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Byron Grant for GrogHeads ~


Have you ever tried to recreate a scene or battle from a movie in a wargame?

Did you ever modify an ASL scenario to play out a scene from A Bridge Too Far or use Lock’n’Load: Band of Heroes to play out part of The Longest Day?

Ever try to game out The Patriot or Gladiator?

Any interesting realizations or learnings that came out of gaming a scene from a movie?

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  1. judgedredd says:

    Yes – I tried to recreate We Were Soldiers in CM:BN.

    Wrong era and lack of functionality prevented it from going very far at all.

    I was messing around with the editor in CM:BN but the lack of preventing reinforcements based on conditions prevented me from going anywhere with it. I wanted to have reinforcements come in but if a particular victory point (landing zone) was held, they couldn’t arrive. But I was unable to.

    Apart from that – not really. As my first foray into scenario creating fell flat, I’ve never had much drive for it.

    I had hoped that the new Combat Mission engine would allow reinforcements to be thwarted if they couldn’t land – but alas, no.

    It does seem to be something lacking in editors as it’s not a feature in the Command Ops games either…preventing reinforcements based on a condition.

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