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Forum-Based Games / Re: "Six Days in October" -- Game Time Is...
« Last post by Cyrano on Today at 09:38:47 PM »
Game Time Is: 1500, 18th October 1806!
I already bought paint. I'm not going to buy washes and ink.  :cowboy:
I feel safer with Barth painting minis then with him creating black holes and colliding atoms and shit.
theres nothing professional about the set up at all, its him, his front room and a web cam by the looks of it - hardly anything is filmed in focus but atthe end of each session there are stills taken with a proper camera and you can see the results

basically prime in white, start light and work to dark using 2 - 3 inks - all the highlighting and shadow work is done by the inks so those cool White Dwarf shots with all the highlighting done by the studio that far surpasses anything one could hope to create is done for you
Thanks.... might be just what I need to get back to painting the 140 odd figures from MERCS:Recon I KS'd two years ago....  :buck2:

this is his intro video but you can see on the sidebar more links to individual figures and other units
YouTube link?


I have to hold my hands up and hope to God there is only me like this - about every 3 years i buy the GW painting guide, some models, a load of paint an army book and start painting a vanilla regiment from the Warhammer game - so far, Dwarfs, Undead and Wood Elves - i paint probably 75% of the unit, 15 figures out of 20, stop, get a reality check, scoop it all up and throw it in the bin - i dont game, i just like the models and the painting but would probably game if i didnt have to put up with the standard GW gamer and so i think the incentive and interest wears off once i realise these models however awesome theyll look are never going to see a table top and a handful of dice

Dont get me wrong, doesnt have to be GW and if there were some other models out there that took my fancy id be right there, and with a more adult crowd and not the 'i saw my teacher today, and i was like, i so wish i could stab him with the dagger of doom, with no armour saves, and then cast him to hell with the cloak of vengeful asshole blah blah blah'

BUT - i came across a guy on youtube who paints only with washes and inks, the figures look great and take about 15 minutes to do instead of my standard 2 hours each, no matter what the guides say. The big barrier to cross everytime is the cost but with just inks its not nearly as painful

and the Skaven Stormvermin look awesome

Forum-Based Games / Re: "Six Days in October" -- Game Time Is...
« Last post by JasonPratt on Today at 07:01:53 AM »
My Imperial staff is so awesome, I just sit back and let it go to work and enjoy the results!

The Prussians can give references.
Wargaming / Re: What's on your table right now?
« Last post by BanzaiCat on Today at 06:09:02 AM »
Can't find any threads in the forums re: Fields of Fire. Anyone play it?
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