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Computer Wargaming / HPS Simulations
« Last post by Rayfer on Today at 02:47:19 PM »
Is HPS Simulations still in business? Their website has been down, under repairs, for quite a while now.
Organizations and Equipment / Re: Planes!
« Last post by mirth on Today at 02:44:44 PM »
A U.S. Navy F-35C Lightning II taxis on the flight line at Eielson AFB to test and evaluate their ability to operate in an extreme cold-weather environment.

Enigmas of the Mystical / Re: More Pix For A Laugh
« Last post by mirth on Today at 02:20:11 PM »
One of my functions at the Rock,Gem and Mineral shows that my step daughter and hubby put on is to ... "motivate" staff. Millennials can come across like that - a wallowing goo-bucket of angst and self pity, but I give them an Ikigai pump and that seems to help.

Its better than "fer fck's sake, that table looks like shit, put some organization to the fuckin' display"

So you get to be the Grumpy Old Man. What a stretch for you :P
Music, TV, Movies / Re: Black Panther, meh.
« Last post by mirth on Today at 02:15:29 PM »
Just back from seeing BP. Liked it a lot. Wouldn't say it is the best MCU movie, but it is definitely one of the better ones.

The criticisms are few and minor:

  • Too much CGI (but this is a problem with most comic book movies)
  • Klaue got taken out pretty early. Andy Serkis has done a good job with the role and was largely wasted in Age of Ultron and BP.
  • I can't figure out why T'Chaka wouldn't have taken the boy (and N'Jobu's body) back to Wakanda. Other than needing to have a plot for this movie.
Some of the things I really liked:
  • Michael B. Jordan was a relatable villain. Not just the standard, "I'm evil and want to destroy the universe" of most MCU baddies.
  • The Dora Milaje were totally badass. In fact, the female leads were pretty badass. And they were more interesting than their male counterparts. Give me a female Black Panther movie.
  • Liked the ending and the post credit stuff.
Solid Marvel movie. I give it an 'A'.
Current Events / Re: RIP Billy Graham
« Last post by JasonPratt on Today at 01:34:53 PM »
Totally agree with the above. He was Christianity without the conflict, partisanship, and self-absorption. Rest In Peace Good and Faithful Servant.

He was a bit more prickly back in his earlier decades, but he mellowed out more during my lifetime.  O0
Current Events / Re: Consolidated Syria Conflict Thread
« Last post by JasonPratt on Today at 01:28:05 PM »
"The Yankees made their [bleeping] point."

Yes. Yes we did. When your commanders say "Go take that from the Americans", you go defect.
Current Events / Re: Berlin Wall
« Last post by JasonPratt on Today at 01:21:24 PM »
Ha, good point. I just have a picture in my mind of her standing next to you whispering in a pnaic, "you're going to die, they're probably going to shoot you and you're going to die," with you thinking something along the lines of "not helpful, tour director..."

"NO SPEAKEE ZE GERMAIN, remember? ...but as long as I'm gonna be shot, are you seeing anybody right now?   O:-) "
General Staff Support Forum / Re: Changelog
« Last post by Andy ONeill on Today at 12:59:09 PM »
Scenario Editor ( but will really only be used in the game ).

Replaced Pathing.
The original approach was a prototype but bugged, slow and could not be multi threaded.
It also only used very simplistic terrain efffects.

After trying several alternatives, Ezra gave me a bunch of links to investigate.
One of them eventually led to this library:
There's a fair bit of code kicking around out there on the web that doesn't seem to work so well.
Roy's code does work and works with weightings.

It also works multi-threaded which will significantly improve user experience.

Books & Reading / Re: What are we reading?
« Last post by Gusington on Today at 12:55:28 PM »
Starting Ancestral Machines by Michael Cobley for the second time. It is 4x space opera. First time I tried I got 20 pages in and it required too much thought. So I'm trying again.
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