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Computer Wargaming / grog exclusive, turn based Wargame
« Last post by gameleaper on Today at 04:13:54 AM »
If your not a member of grogheads, you wont see the file

its a 2D turn-based hex & Chit, infantry and Armour move at different speed, unlimited ROAD movement for tanks, Artillary bombardments and close assaults,

Computer Wargaming / Re: Dominions 5- Warriors of the Faith
« Last post by ghostryder on Today at 03:56:42 AM »
If you go with AOW2:SM this mod will blow you away:

add in the mp3's from LOTR

Follow install instructions. Mainly your renaming one file as old and replacing it---then renaming it back to play the regular game. Instructions are straight forward.

Be prepared for many many many more enemy units with this mod. It can be beat but it'll probably take you several tries.

No better LOTR mod going. AOW2 is the perfect fit for a LOTR game and this really transforms it into just that.
Last night had a great time with M&B Napoleonics in a Commander game.  Had about 26 players on the server.  A real hoot....  Range of musket fire is too far and too accurate, but otherwise, felt authentic.  My officer spent most of his time looking around trying to maintain situational awareness, while the troops banged away at the enemy; but that was fun in its own way.  Hoping this new game can create that experience.

That is exactly the experience I had with the game. Also remember a 250 player line battle. That was pretty cool to do, especially when our officer died and I was put in charge, without any communication with higher ups. It feld authentic enough as it really showed the chaos on the battlefield. Really looking forward to this game (and having the time to dive in).
Current Events / Re: Zapad 2017
« Last post by ComradeP on Today at 12:54:18 AM »
In another incident, General Serdyukov, head of VDV and architect of annexation of Crimea, has died in a traffic accident when moving between sites.


I can only find mentions of him breaking his spine and being severely injured. He probably won't be going anywhere soon, but he isn't dead according to those reports.
Computer Wargaming / Re: The Witcher 3
« Last post by MikeGER on Today at 12:52:30 AM »
I don't know why, but it just doesn't grab me. Maybe its the lack of customization for the player character. I just never feel like he is my own.

maybe there is a misunderstanding of Witcher (3) as an RPG from the beginning for some people.
if you would get yourself a James Bond Game or let's say a Batman game, you get of course James Bond or Batman.
You may can find, craft or adjust the gadgets Batman typically has at his disposal in the 'Batman universe', but you cant set-up or evolve your Batman character into Superman or Spiderman or in any 'compose your own superhero-crossover'-vision. Batman does Batman-stuff and use Batman approaches to solve problems.
Maybe there should have been better communication that you roleplay not 'a Witcher' but The Witcher  ...just like a Western game where you actually roleplay Doc Holliday, with TB disease, O.K. Corral and all, and not just a gunslinger-type in the West

Witcher is based on a "historic figure", protagonist in a very good novel series which was there before the game, which is the reason that this fictional universe and the narrative is so honed and so can be very immersive from the beginning when you let yourself get sucked into this world.

well, I could imagine a future spin-off game in the Witcher world as a procedural sandbox or MMO (probably set a few hundred years before The Witcher was born so closer to the conjuction-event. and the world was more rich of beasts and still contested by all the races and so there would be no conflict with the well known novel narrative) and in that game you could be free to chose to be any kind of person from any faction or even an entity and just room around and interact.
Computer Wargaming / Re: The Witcher 3
« Last post by JudgeDredd on Yesterday at 11:45:29 PM »
The Witcher III is a superb game. It was superbly immersive. All the characters were very believable and the dialog was extremely well done imo. I only just managed to stop short as dressing as one when playing, it was that immersive for me.

As for the combat, I've heard it was dumbed down and that it wasn't as good as I (or II). I wasn't exposed to the combat in those games, but I thought the combat was very well done and very enjoyable. I can't compare it to 1 or 2, but I can compare it to other 3rd person games and the combat stacked up very well for me.

Horses for courses - but I loved it  :clap:

I could never get a grip of Gwent though.  :uglystupid2:
Current Events / Re: Zapad 2017
« Last post by Crossroads on Yesterday at 11:24:14 PM »
Another article

In another incident, General Serdyukov, head of VDV and architect of annexation of Crimea, has died in a traffic accident when moving between sites.
Computer Wargaming / Re: The Witcher 3
« Last post by Toonces on Yesterday at 09:02:23 PM »
Wait...was that 2:08 the whole video?


Religion, Politics, and Flame Wars / Re: Russian/Trump Campaign Collusion
« Last post by airboy on Yesterday at 08:53:58 PM »
More the point - are you more bothered by the fact that some members of the campaign were wiretapped, or that they were talking to Russian agents interested in interfering with a US election and came to the attention federal investigators such that they felt the need to delve into the matter more greatly?

Are you so in the partisan tank that you're assuming the previous administration was inherently evil in wanting to investigate a political rival with no justification, even with enough evidence of them actively soliciting the input of a hostile foreign nation to convince a judge to give them a warrant?

Are you bothered more about the wiretapping, or about Russian interference in our elections?

Obama Admin bothers me more because the lefty press and the Dems in Congress provided no checks on them.  The Obama Admin used the IRS to target their political opponents, wiretapped the opposition party, and lied about all of it.

Trump's cohorts also bother me, but I've yet to see anything where the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to interfere with the election.  I have seen the Dem Operatives & the FBI use a false Russian dossier about Trump which "leaked" to the Press.

So at this point we know:
Obama Admin wiretapped the opposition party.
Obama Admin lied about the wiretapping.
The Obama Govt. obtained and leaked a dossier about Trump that had Russian collusion.
Obama Administration used the IRS to target their political opponents.
Obama Administration lied about the IRS targeting.

This is not to say that the Russians have not run a disinformation campaign during the US Election (as they have in other countries).  And that should be investigated.  But at this moment, the evidence points that the Obama administration targeted the opposition party multiple times using the IRS and the FBI.  If someone is not concerned about this, then I think they are partisan nuts.

The only thing that has come out so far that even partially clears anyone in the Obama Admin is Susan Rice.  She was concerned about the UAE discord and asked for wiretaps on UAE/Saudi/Iran/Syria entanglements.  Trump Admin officials after the election but prior to taking office were sucked into that when they met (as all incoming administrations do) with Foreign Diplomats and people of influence.  The UAE was a particular problem and Rice asked for the info.  She (eventually) admitted this to Congressional committees and everyone in both parties said it was not unreasonable and dropped it.

Put it this way Brant.  Regardless of the political party, would you want the administration in office to:
1] Use the IRS to target their opponents?
2] Use wiretaps to target their opponents?
3] And lie about both 1 & 2?
General Discussion / Re: WANT!
« Last post by mirth on Yesterday at 07:39:13 PM »
Waffle good or Waffle evil?
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