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Byron Grant

Magazine Games

There’s no shortage of magazine games, from S&T to The Wargamer to Battles! to Command. What are you favorite magazine games? What magazine games do you want to see made into ‘real’ games and possibly expanded into something bigger or larger or more refined?

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  1. Brian says:

    The great majority of my (comparatively very large) game collection is magazine games. Some of my favourites are Plot to Assassinate Hitler, Nicaragua, and the Blitzkrieg Module system (ok, the last one is an expansion but still, it was in a magazine).

    These are among my favourites because they were experiments that worked well to extend certain facets of the state of the art as it was then: PTAH was a political wargame, Nicaragua a seminal exercise in COIN (though it was called “low-intensity conflict” back them), and bits and pieces of the Blitzkrieg Module System lived on in countless games afterwards.

    I see some of this experimental spirit in some of the mags-with-games coming out today. Some but not all.

    Other favourites of mine are the Tom Wham games that appeared in Dragon magazine: King of the Tabletop, Planet Busters, etc.. I had such good times playing Search for the Emperor’s Treasure and Elefant Hunt with my son when he was little and I was introducing him to board games. So magazine games are innocent fun too.

    Magazine games ARE real games, and most of them don’t need to be bigger, larger or more “refined”, however you mean that.

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