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Computer Wargaming / Re: The Operational Art of War IV
« Last post by W8taminute on Today at 06:55:46 AM »
This is a great game.  Playing North Africa '40 as the Commonwealth currently.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Share your Screenshots!
« Last post by chemkid on Today at 06:30:14 AM »
my anniversary coupon in action!  :crazy2:
Computer Wargaming / Re: Christmas Wargame Sales
« Last post by chemkid on Today at 06:24:57 AM »
btw, anyone know how 'Scourge of War' series performs on old (7+ years) hardware?

Should run fine :

You could always try the demo ( for Scourge of War: Gettysburg.
Other Scourge of War games should have similar (low) requirements.
downloaded the demo and after watching my troops move i got my specs verified with game-debate ( ) and bought the collection on sale, also bought the newer waterloo collection as well, oh my...  :crazy2: lucky, had my coupon at hand - couldn't resist  this year's 47% off!  :-"

cheers! ...and thanks again for the demo link.
Steam achievements are now live in Clad in Iron: Philippines 1898!

We have prepared for you a collection of 24 achievements: for the capture of important harbors, for the destruction of the strongest enemy ships, for the successful use of mines and torpedoes, for improving the experience of your infantry and ships.

Now you will be able to track your progress in the game and record important milestones, and also show your level of skill to our gaming community. We hope they will encourage people to get the most from the game!
Computer Wargaming / Re: Combat Mission 20th Anniversary trailer
« Last post by Moreb on Yesterday at 10:51:46 PM »
I was there early. I remember that AAR and being completely blown away. 3-D Half tracks traveling down that snow covered road taking evasive action. No other game captivated me like it. So incredibly groundbreaking. I must have played the Beta Demo 300 times before the release.

Sadly though, my enthusiasm has waned and CM no longer is anything that excites me, whatever iteration. These days I prefer Graviteam Tactics. It's realism, beauty, and immersion in this genre is second to none these days imo. When I think of CM, I remember it as a girl I once was crazy about that now does nothing for me. I have grown and she has aged not so good. Memories are all that is left. Good memories but, memories just the same.
Games are funny these days. I generally want to play wargames without listening to people who believe that swearing is cool and so use it as much as possible.
But there are some who claim it is realistic in a wargame and should be in as much as possible.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Star Citizen
« Last post by Destraex on Yesterday at 10:02:14 PM »
Enjoyed this video about it:

Computer Wargaming / Re: Star Citizen
« Last post by Destraex on Yesterday at 10:00:50 PM »
The lawyer that co-founded CIG\RSI with Chris Roberts worked for cryteck making contracts the opposite way before I assume working that inside knoweldge to his advantage when negotiating the CIG use of crytek. Crytek are crying foul about that as well.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Star Citizen
« Last post by Destraex on Yesterday at 09:59:28 PM »
 It's funny. Amazon seems to have purchased the cryteck engine in 2015 outright. Lumberyard which star citizen is now using seems to be a crytek based engine.
Computer Wargaming / Re: Share your Screenshots!
« Last post by Sir Slash on Yesterday at 08:44:59 PM »
Very nice!
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