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Byron Grant for GrogHeads ~

Dungeon…err…Game Master

One of the great things about Role Playing Games (RPG’s) is that they one person – The DM or GM – has omniscient knowledge and power of what might unfold in the game.

The wargame equivalent of this is the umpired game. But very few examples seem to exist.

Does the umpired wargame have a place in most games rooms or clubs?

Any examples?

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2 Responses to GameTalk: Game Masters

  1. Mark Brownell says:

    I think that if you can get a group together, the umpired game would be the ultimate
    experience. This would provide the true “fog of war”. However, for many of us in rural areas, we must play solo, or if lucky, against one other opponent.

  2. Dan Eastwood says:

    I have seen (and been part of) some very successful campaign games, where each session a single battle is fought, and players each control a particular unit or force. It might be any game system, and the GM generally has a long term plan for the course of scenarios will take the players.

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