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Modelling and Miniatures / Re: Tamiya 1/48 Bristol Beaufighter
« Last post by MikeGER on Today at 01:05:13 AM »
ehmm …doesn't the backseat gunner looks in the other direction?

in the blueprint he does.   
Modelling and Miniatures / Re: Tamiya 1/48 Bristol Beaufighter
« Last post by JudgeDredd on Yesterday at 11:25:55 PM »
Some progress

Being Tamiya, this goes together very nicely. Not too many parts either  O0

I don't normally bother with the pilot figures - but decided to stick them in as it's such a big cockpit
Tech Talk / Re: Steam Missing File Privileges
« Last post by steve58 on Yesterday at 10:38:54 PM »
BC -- I just installed (reinstalled) Colonization and I can see the Mifflin'sGd.March.mp3 file under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Civilization IV Colonization\Assets\Sounds\Soundtrack.  I can send it to you if you'd like.

Also, just curious what version Windows you running?  I've got Windows 7.  WOnder if its a Windows 10 issue?
Computer Wargaming / Re: ARMA 3
« Last post by Bardolph on Yesterday at 10:05:16 PM »
Can it do co-op missions? Keep trying to steer my buddy into some more scenario oriented stuff as opposed to KotH. Will have to check it out.

Scenario description says it’s single player, co-op and mp.

Computer Wargaming / Re: ARMA 3
« Last post by jomni on Yesterday at 09:55:42 PM »
If anyone is looking for some really great single player dynamic missions, I recommend TRGM2. The guy who makes them has put the dynamic mission creator out for several of the maps. You can play short single missions with one objective, long missions with several (and even dynamic) objectives, or even create little mini campaigns with several different missions. You can set up support assets, transport helos, gear and weapons, etc. I'm really enjoying these missions so far and its drawing me back into ARMA.  You can get them in the workshop.

Computer Wargaming / Re: Steam Summer Sale 2018...
« Last post by airboy on Yesterday at 09:20:30 PM »
I've played Darkest Dungeon on and off for the past few weeks and have no regrets about getting owning it.  I don't usually tolerate side-scrollers, but what makes this game fun is the campy Lovecraftian tone.  The voice-acting is delightfully overblown, and the game has its tongue planted firmly in its cheek.  Or something like that.

They did an update this month that generated a ton of negative reviews.  What is up with that?
Computer Wargaming / Re: Railway Empire from Kalypso?
« Last post by DennisS on Yesterday at 09:10:18 PM »
I was playing some of the other railroad games, I am not getting it, takes a lot of time to learn on tycoon 3 and Sid Meier railroad.

Get Railroad Tycoon II instead. Much better game.
Music, TV, Movies / Re: Jukebox Playlist
« Last post by mirth on Yesterday at 09:01:10 PM »
Computer Wargaming / Re: Steam Summer Sale 2018...
« Last post by Wburn on Yesterday at 08:55:52 PM »
Tank Warfare Tunisia is only 7.99, well worth it IMO.
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