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Shoutout to Frog God Games!
I contacted them about my Tome of Adventure Making; it still hasnít arrived yet. Apparently they are having issues with their International Print on Demand.
They confirmed my order is still ok, but it just takes long. To ease the pain of waiting I got 3 books added to my account! One is the VERY handy Mother of all Treasure Tables! :)

Ahh!  So you picked up the Tome of Adventure Design?

It's a beast of a generator book.   :dreamer:

Despite having all the Conan expansion PDFs coming out, I began picking up the hardbacks.  They tend to cost less than previous Modiphius splatbooks which were paperbacks.   :nerd:
Modelling and Miniatures / Re: Next build will be...
« Last post by JudgeDredd on Today at 04:40:43 PM »
Taking shape. I'm almost ready for painting

I'll probably do a black base like Andy at Andy's Hobby HQ does and then do the wheels individually, the chassis, paint the tools with a brush, glue on the tools, put the wheels on, then the side skirts and boom...some klear and wash.

I think I'll lightly "tack" the skirts on without the wheels on to get the flow of the camo, then take them off to get the wheels on.

This is a beautiful model. 1996 this mould came out!  :notworthy:
Modelling and Miniatures / Re: Airbrush Painting
« Last post by Bison on Today at 03:47:01 PM »
Yeah.  The real issue is I'll be down in the basement where I'll have to address a serious lack of lighting.  Getting lights isn't the issue but getting lights that will not distort the paint colors may be an issue.  Ultimately the kit has to be able to be packed into a tough tote or two for safe transportation.

Looking at a Paasche D3000R air compressor and a Paasche Talon or Raptor airbrush or a Badger TC910 air compressor and either a Patriot or Krome airbrush.  The former has a readily available kit for a decent price but I think Badger has better customer service and response should issues arise.  Anyway, both kits are sufficient for my needs and I can always upgrade the airbrush later if I want to do so.
Wargaming / Re: Recommend a good Guadalcanal game
« Last post by Silent Disapproval Robot on Today at 03:04:55 PM »
Yeah, Iíve already got CoH: Guadalcanal and buddies have LnL Heroes of the Pacific and The MMP one about Edsonís Ridge (Kawaguchiís Gamble, I think?) so weíve got the land stuff covered.  I did find a listing in BGG for a game called Solomon Sea thank looks promising.  Naturally itís hard to find and people want a mint for it.
20.00 Hrs

From: Control
To: Brunswick

Sent: 20.00 Hrs, 17th October

Prince Brunswick:

You can hear the sound of gunfire from the South and West in the direction of Naumbourg.


Note: And this brings me up to date with the AAR's....battle is in full swing somewhere and with someone.  And another crisis in command is about to descend upon the Prussian's!
19.00 Hrs

From: Ruchel
To: Brunswick

Sent: 17.00 Hrs, 17th October
Received: 19.00 Hrs


I have reached Naumbourg where I have encamped for the night. Saxe Division is here with me and Weirmar has been seen to be approaching the city as well.

In the morning we shall continue our march north.

There are reports of the French approaching Naumbourg from the West!

We shall endeavour to stay ahead of them and avoid direct conflict.

Awaiting any change in orders you might have and any status updates on the campaign at large.


17.00 Hrs

From: Wartens
To: Brunswick

Sent: 14.00 Hrs, 17th October
Received: 17.00 Hrs

My Lord of Brunswick,

We have arrived in good order at Leipzig.

No sign of our foe.

Your Servant, &c.

15.30 Hrs

From: Grawert
To: Brunswick

Sent: 11.00 Hrs, 17th October
Received: 15.30 Hrs

My Lord of Brunswick,

The forces before us have increased.

I believe the men of General Guyot's cavalry division have joined those of Colbert.

They are making no move to attack.

I have been reinforced by the division of General Pritwitz.

Your Servant,

13.30 Hrs

From: Grawert
To: Brunswick

Sent: 09.00 Hrs, 17th October
Received: 13.30 Hrs

My Lord of Brunswick,

We are entrenching along the river line as ordered.

Beg leave to report that a French division, as yet unidentified, is approaching our position in march column.

Your Servant,

08.30 Hrs

From: Ruchel
To: Brunswick

Sent: 05.00 Hrs , 17th October
Received: 08.30 Hrs


My last intact division and I are currently traveling North toward Naumbourg.
We will travel with as much haste as is possible. We are currently in the vicinity of Mattstedt.
Since our last contact with the enemy we have not seen nor heard of them.
My guess is they are continuing north from Erfurt.

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