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Tabletop AARs / Re: Azathoth vs the World!: an Eldrich Horror AAR
« Last post by airboy on Today at 08:04:32 PM »
Turn 6

Action Phase
- Charlie - overcomes being delayed for the 2nd time.
- Diana - buys a boat ticket and goes to Shanghai
- Lily - goes to Rome and buys a train ticket.
- Jim - Travels to Arkham and uses boat ticket to get to Buenos Aries

Encounter Phase
- Charlie - goes to an asylum in London and is asked about the Yellow Sign.  He passes (4d) and gets 2 clues.
- Diana - Choses to encounter the cultist at the gate first.  She passes a will test (2d) and the cultist is eliminated.  She then encounters the ghoul.  She passes her horror test (3d) and uses the Wither spell on the Ghoul which is a 5d lore test.  Passes with 3 successes.  This gives her a 6d strength test with one reroll and she gets 3 successes on the 7 rolls.  Ghoul is killed by the spell and Diana takes no damage.  The gate guards are destroyed so she passes through the gate.  The gate takes her to the Great Hall of Celaeno.  The book Diana is searching for is not on the proper shelf and she passes a will test (2d & 1 reroll) and locates the tome.  She follows the instructions on the tome and passes the lore test (4d with 1 success) and closes the gate!
- Lily - 2d influence test at the Vatican to see a forbidden book.  She passes and improves her Will score.
- Jim - has a 3d influence test in Buenos Aries (where a 4, 5, or 6) would work and fails all of them.

Mythos Phase
- Omen is advanced
- Monster Surge.  Since no gate is open a new gate is spawned in Istanbul with a Mi-Go guardian.  This is very bad because Mi-Go have a huge strength advantage.
- Clues spawned in San Francisco and the Antarctic Sea.
- 1 Monster is spawned where there are cultists, but Diana has killed the only live cultist above ground so there is no monster spawn.

Next turn (I think) I automatically solve the next mystery.  It takes 2 clues to obtain an elder sign.  Lily and Jim both have 2 clues and can reach the elder sign next turn.  As advertised, London gave me a ton of clues.
Tabletop AARs / Re: Azathoth vs the World!: an Eldrich Horror AAR
« Last post by airboy on Today at 07:11:28 PM »
Turn 5

Action Phase
- Jim Culver - went to London and bought a ship ticket.
- Charlie Kane - ended his delay
- Diana - rested, gain assets - success picked up a Vatican Missionary.
- Lily Chen - went to London.  Tried to get assets and failed again.  She stinks at shopping.

Encounter Phase
- Jim Culver - went into debt condition to obtain 2 clues.
- Charlie Kane - Decided to attempt to steal a clue from a Scotland Yard investigator.  He fails a 2d strength test and is arrested and delayed again.
- Diana - Gate Encounter.  Passed the first phase.  Had 4d to pass the second test and got one success, the Sydney gate is closed.
- Lily Chen - passed an observation test and found a clue in a London tabloid.

Mythos Phase
- Omen advanced to a space with an open gate marker.  Doom clock got worse (13).  Still, if Diana had not closed the gate it would be 12 instead.
- Ghoul Spawned at Shanghai gate.  It now has a ghoul and a cultist.
- 2 clues spawned: Alaska and West Africa
- Monster effect with red comet.  Only the cultist on the map had this, but it had no effect.

Again, a pretty easy mythos phase.
Lily, Jim and Charlie each have 2 clues so (hopefully) they can end the rumor and pick up the two elder signs to solve the 2nd mystery.
Tabletop AARs / Re: Azathoth vs the World!: an Eldrich Horror AAR
« Last post by airboy on Today at 05:41:16 PM »
Turn 4

Action Phase
- Diana is designated lead investigator.  She rests, gains sanity and moves to Sydney.  On the rest she cured her Paranoia.
- Lily Chen - Moved to Rome, tried to acquire assets again.  Failed on all 3 die.
- Jim - Moved to Rome and rested.  Gained Sanity & health but is still suffering from Amnesia.
- Charlie Kane - Moved to London.  Attempted to acquire assets and failed (4die & 1 reroll).
Out of this, 10 rolls and 1 success.

Encounter Phase
- Diana attempts to get rid of the cultist and fails taking one health damage.  Cultist is discarded to the monster cup.
   She then tries to close the Sydney Gate.  She is surrounded by ghouls after passing through the gate.  She manages to pass an influence test.  The ghouls take
   her to the Tower of Koth in the city of the Gugs.  A big Gug approaches her and she failed a will test.  She lost a point of sanity and the gate remains open.
- Lily - She found an abandoned witch lair in Rome.  She took a gamble and drank a potion which she used to increase her observation skill.  She passed the bad
   thing check.
- Jim - While in Rome he intervenes with fascist blackshirts who were accosting a priest.  She passed a 3die influence test and gained a blessed condition from the
   priest.  This means 4s, 5s, and 6s are all now successes!
- Charlie - He got the opportunity to examine the John Dee translation of the Necronomicon and took it.  This delays him (no action phase for him next turn) but he
   gets the two clues needed to solve the Moscow rumor.

Mythos Phase
- Omen Advances.
- Monsters spawn if they have gates matching the Omen symbol.  Fortunately, the two gates open do not match.
- A clue spawned in Greenland and the Amazon.  The Amazon has a mythos symbol and a clue so somebody needs to get there.
- There was a health loss to each character if the gates corresponded to the omen counter.  They don't.  As a result, the omen counter advances again.

So nothing bad happened during Azathoths phase.  But next turn if the Omen counter advances (it will) there are two gates on that spot.  Not good.
Tabletop AARs / Re: Azathoth vs the World!: an Eldrich Horror AAR
« Last post by airboy on Today at 09:44:11 AM »

My rolls have been pretty good so far.  But two of my characters have madness conditions and have very marginal sanity.  There are two gates open.  That horrible rumor mill in Moscow could prevent me from strengthening my characters if I don't shut it down.  I don't have the tools necessary (clues or elder signs) to shut down the rumor mill or start solving the 2nd mystery.

Every time Azathoth acts the whammies slam the entire world.

Seems to mirror what you are talking about around turn 3-4.   :-\  :crazy2:  >:D
Tabletop AARs / Re: Azathoth vs the World!: an Eldrich Horror AAR
« Last post by airboy on Today at 09:40:12 AM »
Recap at the end of Turn 3.

The picture will help you visualize what is happening.

There are two gates open: Australia and Shanghai.  Each gate is guarded by a cultist.  Leaving the gates open will spawn monsters and eventually cause the doom countdown to accelerate.

There is a rumor mill in Moscow.  If I don’t shut that down then all of the assets will vanish.  The level 4 assets are already banished from the game.

The doom clock is at 14 (it started at 15).

I win the game by solving three mysteries.  One is solved.  The current mystery requires obtaining elder signs.  One is in the Amazon and the other is in India.

My two spell casters have been struck by Madness.  One has Paranoia and the other Amnesia.  Both are barely hanging on there with 3 sanity.

Charlie Kane has the best chance to shut down the Moscow Rumor, but he is (at best) two moves away.  He also needs clues and has none.

Diana is probably best able to shut the gates since she can render cultists ineffective.  She is also one move away from Australia and two moves away from Shanghai.  But she is suffering from Paranoia and has marginal sanity.

Lily is the only character who has a clue.  2 clues are needed to solve the rumor mill in Moscow.

Jim has madness in Scandinavia. 

There is a lot of badness out there and the pressure is mounting.

1] Diana will not attempt to get the Southern Indian Ocean clue.  She will rest, hopefully become sane, and move to the Australian gate and attempt to close it.
2] Charlie Kane will move to London and attempt to acquire assets.  London spawns clues and he needs at least two to shut down the London rumor.
3] Lily my Kung Fu Queen will move to Rome to hand off her clue and gain a rail pass so she can get to the India elder sign.
4] Jim will move to Rome to rest and obtain a clue from Lily.  He will be in a position to move to the Amazon for the 2nd elder sign if he can regain his sanity.
Tabletop AARs / Re: Azathoth vs the World!: an Eldrich Horror AAR
« Last post by airboy on Today at 09:15:24 AM »
Turn 3

Action Phase
- Charlie Kane moved with the train ticket from San Francisco to Arkham and rested.  He successfully overcame the leg injury condition while resting.  Health up to 3.
- Diana - rested to recoup health and moved to an ocean hex East of South Africa where there is a clue.
- Lily - rested and moved to Istanbul where a clue awaits.
- Jim - Used a train ticket to move to Scandinavia where a clue awaits.

Encounter Phase
- Charlie was tested by the Silver Twilight Lodge in Arkham and passed an easy knowledge test (+1) and obtained the Shriveling spell.  Given Diana's experience with this spell, if Charlie tries to cast it things will probably go wrong.
- Diana - Failed a research roll on the Southern Indian Ocean which advanced the Doom clock by one.  It is now at 14. 
- Lily - On the research to obtain the clue she has 2 die and 1 reroll.  The reroll was successful.  She observed a trephination of a human brain and spotted an insect like creature in the brain.  This gives her 2 clues, one of which she spends to solve the mystery (now 3 of 4 clues to close).
- Jim - He has to pass a strength test to resist the strange energy emanating from a stone associated with the disappearance of several geologists.  Since this is not a combat roll, he cannot apply his .45 automatic and has 2 die.  He fails.  He then rerolls one die by burning his clue and passes.  He gains the clue which is spent to solve the Occult Research Mystery!

With The Occult Research mystery solved the next mystery becomes active.  This is The True Name of Azathoth.  Two random eldritch signs were placed on the map.  One is in the Amazon and the second in India.  I have to obtain Eldritch Signs (have to look up how to do that) to solve this mystery.

Mythos Turn (aka Azathoth rampage)
- Omen is advanced.
- Resolve Reckoning Effects - And that Rumor in Moscow comes into play.  All +4 Assets in the deck, discards and reserve stack are removed from the game.  Three awesome level 4 assets are removed.  Aargh!
- Gate is spawned in Shanghai by a cultist.
- And every character with a spell takes a blow to the gut - "Sitting down for a simple meal in a restaurant, it strikes you how alien the people around you seem.  After everything you've seen and all the arcane secrets you have learned. , can you truly think of yourself as one of them?  The maître d asks you to please stop carving into the table with your knife."  reads the Treacherous Magic Card.
Each investigator may discard any number of spells.  Then they lose 1 sanity for every Spell they retain.  Each investigator that lost sanity from this effect gains a Madness condition.


Lily my kung fu queen has no spells, so she is unhurt.
Charlie Kane has a spell he is afraid to cast, so he forgets it and does not go mad.
But my two spell casters cannot drop their spells without becoming combat ineffective.
Diana the reformed cultist gains the Paranoia characteristic and loses sanity.
Jim gains Amnesia and loses sanity.

The Sanity losses for Jim and Diana are critical because neither is very sane to begin with (they are spell casters after all).  So both Jim and Diana are crippled until they can recover sanity and/or lose their Paranoia or Amnesia.

Tabletop AARs / Re: Azathoth vs the World!: an Eldrich Horror AAR
« Last post by chemkid on Today at 02:02:39 AM »
don't worry - azathoth awakes, swallows you whole with dice, planet and everything and the memories of your poor dice rolls will be like... 'tears in the rain'.  :-\

cheers! ...and good job on the AAR.  :)
Tabletop AARs / Re: Azathoth vs the World!: an Eldrich Horror AAR
« Last post by airboy on Yesterday at 10:07:07 PM »
Wait for my turn 3 post tomorrow.  I've not had that many bad rolls but Azathoth keeps wrecking havoc.   >:D
Tabletop AARs / Re: Azathoth vs the World!: an Eldrich Horror AAR
« Last post by Nefaro on Yesterday at 09:58:57 PM »
Those rolls.   :o

You're far better at rolling in this than I.  This game brutalizes my characters, due to my consistently bad rolling, every time.  :hide:

Lets talk probability!  In Eldritch Horror you get a success on a roll of 5 or 6.  That means each die you roll gives you a 1:3 chance of success without any modifiers.  If you roll 3 die you should get an average of 1 success.

If you get to reroll one die, your chances of success now balloon to 1:3 plus 1:3 since these are independent events.  Getting to reroll something is much better than getting an entire extra die because you only reroll if you get a loss.

If you look at my overall rolls, they were pretty close to average.  The difference was that I kept getting one success when I rolled 4, 5 or 6 dies (with rerolls) but got lucky with successes when one or two die were rolled.

If the die are fair (they came with the game) then everything will even out close to the mean probability over time. 

in this game if you roll a fail the results can be catastrophic.  You can go insane, lose an entire turn, or even die from physical damage.  If you pass, most of the time nothing bad happens.  After all, this is Lovecraft based.

Oh, yes.  Don't I know it.

So many times in EH, I'm rolling 3,4, even 5 dice, and come up with zero successes. 

Usually by the third turn all my characters have some negative effect on them, sometimes multiples. 

I get some long shitty rolling streaks, and they end up having broken legs, paranoia, and worse.  :crazy2:
Tabletop AARs / Re: Azathoth vs the World!: an Eldrich Horror AAR
« Last post by airboy on Yesterday at 08:35:17 PM »
Turn 2
This starts with every investigator down three health.  For Charlie Kane this is very serious because he has 1 health point remaining.  But no gates are open.

Action Phase:
A] Charlie Kane is again named lead investigator.  He rests and gains 1 health.  He attempts to gain assets (d5 + 1 reroll) and gets 2 successes.  He takes bandages and keeps them.
B] Diana Stanley – Rests and gains 1 health.  Travels spending a ship token to South Africa where there is a clue.
C] Lily Chen rests to gain a health and moves to India.
D] Jim rests to gain 1 health and uses a ship ticket to move to Arkham.

Encounter Phase:
A] Charlie Kane goes into the tunnels, sees the husk of a squid-like creature (-1 will save) and fails his roll.  He injures his leg (a condition).
B] Diana – Research encounter attempting to gain the clue.  Initially fails but burns her clue to get a reroll which passes.  She gains the clue and adds it to Occult Research giving 2 of the 4 needed to solve the first mystery.
C] Lily – has an influence test with a criminal syndicate and passes.  Gains a random service, “Sanctuary” which allows her to discard 1 condition.
D] Jim fails a 2 die observation test in a Black Cave abandoned by cultist.  He spent his clue to gain a reroll which passed.  He gained an Incantation Spell “Instill Bravery.”

Mythos Phase:
2 clues are spawned – Istanbul and the Ocean off of South Africa – which is one move away for 2 investigators!

A rumor is spawned in Moscow and this is terrible.  There are 4 mythos tokens on the rumor card.  If a future Mythos Phase has an action symbol, then all 4 value assets are pulled from the draw stack and 1 mythos token is removed.  Then 3, then 2, then 1 if the rumor is not squashed.  This could easily wipe out all of the future assets from the board.  Yikes!   Worse, to kill the rumor an observation test is needed and Charlie (who has 2 health and a hurt leg) has by far the best observation.  He is also in San Francisco.  This really stinks.

Even worse, I now realize that there were symbols on the previous mythos phase card that I did not put into play due to an oversight on the game rules.  Instead of “only 3 damage on everyone” we also get a gate opened in Sydney, Australia by a cultist (monster).  I add these now.

So at the end of Turn 2 we have every character down health (bad), an open gate in Sydney (bad), my weakest character with a bum leg (bad), and a horrible ticking time bomb rumor in Moscow.  On the bright side, the doom clock has not advanced, cultists are weak gate guards, the first mystery is 50% solved, and three of the four characters have additional spells, weapons or items to aid them.
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