikes. Carriers can really be critical and the AI uses fighters and bombers well.

Polaris Sector is simply a fantastic often under rated game.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Combat Mission status
« Last post by Grim.Reaper on Today at 02:20:46 AM »
Not a huge fan of the drm but i know that is not changing ever.  guess i have just been very lucky since i own every title and never had any issue installing....and i have large gaps in playing sometimes and each time things went fine.  although i do recall at times trying to remember the patching process before they moved to single full installers.

guess i’ll just continue hoping i stay lucky:)  fully intend to purchase the full game when it comes out regardless of drm since i know what i am getting.

as for graviteam, i own some of those too but in this case i am more interested in the content this provides.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Polaris Sector - another new space 4x
« Last post by goldsboro on Today at 02:01:33 AM »
I am playing my first real game of Polaris Sector but think that i have been too ambitious. I selected the biggest map with all the Alien Races…it's huge! The Tools to manage the empire are ok but not the best in the genre.

So my question is: what kind of settings do you guys play or recommend?

The Biggest map is really too big. I'd recommend playing on the default map, Sharatar race with default settings. Turn the pirates off if you play on Challenge or Hard difficulty. These are the settings the game is meant to be played and this is the setting most tested by the authors.

If you do not know the game well enough, then choose Normal + pirates, but be ready to abandon the game to restart on Challenge and no pirates after 30 hours in game :)
Computer Wargaming / Re: Polaris Sector - another new space 4x
« Last post by Anguille on Today at 12:55:53 AM »
This just appeared on my radar.  Rather than reading through 13 pages, it would be nice if anyone could summarise Polaris Sector for me.  Just briefly, what's good about it?  What does it do uniquely, if anything?  Any other thoughts you'd like to add.  Thanks!

If I can't be persuaded to get this, I think I'll get GalCiv 3.

You're really looking at two very different games. The best thing about Polaris Sector are the tactical battles and the shipdesign that comes with it. The maps are big and you don't get to see fighters and bombers before they are in range. The tech tree is also interesting with fundemantal and applied science. Diplomacy is well done as well.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Combat Mission status
« Last post by mikeck on Today at 12:15:55 AM »
Graviteam Operation Star, Mius and Tunisia are great games and available on Steam. Just sayin’.  If You have hankerin’ for WW2 tactical combat
A man why fought real, actual nazis. RIP.

(We should have a saluting smiley.)

RIP Joachim Roenneberg.  I remember reading a book in my youth about this raid.

Here is a Salute GIF I've used in the past. Its on Photobucket so not sure it'll show up...

Computer Wargaming / Re: Combat Mission status
« Last post by Ubercat on Yesterday at 09:32:51 PM »
I keep watching the forum in the vain hope that someday I'll hear that Battlefront has put this DRM mess behind them.

Unfortunately that's not likely. Steve assumes that wargamers are thieves. He won't settle for a simpler license key strategy like Slitherine/Matrix (let alone Steam).
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