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General Discussion / Re: Career Change - any advice?
« Last post by BanzaiCat on Today at 03:02:15 PM »
I bounced around like a pinball in my earlier years. In order:

- Inventory Control Clerk
- Corporate Travel Agent
- Paramedic
- Ramp Worker/Flight Manager (United Airlines)
- Office Temp/Accounts Payable
- Technical Writer
- Instructional Designer
- Media Developer
- Content Developer
- Instructional Designer

Those last five have been my career since about 2002. If you know 'what you want to be when you grow up,' it helps tremendously to have a passion for it. Don't do it because you think it'll be a get-rick-quick avenue; do it because it will motivate you to get out of bed every morning and it excites you to report in.

Otherwise, don't even bother contemplating a move. When you have the epiphany, though, you'll know for sure.
General Discussion / Re: Career Change - any advice?
« Last post by JasonPratt on Today at 02:13:32 PM »
Or any dating life...  :coolsmiley:

(Not that it's ever helped me any, but at least it hasn't hurt!)
General Discussion / Re: Career Change - any advice?
« Last post by bayonetbrant on Today at 01:59:39 PM »
Was wondering if anyone here has gone through it and if they have any specific advice or stories they wish to share.

There might be a few people here who have bounced careers more than me, but it would be close.

2 things I would focus on:

1 - Skills, not jobs.  What are the skills you have and how have you demonstrated usage/mastery of them.  Project management is project management, whether is construction or software development or a military exercise.  Yes, there are domain-specific things to know, but setting timelines & calendars, backwards-planning, status updates, goals & metrics tracking, etc are all basic skills that move across industries.
I would definitely recommend hitting the library for a copy of "What Color Is Your Parachute" for the skills-focused parts of the book that help you identify what you can do and what you like to do and then help ID possible options from there.

2 - Attitude is everything.  Go into every meeting with one goal: make someone a fan of Jamus34.  Don't try to turn them into job leads.  Don't turn them into potential employers.  Turn them into fans.  Make them want to work with you because you're an enjoyable person to be around. 
We'd all rather work with people we like, so make sure as many people as possible like you by putting your best foot forward every time. 
No one wants to work with people that seem like they're just leeches looking to graft onto someone, so make sure you don't come across as desperate, clingy, or needy.

Come to think of it, those last 2 lines probably apply to Mirth's dating life, too...
General Discussion / Re: Career Change - any advice?
« Last post by Sir Slash on Today at 01:24:24 PM »
Nursing is a good choice IF you like sick people, terrible hours, drugs, disease, doctors who think they are God, and the smell of alcohol.  <:-)   Otherwise, forget about it.
General Discussion / Re: Career Change - any advice?
« Last post by Jarhead0331 on Today at 12:06:19 PM »
I can make your task of finding a new career a little simpler by advising you to not, under any circumstances, consider a career in the legal least not as a lawyer.

Good luck.
General Discussion / Re: Career Change - any advice?
« Last post by Gusington on Today at 11:59:29 AM »
Trailrunner is a professional.
General Discussion / Re: Career Change - any advice?
« Last post by Smuckatelli on Today at 11:49:36 AM »
But working in DoD for this long has ground me down.  It really is a mess.

I'm on the contractor direct support side.....I'm ready to end this gig also. I've been working it since November 2002 when I retired from the Marine Corps.....too young to retire now so I'm looking a new job.

It has been great working with ONR....but now I'm doing DRMO with old range gear....
I've read and re-read Panzer Aces many times and enjoyed it a lot but I never saw it as actual history and thought of it as more a dramatized version of history. Reminded me of Paul Carell's books on WWII. You're right to be questioning the authenticity of the author, nobody likes to be deceived. Still a good read with a grain of salt. My 2 cents.
Books & Reading / Re: What are we reading?
« Last post by BanzaiCat on Today at 09:16:18 AM »
I found Marcus Aurelius's Meditations for four bucks on a Prime deal yesterday, so I grabbed it and Beevor's Stalingrad. I listened to the audio book version of the latter years ago but never read the book itself. Both actual spine-and-paper books. I'm so used to my Kindle Paperwhite that it'll be nice to have a real book in my hands to read.
Enigmas of the Mystical / Re: More Pix For A Laugh
« Last post by Barthheart on Today at 08:24:17 AM »
Light sabre should have been a whip.
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