Author Topic: Techno Bowl (aka Tech?NO! Bowl)  (Read 310 times)

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Techno Bowl (aka Tech?NO! Bowl)
« on: February 25, 2017, 09:40:46 PM »
This looks like a lot of fun without getting too bogged down in rules, or too much down time for the non-phasing player.

Didn't notice it on KS, but retail pre-orders supposed to be starting in the next week or two.

Would definitely want to craft up the wood player blocks to go with the cloth/rubberized playmat.   8)

Saw the print & play available on DTRPG's daily deal, but would much rather go with the prefab boxed game when it comes out.

DTRPG block player print-outs:

I've never really been drawn to (american) football tabletop board games, as the rules just never seemed to be all that enticing on the few I've grokked.  Nor have I ever really considered the large investment in Blood Bowl, or any GW minis games for that matter. But this looks like an excellent fit for me.  :dreamer: