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Not shooting that tank :P
I replayed this about 2 years ago and wrote a "classic review."  I thought it held up quite well over time.  The story is interesting and you start to care about the characters.  It is turn based, so the combat does not get screwed up.

You should link that review here. Unless it's on that 'front page' thing that Brant keeps rambling about. :)
I replayed this about 2 years ago and wrote a "classic review."  I thought it held up quite well over time.  The story is interesting and you start to care about the characters.  It is turn based, so the combat does not get screwed up.
I like my tats. I'm not sure why we're making such a fuss to have them removed.
We wander around a bit more. The Innkeeper had mentioned some Sage that might know more about our sigils; perhaps this person could shed some light on why these are not just tattoos gained after an evening of drunken debauchery.

At least, that's mirth's theory.

Here we go. The town's not that big so it didn't take long to find her.

In the interests of continuing the plot, we answer "yes."


We've met the D&D equivalent of the federal government.

Well, it's not like we can't spare the dough. And as Monty Hall-esque as these adventures can be, something tells me this will easily be replaced soon enough.

We choose "tell the truth."

Journal Entry 38
You bear the symbol of five different organizations. Three I recognize, one I've never seen, and the last causes me some concern. The flame and dagger is the symbol of the Fire Knives, a group of assassins who last operated out of Westgate. That group had been destroyed, so they must have a new base of operation. I fear l do not know where.

‘The mouth in the palm is the symbol of the god Meander. This god was banished from the world hut he reappeared briefly as a pile of filth. It laid waste to a section of the city of Yulash before its defeat. The cult's color of choice is green.

The ornate Z in the triangle is the symbol of the Zhentrim, the Black Network. These are an evil alliance of priests, mages and thieves operating out of Zhentil Keep. Some say that they run Zhentil Keep.

The flaming symbol I've never seen, so I can give you no information. The last symbol, with the crescent moon, bears a disturbing similarity to a powerful sage in Shadowdale, for my own safety. I'll say no more about it."

And with that, we are shooed out.

At least we have a bit more information, now.

We can confirm that we have had these sigils added against our will. But why? Are they brandings of some kind, to indicate ownership? If so, why five such owners? Are we like a corporate lear jet that's jointly owned by a cabal of evil-doers?

Who knows. More answers will be forthcoming, the further we push this.

And push on we do, to see what else this town has to offer.

The Hall of Training is nice to know, but does us no good right now. If I remember right, each of our characters are just barely at our levels of experience.

A General Store.

We should poke our heads in...these places usually have a few interesting trinkets.

Generic NPC #0045 offers us wares for sale. We want to sale the heck out of her wares.  ^-^

The pickings here are rather lean. Even with the IRS Sage taking half our money we still have a helluva lot of Platinum and I was hoping for some more useful things than this.

Regardless, I have KyzBP buy one of each, a mirror and a flask of oil. Something tells me I should buy a mirror for each of my characters - perhaps I am channeling earlier experiences with this game. I don't know.

I only buy one of each for the Cleric, so maybe we'll come back. If we can.

Our wanderings through the crowds has gleaned a few bits of information.

Very likely, this is the Princess we have been tasked to find. There's rarely coincidences or false tracks in these gold box games.

We wander around a bit more and run into the local priestery. We go ahead and stick our head in here, too, because you never know what you might trigger.

Let's check out the rest of this place.

Instead of moving south, we move through the large doors across from us.

Ah, this is where the magic happens, I suppose.

We wander around a bit in here, only to be caught up in a crowd.

So, this place has all kinds of issues and worries other than five strangers with sick tattoos on their arms.

We wander back into the main hallway and to the south, where the head priest's offices were pointed out.

Yes, we do.

You see, we were altar boys and this priest of Illmater...

Oh, nevermind. That's not pertinent to this story.

Journal Entry 19
As the cleric casts the spell, the bonds begin to glow brightly. Arcs of blue flame shoot out from them and strike about the room. The characters begin to writhe in extreme pain. The cleric ceases the spell. "These bonds fight my powers, removing them is beyond me. I wish you better luck. Go with Gond."

That was rather anti-climactic.

Though you didn't think it would be THAT easy, did you?

No, somehow, I think we're going to have to hack our way through five strongholds and kill five boss-type characters to get these sigils removed. And if that's going to be an easy time...well, I doubt it will be. We always make things hard on ourselves, but then again, there's not a lot of fun in role-playing serfs, so...

Mirth - Half-elf 4th/4th level Fighter/Magic-User
nice. One of my favorite all-time favorite characters I played in high school was a half-elf, fighter/magic-user. Think I ended up getting thrown into a bottom-less pit by a vampire (that wasn't my favorite thing about the character).
Seriously? Like Krull?

Niiiiiiice. I thought 'glaive' sounded rather familiar. It's been a while since I've seen Krull though.
Tabletop AARs / Re: 1985 - Checkpoint Charlie AAR/Rules Check
« Last post by UBoater on June 23, 2018, 11:56:47 PM »
Now it's the 32nd Guards Tk Div turn to take a crack at the US Berlin Bde.

A Standard Assault for 4 MP is initially considered.

Supply is good, no WMD, no EW units present, no Active Defense.

The 387th Art Bde is stacked with the 32nd Guards and will support the attack. There are only air 4 assets left (Su17s and Mig23) but they will be saved to support later attacks.

Defender/NATO Combat Modifiers:
City Terrain +3
Cadre Rating +5 Tested
Hedgehog +2
Festung Berlin Rule +1
Total 11 for the Defender

Attacker/WP Combat Modifiers:
Cadre Rating +4 (Soviet CAT I Div untested)
Enemy Casualties +2
Combat Ratio 7:1 so 0 for this
Total 6 for the Attacker

Combat Modifier is 11 - 6 = 5
At 7:1 gives
1-7 D
8-12 C
13-20 A1

Not great odds. There are 2 ways the WP can try to increase the chance of success:
Commit some air units to get at most +3 Combat Modifier - but they will first be exposed to AA fire which could reduce that.
Or the 32nd Guard could choose Single Echelon Assault (all regiments attack/no reserves) instead of Standard Assault which would multiply its attack factor by 1.5. The problem is on any result that is not a D the unit loses an extra step. On a C that is a one step loss, but on an A1 attack into a city that is a 2 step loss +1 step for Echelon Assault - unit destroyed.

The WP will just let it ride as is and the roll is… 5!
The WP wins the gamble - the US Berlin Bde is eliminated and the 32nd Guards must advance into the hex.
The normal cost for the move into a city hex is 2MP which is less than the 4MP for the Standard Assault so no additional MPs need to be expended - the 32nd Gd still has 16 MPs left.
Also the result was between 4 and 16 so the 32 Gds is now tested and flipped to a 5 Cadre value.

Should the 32nd Gd keep going and attack the UK Berlin Bde?
Let's look at the anticipated combat modifiers:

Defender/NATO Combat Modifiers:
City Terrain +3
Cadre Rating +6 UK default/untested - the Brits are good
Hedgehog +2
Festung Berlin Rule +1
Total 12 for the Defender

Cadre +5

That gives a 7 combat modifier at 7:1 so only 1-5 for D1, and 11-20 for A1. Not good.

But the WP can choose to throw in the 3 available Su17M squadrons for Ground Support.
The 3 Su17M Squadrons form an Air Group and come screaming in over West Berlin.

The French and UK Bde's each get a shot at the Group as a whole.
First the French - average evasion for the Su17M's is 5 giving a +2 DRM.
The roll is an 8 + 2 = 10 on the Flak D column is no effect.
The UK roll is  10 + 2 = 12 on the Flak D column is again no effect.

The combined Strike Values of the Su17M's are added to the 32Gd Combat Factor.
Now the odds are 18 + 5 + 7 (combined Su17M) = 30 giving a 10:1 and an addtional +3 modifier.

The odds are 7:1 with a 4 Combat Modifier:
1-8 D1
9-13 C
14-20 A1

And the roll is… 20!
Stopped cold by the Brits with an A1.
Attacking into a city so 2 step loss and a 1 step loss for the supporting Artillery and end of movement for both units.

Both the 32nd Guards and the 25th Tk Divisions have experienced heavy losses and are out of the battle for now. The US Berlin Bde has been eliminated but exacted a toll on the 25th Tk. And the Brits stopped the 32nd Guards cold, but now it's the 90th Gds turn…

But first time to check my work.
Coincidentally, the History Channel's blacksmith competition show "Forged in Fire" will feature a Glaive-Guisearm challenge on the next episode! (June 26th.)
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