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Computer Wargaming / Re: AI War 2
« Last post by Tpek on Today at 04:36:49 AM »
I've got a 25% off Steam Coupon for the game, and since I'm holding out until full release, it's up for grabs.
Computer Wargaming / Re: MapMod for Panzer Campaigns Gold Series
« Last post by Geezer on Today at 04:27:11 AM »
Love your map mods Jison.  Thanks.
Computer Wargaming / MapMod for Panzer Campaigns Gold Series
« Last post by Jison on Today at 03:51:48 AM »
Hello all Grogheads!  :)

Have just finished MapMod for PzC Gold Series - all Eastern Front titles.

If interested, you can find files and some screenshots here:

Note: This mod does NOT use the '2D terrain slopes' that was introduced with the Gold Series - this is intentional.
I also recommend that you turn off 'Hex Outlines' in the 'Settings' menu.

Hope you like.

Computer Wargaming / Re: Combat Mission status
« Last post by Grim.Reaper on Today at 03:27:03 AM »
and update on the actual release.....looks like content will be released over multiple releases with the first possibly being at end of october.

We're close to release, but not quite there yet!  The Demos are now out for all to enjoy while we finish things up. Let me explain...

When we set out to remake CMSF1 into CMSF2 we made a decision to release the Base Game and the three Modules all at once.  This allows people to purchase Bundles right away instead of facing the decision to buy sooner, one full priced piece at a time, or wait until we have everything out for a bulk discount.  Since it would suck for you guys to face this choice we opted to release everything at once.

The downside of releasing everything at once is having to rework the content of effectively 4 games at one time.  That's a total of something like 150 battles (stand alone + campaigns) that needed reworking.  As you can imagine it's not just adding the updated style of Briefings, it's about making sure the scenarios are properly balanced with all the game changes from the past 10 years.  Adding FoW fortifications, AI Plan overhauls, touching up maps, etc. and then going through the testing cycle make sure everything works right takes a long time to do.  More than we expected, that's for sure.

OK, OK, OK... I know you're wondering what this all means in terms of a release timeframe.  What we've decided to do is stop making you wait until every single scenario and the 6 campaigns are totally done.  Instead, we're moving towards releasing all the stand alone scenarios, the Base Game campaign (TF Lighting), and the campaign for Marines (Semper Fi!) in one go.  That's a couple hundred hours of entertainment right there, not to mention what QuickBattles adds to the mix.  That should keep you busy while we finish reworking the British and three NATO campaigns :)

I don't think we can get it out the door by the end of October, but we don't want it to be much longer than that.  We released Upgrade 4 at Christmas time last year and we'd rather not do that again for understandable reasons.

I'll give you guys another update at the end of the month.

Thanks for your patience!  This has been a labor of love for sure, with almost equal emphasis on both the labor and the love!

Don't take my bitchin the wrong way, DD.  I'm glad you posted about it.  I didn't know it was happening.   :)

No worries. I have had the original paperback for many years now and only spent $10 for that so my investment has been really minimal so far. I'm guessing most of the 'backers' are long time supporters looking to finally get a good quality hardback as well as support Shane and the gang. I know I won't be going all in, no need for all the extras, at least for me, but the hardback is a definite want, that and the World Builder's Guide.

Maybe it'll finally entice me to put my Fantasy Grounds copy of SW to work instead of just thinking about  doing it.  :coolsmiley:
Don't take my bitchin the wrong way, DD.  I'm glad you posted about it.  I didn't know it was happening.   :)
Computer Wargaming / Re: The greatest space 4x to conquer them all
« Last post by WargamerJoe on Today at 02:27:05 AM »
Polaris Sector's tech system and it's ship building/tactical layer are the best bits about that game. Unfortunately, they're too good in comparison to the rest of it - I don't think it holds together well as a complete experience.

If we're talking about genre burdens, I think MOO2 has done more to influence space 4X games than anything else, although one could argue that in turn derives itself from early Civ games.

It's weird how little innovation there's been though, especially since a couple of years ago there was a mini-boom of new space 4X games, mainly under Iceberg Interactive. It was as if a bunch of gamers decided to make the 4X game they always wanted... excepted they just ended up making every other 4X game again.

Current Events / Re: Hurricane Michael
« Last post by em2nought on Today at 12:11:56 AM »
I thought it was bad when New Orleans mayor left all those $chool buses to get trashed by Katrina, I guess the USAF brass felt they had to one up them by leaving $2 billion worth of F-22$ for Michael to trash.  L:-)
Computer Wargaming / Re: Clad in Iron: Sakhalin 1904 Naval Wargame
« Last post by em2nought on Today at 12:01:30 AM »
I like this water, it makes the ships stand out much better.  No sense spending all that time on detail if you can't see the ships for the water.  This game needs some Jap music for atmosphere  ;)
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